Saturday, December 30, 2017


anyone in NYC know if this is an actual store? brand?  I came across the brand from a fashion account on instagram and sort of had to have this jacket... ;). ha  but the more I researched the more I was thinking, is it just some made in China clothing company passing off as a fashion brand or is it a good quality stuff?  I guess I'll find out since I ordered something anyway. The shop is on Bleeker street between Christopher and 7th ? cheers for any response on that.

leave 2017 behind, move forward.....

Hello from Arkansas!

Good afternoon!  from Arkansas again, I'm here for the weekend because of a get together planned by my friend T.  She's great friends recently with a guy in town who they both left their church because of this issue with a mutual friend. long story but basically the friend's husband showed up on Sunday's with his girlfriend while the wife went had to go to a separate service, all this while they were separated and not divorced etc etc.... anyway, since the church seemed to back the husband more than the wife, they were out of there.  She was called "too fundamental" by the Rector when bringing up the adultery issue.... okay too long a story. Well they are great friends now.
He was a director of many community theater productions while we were in college together. he's older. He was the only openly gay guy in town I knew while going to college etc etc.  well,
now over the years we all have quite a few of the same mutual friends here in town, being so small. so T's idea was to get some his favorite past performers together for a night of fun an catching up and remembering. T and my friend S who I'm staying with this weekend ( I usually stay with J and S here and their son is now at ll of our alma mater college here in town etc) are going, and then someone the director's age who we all know and love and then another girl that we went to school with. I was Napthali in a Joseph and the TD. production, but all the rest were like starring roles in something. regardless I'll have a lot of fun just hanging out with everyone.
what a busy holiday break! Christmas went really well for my family. the weekend before I had a sibling and folks get together at my brother's in town. then the Saturday after that, I was helping out at S and B's party from 3 to 9pm. Lots and lots of people coming through and I helped keep the food cooked and stocked out on the tables and chit chatted with lots of new people. one particular guy looked sort of like a clark Kent big strong football player solid guy in a sports jacket. Very talkative straight married guy that B had helped by a house (he's a realtor btw). anyway, my friends that the party were kidding around with me to give it up talking to that guy so much, and we call cracked about it, because, hey, I was just being friendly and enjoying the conversation, puh lease! ha
anyway, that Monday I was back on campus getting all my final grades in, and then back up there on Tuesday and Wednesday working in advising, helping students find and enroll in classes. rest of the week just went by way too fast. thursday and Friday cleaning up at home, getting things wrapped, running errands to my mom and dad's to drop off stuff for Christmas decor.  Friday night was a blast since because S and B had an extra ticket for the Thunder game against Atlanta. We went with B's son who got back into town. the 4 of us sat through a very exciting game.  the tickets were club level which includes a buffet to eat before the game. after that we drove through Nichols Hills on the way home and it was magical and beautiful!  I hadn't been through there since people began using LEd lights all around.
Saturday I was milling around at home waiting to see whether I wanted to get out or not, working on projects, and I got a message from H,  a guy in OKC that has cut my hair a few times. He does a great job but it's at a fancy pricier place and I am always too lazy to schedule ahead enough to go to him for a haircut. I usually just like walking into a barber. ha ( and actually I found a barber down the street that I REALLY like and went the last two times to in my town). well anyway, H is younger, 28, and was living in a house south of me in OKC with his boyfriend of 5 years. He messaged me about meeting up for pizza for lunch at my usual spot in town. YES! someone reaching out to plan a lunch, loved it. I met him at 12:30 and we caught up. I gave him a mixed Christmas music CD that I share with my family and friends each  year.  He was alone and notified me he'd broken up a few months ago with his bf. awe!! he said he was doing fine and was glad to see me and hoped we could keep up with each other etc..  I told him I'd get him to join S and B and me on some occasions this year. I'm looking forward to it.
Sunday was church at my folks' place so I could sit with my mom while my dad sat and sang with the choir. I was uncomfortable with the worship music the same as last year, playing Christmas hymns but in a different way or different lyrics.  I think you know by now I'm not into guitar rock band led worship. the worst part of it was the dragging it out with extra refrains o music between verses. ughh!!! ha ha. I know minor details, over all great service just that the music was same as last year. ha and I'd forgotten.
Sunday night I went back over to my folks' place for a lasagna dinner with my mom and dad, and we arranged tables and set up table cloths and I did a table setting etc.
Christmas morning was wonderful. I slept in. I wrapped gifts. I arranged some flowers, and at some point ater lunch arrived at my folks' and then waited til my other two sisters and all of their kids and gkids arrived, and my brother and family etc.... big crazy dinner time and hang out time and I got out of there rather early once all the kids started running in circles from room to room and after I felt I'd done enough clean up work in the kitchen to be of help to mom and dad.
Tuesday I had a lunch date planned with a former student. he graduated this December from a local college. I had him his first year of classes in my English class before he had transferred in and played football there. he's kept in touch with me over the years, showing up in my office to visit now and then and we follow each other on snapchat.( he's one of 5 people I connect with on SC besides my mom and siblings! ha).  So anyway I had ordered him a traveler bag from Topo Designs since he travels a lot with his gf. We had a great lunch, caught up, I gave him the gift, and then we went out way.  that afternoon I was contacted by a college friend L who was driving down from Tulsa to pick up the boy from the husbands M's parents house in Moore. She asked if I'd like to meet up for dinner.  as the day went on, and when I returned from Crossfit, plans changed from going out to staying in. So I drove down and had dinner with the parents, M and L, and the son. what a great time again to catch up, meet, get to know, and speak to her husband M and then the parents etc.. wonderful time. I felt really a lot less alone like a homebody to have H and L contact me about meeting up with a few days of each other.  Their place in Moore was a new house that was built east of the Warren theatre in Moore where all the houses were wiped out by a tornado there. Well, someone's gotta live there! hopefully it won't happen twice, alas!
I did crossfit again on Wed and saw my folks again on Thursday before Crossfit at 4:30. then Friday mulled around the house getting ready for my trip. out of the house by 12, stopped in Tulsa by 1:30 ish to see the new World Market store, bought a few things marked down for next Christmas and some chocolates. went to Mcdonald's on Yale for some chicken strip lunch. then the Barnes and Noble there to use the bathroom and the wireless, to be honest ;).  back in my truck and on my way out of town by 3 and chugging along east to AR.  last night I met up J and E with their kids for dinner downtown and brought T with me. we all caught up and enjoyed the time. ran into my favorite college English Prof while there. :).
today I've been very chill. I hung out most the morning catching up with J and S at their place, and hearing all about their son at and his college life etc.  showed up here at the cafe for lunch where my friend T works and then have been just visiting with her in the kitchen and sitting at my laptop back and forth until she gets off here in a few around 3:30.
The year is coming to an end. we can leave it behind and move forward.  I ahve gained some new outlooks on my life as I approach the new year. I'm excited bout it. I've made some goals and decisions about some things.  Happy new Year everyone! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

really love this song, great duet harmony and lyrics! this one is more socially conscious about the Syrian refugee crisis in '15 THis next one is slow/fast , again great lyrics, and very funky/unique cheers all