Monday, May 14, 2018

I bought a ticket.....

guess who's going on a trip this summer?  I finally pushed the button after weeks and weeks of hem hawing and wondering if I should or not or would it be worth it etc.. and since I have a pretty important birthday coming up this summer, I said to myself, do it! ha  I've been trying to save money since Christmas, set aside to pay for a big trip (read buying less shoes/clothes online or plants for the yard this spring).  There is an RHS Flower Show near Manchester England on the weekend of my birthday so I thought it was sort of meant to be. ha  Also I think I already mentioned I want to see the Tolkien exhibit on display at Oxford this summer. I'm looking forward to it!  there was a cheaper ticket if I left Wednesday and came back the next Thursday, but my friends helped me decide to just pay more $$ and get the return ticket the next Sunday instead. so that's ten days! woot.
So far I plan to arrive in London Thursday, train up to Manchester and then go to the garden festival Friday, maybe also Saturday ( I don't know if there's enough to see in 2 days or just one whole day, but I'll investigate that). so now I'm researching options for a few other places, and currently am to Hamberg or Berlin for a few days, then Copenhagen for a few days, then back Thursday to London... I'm not sure whether to try Hamberg or Berlin. there are cheap flights to either and to Copenhagen, however not sure which I'm more in the mood for or would want to see etc... any thoughts?  If I go to Hamberg, I can train for 4 hours up to Copenhagen which might be fun to see the country side? I dunno.  There seems to be quite a science to getting the carryon the right size and wait to pay the cheap Norwegian air or other airlines prices without paying an extra $50 to check in the bag if they don't accept it.
last week was last week of classes!! summer has begun!!! another one down! :)  I turned in all my grades today.  I also started teaching a new class today. ha  I was asked last Wednesday to take over an intercession class, a semester class in 2 weeks!  it began today and will continue the next 2 weeks from 8 am to 12:30pm.  THis will help save money for the trip fund, of course. I'm also doing a student writing sample review thing on a committee which pays about $635, and working in advising during the month of May, 2 days a week. which is about twice what I get for being on the committee.  teaching this class pays about 3 times the committee thing, anyway, you can see that all helps for extra income for house projects and some for trip too. :) .  I'll have the last week of May off from teaching anything, just 2 days of advising, and then in June/July, I'll teach a class 2 days a week, no advising.
Today I was up before 5:30 and off to swim laps in the local Y. summer morning swims are back. boy did I feel it at crossfit this afternoon, whew. wore me out, but I think it was from the heat really and all the wall ball squats in between dead lifting and jump roping.
Tomorrow I'll be swimming at 5:30, teaching from 8-12:30, although I'll let out a bit early to make a 12:30 meeting, then over to advising til 6, crossfit at 6:30.... whew, busy day, eh? ha..
I'm researching lap tops that are 13" with enough CPU to handle video editing. I hope to use my Canon SL2 I bought myself for Christmas on my trip and edit together some videos.  We'll see if I can actually do it or not, but I'm researching currently.
I made some chocolate cookies yesterday and took them over to my parents to see my mom for mother's day.  she likes Chocolate and I knew she'd be just as happy with that or flowers or a card etc.. My family doesn't do anything major for special days other than visit, express our love etc..
well I'm going to focus on antique road show and then when it's over go out in the yard and water some stuff.  hope everyone is ready for a great summer!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your plans to visit the UK. I'm jealous.
Hope you have a great time. Visit as many or few
cities as you like. No worries. It will be a great trip!!!

London Bear said...

Really good to catch up on your news, Dan! I've missed your writing. Hope you have a great visit to the Britain and Europe... looking forward to reading all about it!

James Dwight Williamson said...

From the land of eternal summer, Florida, welcome to Summer ! Although we’re about 36 days early. I love the idea of a flower show. The Brits seem to go all out. Although I’ve read Tolkien , something wonderful about trip to see the real stuff. And a birthday 🎁 too !

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Shrewsbury, Shropshire show, and it was wonderful, but one day was enough there.
I don't know about the others. I see there is one at Chatsworth, too, that is a magnificent location. If you have not been there it is definitely worth two days.
One for the show and one for the tour of the estate.
I have been on the tour of the estate, it is magnificent. Unlike anything you will ever see elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Big birthday.. Turning 40?!?

Anonymous said...

you will have a great trip to the UK. What a wonderful opportunity. Glad to see the post. Been missing your words of wisdom lately. And don't fret much about that momentous birthday. That age is still a great decade (as long as you stay fit because things tend to go south if you are not a gym regular).

Anonymous said...

Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Berlin are all great cities, but, since your trip is so short, I'd stay in England. Surely there are enough amazing things to do and see to take up 9 days. My guess is you'll wish you had longer there. If you do decide to venture beyond GB, I'd recommend Berlin. There's so much history there (good and bad), plus expansive parks, gardens, nearby lakes, museums. Interesting to check out former East Berlin and try to understand what it was like when it was a divided city.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a trip to Belfast or the Aran Islands?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.
Just reopened after major refurbishment. Best in the world.
You might run into Harry and Meghan.

Steve said...

Very jealous! Have you thought about hitting Castle Howard? Afs someone else suggested, I wouldn't try to cover more countries than Britain, with maybe a jaunt to Ireland.