Thursday, October 26, 2017

post fall break.......

how is your fall? mine is chugging along here in OKC! as last weekend was fall break, I had all 7 of my classes' papers coming in for some reason and was grading every night last week and weekend blah blah.  the thing is if I could do a class a night I'd be okay, but I just can't. I either get distracted or just take a lot of breaks out of sheer boredom from reading paper after paper. ha
I'm coming up for air this week getting papers behind me, basically the papers all went back to classes this week and then the late papers came in so I had a handful to finish up this week blah blah.
    I'm still doing crossfit 3 times a week. I hope I last until end of November. that's when my 3 month trial is over and i have to decide to invest in another 6 months at a higher price. I think I'll go ahead and do it, but someitmes I really hate the kanye music or other expletive music the guy has in his song queue, but like as an adult I can get over it, but still , really?  It's pretty intense, it's basically working out and then running or rowing or something like that between sets.  and they are obsessed with power cleans . yanking the bar up to your chest, or above your head etc...  I can feel little muscles here and there kick in and take shape thought, legs are definitely doing better, going to have to start kicking it in with my shoulders next. whew.
   I'm trying to decide on a Cuba trip in jan before school starts back up. I think I have it figured out if I go from jan 9 to the 13, I can get a ticket from okc for around $400 or so round trip. that is pretty awesome, and then find a casa particular for $25 a night or more etc.. definitely doable and I've always wanted to see that country!! especially before there is a McDonalds and Starbucks on every corner, as they say....
 I stopped by Target after crossfit last night on the way home.  Where I'm going to crossfit is north of my house a few miles and so there a lot more options for on the way home places to stop this year. ha  well I ended up spending over $130 bucks! whoah, spending spree? ha  things I needed though and got while I was there able to get everything in one place. cat litter and food for the cat I'm still fostering, laundry detergent, cheese slices for sandwiches sack lunches for work, bags of candy for the trick or treaters next week (I bought some eraser packets and pencils on clearance also to put in the bowl. I plan to put ketchup packets and sugar and sweetener packets in there too as a sort of trick treat.), and then I kept putting a bunch of the $1 and $3 items in my cart at the front of the store where they had all this Christmas stuff out already. ha! whoosh! pay pay pay. but all with a purpose.
I actually noticed today online there is a Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia line at Target of Christmas items coming out on Nov 5th. (rolls eyes) but yeah I'll look for that here in a couple of weeks.
I'm thinking about shaving my head and beard next week. I thought it'd be fun to show up for work on Tuesday, Halloween, all clean shaven and with some black eyeliner and my black Bauhaus 'Bela lugosi's Dead' t shirt on with black jeans and big fat white doc martens. a sort of I dunno punk 80s alt look?  I'm thinking about it. I'm not sure if I want short short hair at Christmas, sure the grow would be back withing a month, on the other hand I really don't care and it would be fun to just show up and see what reation I got from my students on Tuesday, a bunch of great classes and they've ever seen me in a shirt and tie. ha! :)
  no other plans for next Tuesday other than my vet friend is coming over to hand out candy on the porch to kids with me like we've done before.  this weekend I can't wait to NOT have papers to grade and just clean up pick up around here and get things in order. also plant some bulbs outside even though i think it's supposed to cool down quite a it.  I have lunch plans at my usual pizza place, the guy that cut my hair last time plans to meet me there, i don't know if it's with or with out his husband, but they live near and are great nicer younger guys. ha