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summer is over..........

a good AR weekend!...

I worked Friday morning in my office at the school from about 9 to 11 am and then went over to help a friend take a canopy bed apart and move the mattresses out to a garage.  She had asked me earlier in the week so I tried to plan it before I left town for the weekend. She is a retired longtime professor that I got to know well my last 4 years at my job, very helpful and full of wisdom every time I went to her office to chit chat. I might have blogged about last spring when I went over with another co worker to help her move furniture out of the back room and kitchen so that the floor could be tiled.  Her husband is in a wheelchair and they were pulling up the carpet in the back room and making it all tile from kitchen on out so that it was eaiser, they also set up a hospital bed out there for him with a lift that helps her get him in and out of bed each day. he has some sort of limited ability in his arms too but only fine motor.
Anyway, so I went over there and helped move the mattress and springs outside to the garage where she could wait and push them out for trash Sunday night.  then took apart the bed and leaned everything against the wall etc.  then we all sat down at a kichen table while she made us hamburgers and visited for a while.  they are really nice great people, and it's fun to talk to older people about the trials of paying stuff online and education funding in OK and my job etc etc. ha I went back to campus and finished up some things, getting ready for this week. and then went home and packed up some things I'd laid out and began the trip!
arrive in NW AR around 6 and went over to my hosts' place to find their youngest kid watcing a move and my bud Jm in bed. I didn't bother him, he'd been in the hospital for a few days and just come home the day before. heart troubles and such. whew. only 44? so he's not really happy about having to do life changes to watch it! It's strange because I always assumed back when they were married after college that my friend from home, his wife, Sh would be the one to die first due to her diabetes, in fact at the time I rememer wondering if she'd live this long.  what I didn't know about diabetes, and of course what technology and medicine has done during the years, keeps her living okay.  I will say, Jm years of being overweight, going down and back up a few times with diets this and that etc.. and with his constant drinking over the years, I'm not all that surprised he ended up in a hospital.  he suddenly was hurting at work and drove to a clinic, and then they took him in an ambulance to a hospital. ughh well, I sat around with the kid for a while wondering where his mom was. (You may recall he is adopted and had FAS and has developmental issues)  I had no internet signal at their house and I was hungry and figured I'd go downtown to the city favorite cafe. got a chicken salad panini sandwich. MMmm.  I texted Sh from there who was home by that time, and then went back and we talked and visited the rest of the night at the kitchen table. lots of fun fun catching up been a while.
Saturday morning, got up and changed eventually and ran an errand to the grocery store.(they sleep in LATE) and went back home had a breakfast etc. Sh got up by 10am or so then we sat around and talked more and more, their oldest son came home from the college he'd jsut move back to a week ago in town.  so I got to talk to him for a while. by 12:15 I was leaving over to my buddy J's house . we had a lunch date. went to lunch and caught up about everything from over this summer , my job, his job, etc.. went back and spent time with his kids a little bit, and then by 2:30 I went over to my friend T, the girl who came this summer. and caught up with her and her parents in town from MI.
The whole reason for the trip was to have dinner with her parents and her Saturday night while they were in town.
well, we ended up talking a LOT and by 5 pm we all got in a car and drove around town looking at house for sale. They want to buy a house in town and rent it to their daughter , something like that. aFter an hour, we got two pizzas at Dominos, for dinner. ha. went back and ate that and had some great cake she'd made at the bakery last week. and later played a few games of Dutch Blitz and let me tell you her former missionary parents were serious about that card game! ha
went back around 10 to my hosts' house and talked to Sh and her older son a bit more, then he left back to school and I crashed upstairs. 
Sunday got up and went to early service church w T, and after church drove over to Crystal Bridges to see the Chihuly outdoor exhibit. it was pretty cool. also walked around inside a bit and had lunch inside at Eleven the cafe there. left Rogers by 2:45 and then dropped by Onyx Coffee downtown Rogers which was a beautiful wonderful place! next back to town and got my things packed and saw my bud m who was up and out of bed. then by 6 I left town and drove back home. UGH I hate driving back that late, rolled in by 9pm and watered some things outside, fed the cat, crashed into bed.
I'm back at work and teaching and so far so good. I'm going at it again. getting into gear. I called the crossfit place north of my house and will go in tomorrow night about work at 5:30. hope it doesn't kill me too much, but I'm really really ready to get back into fitness, I've been lazy for a month or more, no swimming or gym anything! whoah! what happend to my drive.  I'm looking forward to the class setting of crossfit and motivation etc and also the dynamic of doing a lot of various stuff. we'll see how it goes and if I think it's worth joining up and investing in etc.