Thursday, July 27, 2017

July almost DONE.......

I jsut got out of the shower. I used the bar soap I brought home from Denver in May. It was a gift from a basket of Made in Co things the hostess had set out for me.  I quit using bar soap years ago, they leave my skin feeling too dry, especially in the winter, but as it's summer I made an exception tonight as it does smell really good and gets lathery.  Usually I prefer 3 in 1 pump liquid soap from trader joes/which whole foods has the same thing.  And when I;m feeling like being extra fancy, I'll use the C.O. Bigelow 1609 which is AMAZING smelling and stays with me as I go to bed and get comfy.although I liked the last version just the same.
I've bene super busy this week getting my summer class wrapped up. and how! done done done. ! woot.  last week I celebrated another birthday, my folks had me over for dinner and my sisters came over for cake.  my mom sent me home with cake and I enjoyed that for 3 nights after dinner each piece. it was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but made with marshmallow cream in the recipe and crushed chocolate mint cookies. yummy it was!!   my parents have me a lawn sprinkler which I really was happy to see, it's the more expensive kind with all kinds of settings that I'd never had bought myself. ha  My friend T in AR sent me a set of Cuisenart knives from Amazon and a lemon juicer tool.
I went out to dinner with S and B last Friday night and they got my meal, then Saturday afternoon I hung out with them in their pool with another gay friend Robert who moved back to OKC recently and who we all love and then some straight woman who keeps coming when invited who they know because she's friends with a lady across the kids who brings her kids overs sometimes and so she just came alone. ha ... anyway we hung out from like 2 to 7 pm at least keeping cool in and out of the pool and chit chatting away etc.
I had to go into work Thursday last week to make up some hours in Admissions, so day off Friday and Saturday morning and lazy Sunday afternoon I was binge watching all 3 Hobbit movies.  I did enjoy it all but was skipping through some of the last movie. it really should never have been made in 3 parts.  the scenes are SOOOOOO dragged out ... lots of cool special effect etc etc yeah yeah, but it was just SO commerical by the end that they wanted to make money from 3. ha (what really got me is the corn ball horror movie trope when the guy "dies" under the ice in the river, eyes closed floating by under the ice, then suddenly open eyes and attacking blah blah blah. give us a break, Jackson.
Monday this week, class and final essay turned in.  Graded Monday night half. Meeting Tuesday morning and we decided that we could meet again Thursday morning and finish it up FINALLY!! (that was volunteer meeting crap all this summer on Tuesday mornings.BLEH!!). and then Wed my students got their papers back, did a final in class writing assessment and sent on their way. I got everything done after the meeting today and grades turned in!! also worked one more hour in admissions to make up some time.
I had planned on doing NOTHING the next two weeks, but my boss's boss asked me if I'd work in Advising to help with all the rush of students before the semester etc etc.. sure okay!  ha. basically it's 40 hours the month of August and pays $1200 or so after taxes. how can I say no to those extra funds? :)  I'll be doing it Tues and Thursday afternoons and maybe a Saturday before classes start.  I actually like that kind of work because in admissions I've been stuck on a computer self training myself how to check everything and document in the system while accepting students. blah. In advising I'll be speaking to real bright eyes and bushy tailed students wanting to know what classes to take etc...
no plans tomorrow, going to enjoy being off all day and getitng things done outside or inside as i see fit.  I will go to my sister's late afternoon at some point to swim with her and my other sister who is coming into town with kids.  Saturday pool time with S and B and their friends from AR visiting, another gay couple. we plan to all go to dinner, then back to the house to play cards, G and D another couple will be joinging and B's son will even the numbers out.
summer has been pretty non stop this year, I hope to take it more relaxed next summer, Lord willing. got a break i the hot sunny weather tonight with a bit of rain, but that means hot and humid tomorrow or sure.  cheers all and hope you're enjoying summer :)