Sunday, December 10, 2017

let it snow....

Thanksgiving update

Thanksgiving week had me going full throttle and thus no blog updates. I don't know if I had too much to say or nothing new to say, or perhaps just didn't want to have a tone of complaining about it.
but as I like to journal things onto this blog as a record, I must catch up.
I had essay 3 turned in the week before Tgvng break and set as a goal to have them back to classes that Tuesday.  So I was doing that most of the weekend while getting all my holiday stuff down from the attic to prepare making wreaths. the goal was to make 4 wreaths and drive up to AR with one for 3 different families and one for my friend T, the girl I stay with up there.
Sunday night, my best bud J texts to say he and his family will be visiting the weekend after Tgvng and will I be in town?  well, yes I can be although I'm already planning to come to his T in AR......but anyway.  He booked a room at 21C downtown OKC and that was that. by Monday I had one class of papers done, but not the other two.  Monday worked, Monday night worked on papers , but didn't get the second class finished. I realized Monday night there was no way I was going to be leaving for AR after work Tuesday to get up early for my days off there. Tuesday worked all day, it's my busiest w/ 3 regular classes and 2 lab classes. came home and had to get started on the holiday wreaths. Since J's family was coming for the weekend, that meant I only had to do 3 wreaths and perhaps I'd have time to throw his together upon my return to OKC (nope).  I spent Tuesday night getting TWO wreaths done and not the 3rd. woke up early Wednesday morning, like 6am, and began on wreath three, then packed my clothes for the trip. then the food I was bringing and gifts and etc etc..
T wanted me to stop by Trader Joes for some things. My goal was to get to Siloam by 12 so I could get to Rogers by 1pm to meet the family in town from Denver at Crystal Bridges...however I didn't get out of the house til after 9:30 and then stopped by Trader Joes, and finally was leaving OKC by I think 10:20. jumped on the turnpike north and stayed in speed with traffic, which was moving fast and steady, and drove straight through Siloam all the way to Rogers. somehow I made it to Rogers by 1:30 and had called ahead for the Denver family to leave Springdale hotel in time to meet me there. we met up! whew! walk walk walk and talk. enjoyed catching up and their kids of course... let by 3:30 or so..back to Siloam. THey went back to hotel and I went back to Siloam.
I stopped by Jy and Sh's place, the family I usually stay with,( I've blogged for years from one of the twin beds there). and dropped off their wreath, they loved it! then over to T's place to meet up with the Denver family. T loved her wreath and hung it immediately on the door. we all chit chatted a bit and then by 6 were in the family's van and off to a CHristmas bonfire party, out in the woods big family, big house, big bonfire where we ate food and met people and talked all night ending with the dad there on guitar playing lots of songs and hymns to sing with everyone.  before we left. he said, "you wanna see some Arkansas fireworks?" .... he went to the barn and brought back a leafblower, fired it up, and aimed it on the fire that had now died down. it send up sparks all over up into the air, very fun. man that was a packed day!
Thursday I got up early at T's and we had breakfast then I worked on a table cloth and table runner as I had been put in charge of table setting for dinner ;).  T worked in the kitchen on "brunch" which really turned out to be lunch. I ran errands to the store around 10:30am also stopped by my buddy J's place to say hello and see when they would be arriving in OKC Friday.  He said by lunch and then they were going to cowboy hall of fame museum. I said I wouldn't be back to okc until before dinner so I'd meet them for dinner. ha
The Denver family arrived by 11am . They got their wreath, and we all had a sit down set up lunch of eggs and bacon and scones ( T is a baker of course so...). kids so awesome to interact with. after that we set back. THey all got to work on Thnksgiving dinner. taking turns doing this or that.  I did some dishes from lunch etc.. kids sat around. at one point we watched a snow white movie with Julia Roberts as the evil queen and Nathan Lane doing the same one line character as ever, but it was a good movie overall. we also all went for a walk by the house that at various times T and I had rented, she lived with the wife of the Denver family there and I lived there with the husband of the Denver family. college days! then we all walke downtown and then back to see if Turkey was done. 
Eventually a big Turkey dinner, and a night of playing cards and napping and cleaning.  The Denver family has 3 kids btw, 4th grade boy, 9th grade boy, and a junior girl. In fact they had made the trip to visit colleges along the way with the daughter, ending at our alma mater there in town. T's place is small old rental house in town. So we were all of us either sitting in the front room arrange so a table would fit behind couch and kitchen wall. and then behind that a small kitchen. ha two rooms and a bathroom in the middle connect to a short hallway on the right. usual small house set up I suppose.
We said our goodbyes that night, family back to hotel and leaving in the morning. T and I crashing Zzzzz. (I had a blow up twin in the 2nd bedroom. comfy enough!). 
Friday morning I relaxed around, getting packed and ready and stuff back in my truck. T wsa feeling stuffed up and sick and a little cranky, went back to bed eventually about the time I left to go shopping downtown at some stores I saw the day before. I was waiting for then to open by 11. shopped, came back to give regards to T, then left town about 1pm or so.. back to OKC.  arrived back by 4 and was non stop, unpacking my things, cleaning house a bit, picking up stuff doing laundry, ( I was in a rush of getting things presentable for J's family coming over Sunday morning before church). well within a half hour I was ready to leave for the mall.  J's family planned to meet me at Pepperonni Grill for dinner at Penn Square.  funny thing is my best bud S and husband B also were meeting there for his birthday dinner and to go shopping. alas! I had considered all of sitting together, but I get too stressed with 3 kids around. J's kids are 6, 8, and 10. so I told S we'd just say hello and not try to make it a meal with everyone.  we all said hello when they came in and reintroduced Jeff who'd met Scott before in Siloam? maybe? hmmm anyway after dinner a bit of walk around the mall, then they went back to hotel and I went my mom's! yup, my little sister was still in town after Thanksgiving so I wanted to go over and see her. since I got out of the mall by 7pm, I made to my mom and dads on west side of town by 7:30. visited til about 9:30 then drove home and CRASHED into bed.
Saturday morning up early cleaning picking up my place, downtown at 10am to meet J'd family at the okc art museum. With my membership I get in 4 people free so they only had to buy one ticket. :) we walked all around until about 12:30 then went to lunch at the Garage burger place on broadway. walked around shopped, back to hotel so I could see their room, also all the crazy big art on the first floor. 21C is a fancy boutique brand of hotel with art galleries on floor one, a restaurant and then a hotel. they rehabilitated the Ford Mercury factory that sat there for years, a beautiful pane windowed and red brick building on the west side going nowhere side of down town.  I drove by the building for years loving it and wondering what......  I please with the hotel conservation of it. also the area of course now has construction and new things going up all over. change!   anyway, we left for the Plaza district to an icecream place there. and then eventually drove over to Classen Curve to check out the Anthologie store for a gift for one of their moms? I dunno. then dinner at Hideaway pizza back on Broadway downtown, then whew.......back to hotel, and me back home! 
Sunday morning I was up early and drove up to Walmart for bacon and some things. They were all coming over for breakfast at 7:30. which happened. then they came to church with me at 9am. they left after church service and I came home and did nothing but relax. well also I graded papers and watch my usual Youtube video subscritions etc...
So that was my busy Tginvg weekend if you can believe it. I decided never again. either have friends visit okc if I'm here for Tgvng in town also. OR not if I'm out of town for Tgvng. because I was full on the whole week. whoosh!