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Fall update......

I'm coming up or air tonight. busy with work. grading grading etc. and I'm still behind on two weeks of posts on an online class I'm "teaching." I'm not sure what all I posted about last time, but I took over a class for a prof who suddenly up and left. so now I have 4 English 1 classes and 2 English 2 and one online course, and 2 one hour lab classes. it was the 4th English 1 class that I picked up. not too bad, really. I know what I'm doing and on the day I teach the two English 2 classes, instead of my long nice empty afternoon to get in a zone and do office hours ( and grade and prepare and work! ) not I have another class at 1pm to 220.  this still gives me an hour in the office until I leave at 330. which works okay for me. 
I've been going to crossfit now for about a month and it's waking up muscles in my legs and back and shoulders for real. for a while, I thought it's really all about cardio, then I thought it's all about lifting huge weight on bars, and now i'm just like, oh, okay there is strength training here and there and all the cardio and work outs and I'll just keep with it. ha. I'm sort of thinking that it must be all about doing power cleans and swinging yourself up onto the bar you do pull ups from? hee hee.  I'm just sticking with it and seeing it through because I really love being coached and trained and assisted and cheered on by those around me. there's maybe 16 people tops in a session so far. I'm going M/W/and F at 4:30 which works wonderfully for me. on T/Th i can stay in the office after class and get things caught up and planned for the next day etc..
I do want to get some swimming laps in on T and Th after classes, and I'd like to get some lifting weights in on the weekends, but not until it gets to dark or dead out to do any real yard work, of course, with my weekends. ;)
If I'm not grading papers here at home at night, I'm watching this foster cat run around here and there or lay around. I'm watching road show every Monday night. I'm watching (paying for) Project runway on Amazon every Friday night.  OR I'm wathcing youtube videos. I follow Michael Buckley, not a lifecoach motivator type, King of DIY who posts videos of his fish gallery, Dustin Fishtanks a guy that sells plants for fish tanks. and LRBretz another guy who has a fish room in his basement and breeds and sells fish.  Yes, there are probably fish tanks in my future....
I've also been watching/listening to a lot of Brendan O'Neill videos about identity politics, millenials, and men issues. ha. also a LOT of Jordan Peterson videos , whoah all fascinating.  and a few Dave Rubin interviews with various people blah blah.  also re-watching Simon Sinek videos.
I have listened to a few Rupaul podcasts that my "hairdresser"? recommended. great stuff.
;Otherwise I pick up around the house and get things ready for the next morning breakfast or clothes for work etc...and then I'll check some things online , window shopping for clothes or plants, also social networking on plant club groups of course.  this is my life.
I'm actually having a great semester and connecting (i feel) better with students. I've been really trying to change things like looking students in the eyes, ask more questions, keep conversations going, give more time etc etc.  keep up with emails and sending out more support to class and those missing classes etc... it's good work.
OK has a horrible reputation for education funding. Somehow we're so attached to oil that all funding for anything was lost with lower gas prices. my division Dean was moved to be the assistant to a VP who'd been moved up to VP, ha, and then she's also doing the job of the lady that left Curriculum. crazy. This semester they put two divisions back together and the other Dean left, now we have no interim Dean, and so it's kind of weird in the division office. Anyway, all this to say my boss asked me to be on the hiring committee for the new Dean. woot woot.  i love doing stuff like that and having a say in who my boss will be. so interesting!
my college homecoming is this weekend but I'm not going. I'm glad not to go because I want to just relax at home and get stuff DONE and caught up around here, outdoor projects as well. if'm it doesn't rain! :)  
I took the foster cat to get neutered last week on Thursday, I almost started to cry after leaving him there before work at this SpayWay clinic (super cheap), not because i felt anything for the cat, I was overtaken with the kindness of the two lady vets inside. when I first entered they were all excited about the name Pickles and said they'd been waiting to meet Pickles! ha and they were very assuring and kind as I fille dout forms and had questions etc...  I opted out of getting the $25 microchip though.  picked up the cat after work and he was sleepy all night and the next day and then pretty much back to normal. sigh
I'd blog more but life this time of year is sort of wash rinse repeat. as I have some sort of insight to share though this has and will always be my outlet to think things through. cheers for checking back.