Wednesday, June 20, 2018

dude, where's my shirt?

I woke up this morning at 530, and decided to take hump day (Wednesday) off from swimming this morning. the thing is, I had to get into work early today to get some work done, so I didn't want to mess with going to gym, swimming, then coming back and getting breakfast going etc.... so I laid in bed and checked my instagram on my kindle instead, especially since I'd already hit snooze twice and it was already a quarter til 6am etc.... sure enough, an ad comes up for this company MickyandRicky. And sure enough I impulsed bought one of the 3 shirts above. Can you guess which one?  I've been doing really good saving money all Spring and summer since I have the trip coming up. hardly any new plants, hardly any new clothes other than a few things from Norse Projects that I recall. And of course the shoes I posted about earlier but that's FOR the trip. ha.
Anyway, I never heard of this co. before and really one should be careful because some of those ads are just cheap made in China stuff and sent from China and I figure they're probably making more money off of people's address and emails! ha ha. but yeah it's a real company and I liked the appearance of quality in the shirts and the website overall.  What I like about the first shirt is the cool textured collar and navy trim.  The 2nd shirt, well botanical prints are trending this summer, so why not, it's priced way cheaper than the $100 Norse Projects version ;).  and then the last shirt just looks cool, I like a henley collar on me in the summer, not all the time but now and then, and dark red and white patterns are also trending this summer, which is cool because they go very well with my wine colored converse lo cut shoes.  woot woot.

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Anonymous said...

an we get our beloved Dan to control his clothes habit? No way, the withdrawal symptoms would be too great. Roderick