Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

fall is here.

this was a great weekend. well it was great not having any papers to check from work. ha Although I have some unit assessment short answer and short essays to grade from an online class, I decided to take a break.ha. went to gym Fri after work, then store, then home to relax and work in the yard some and watch Project Runway from the night before . Saturday morning up early and got a lot done in the yard, everything dug up, grass out, borders set, had pizza for lunch then came home to work in the yard again and then inside to clean up by 5. 
I had plans to meet up with S and B, and D and G, at a mexican restaraunt for dinner. then the 5 of us headed back to D and G's place for cards and some desert.  we played hearts which a lot of fun.  the funny thing was I was 4th place all night, and then by chance I go all the hearts and the queen on the last hand which put me one point away from being 1st. ha ! good times.
TO day was church and then west of the city to meet my mom and dad and sister and hub for lunch at Johnnies. I went into Kohls while waiting for them to get out of church and got 3 dress shirts. I'm having fun mixing my ties with shirts. also I've finally realized I'm a 16 34/35 fitted shirt, so my goal is to get rid of all the stupid regular fit ones I've got over the years that dont' fit right, too loose etc.
worked in the yard today mixing in peat humus, compost and other ammendments to the new garden bed extensions from the day before. my goal was to get it all done before rain comes Mon or Tues so it's all watered in.  I'm about to get ready for bed and ready for another week! woot woot! bring on fall ya'll.