Friday, August 18, 2017

end of august............

Im' watching last night's Project Runway kickoff online tonight.  Looks like they have a nasty bunch mixed into the group.  There is a guy who does menswear.  He's freaking out he got a plus sized model, and I can't figure out why that's a problem if he's done big ole black guy menswear already? and there was one girl who said she smiles but no one knows what she's thinking or playing inside. okay, horrible.  And for some reason they show every one's personal interview asides by themselves, except for twins on the show competing individually, and why should they get to be shown together on the asides?? cuz they're twins, I know.... blah. and yes I'll keep watching and paying 2 bucks an episode on Amazon to do so.....(.binging on Lark Rise to Candleford on Amazon Prime will have to wait (fellow anglophiles have you seen that one? it's historical sitcom/dram class wars etc... I've had the show Foyle's War recommended to me today...).
I've been working all week going to back to school meetings and then working in Advising office in between them.  my goal was to get as many house in this week as possible so I wouldnt' have to do ten hours next week, the first of the semester.  I've been having a LOT of fun calling students over, whoever is next in the cue on my computer, call 'em over and ask, how can I help advise you? :)
THen the computer tells me the degree and what classes they've had, and what they need etc.... new students with test scores, sometimes I have to say what prep class they have to take before college level math or English.  I had about 3 different veterans last week who I went the extra step to help find sections that were still open and take more time with. It's the least we can do, especially when a few of them, I sort of noticed a certain tick or high strung way of associating etc... happy to help!
I will be working Saturday 9 to 3pm, so I can get in my last 6 hours.  kind of a bummer since I'd rather have a nice long morning and then time to get things done around the house. but I will be able to go to S and B's pool after 3 and hang out with whoever else they've invited over .
Today I was in the office all morning and afternoon working on my class schedules for my classes, but I distracted myself with working on the adjunct office outside my office and emptied about 4 or 5 file cabinet drawers of teachers who haven't been here in a while.  and after lunch I went downstairs to a classroom I'll be starting in Monday morning.  It was changed into a classroom with computers and tables all around the walls of the room, and I was ticked off that they hadn't installed tables on wheels yet and wanted to make sure there were enough table to put in the middle of the room.  I have very strong feelings about not teaching to the back of students' heads while they face a wall or computer if we're not working on anything on the computers.  so I found there were tables enough for 24 to set up in the middle of room, and I move a few over from the walls to make a table for 4 since I'll have 27 possibly the first day. blah..
still reading?   I moved furniture at 4:25 with A , my high school friend, and we caught up a bit, it was SO hot out. got done by 6:15pm or so and came home for dinner and been chilling . have a good weekend all.

Monday, August 14, 2017

better tighten it up..........

I am going to start tightening up my budget now that the school year begins again, so I sort of kind of went a little crazy this last month and bought some junk online, the shoes, Magazine B past issues, the C.Duncan shirt, and then the two jackets below were a total splurge from an instagram post I follow showing these jackets MARKED DOWN FREE SHIPPING ONE DAY ONLY, and of course now a week later they are on the exact same sale, ha gets me every time.... but no more! faucet is getting turned OFF. :)