Friday, June 09, 2017

Sunday, June 04, 2017

being busy.........

busy week, and this week even busier since I start teaching a class on Mon/Wed  10:30am to 1:15.  I hope the students are ready to get started first day because they will be writing in class and have an assignment due Wednesday and a rough draft of essay 1 due niext MOnday. ha! that's 8 weeks class for ya. :)  last week really flew by, I was up to something about every day. Tuesday I worked 1 to 6pm in admission which was mostly data enry stuff and accepting online application for admittance.  I was paired up with an IT professor who went on the trip to Mexico with me a few summers ago. so that was pretty funny, each time we got a student processed he'd give me a hi five, we were both sort of learning how to get through all the screens together .
Wednesday came and went went to the gym morning and afternoon. Thursday I went back into my office to work on the program booklet for my garden club. since Publisher is on my computer there. took most of the day in fact I stayed there til 7pm.. whoosh. Friday was fun in my yard and then lunch with my sisters and mom here in town. they all came over at 11am to walk through the yard and see the gardens and then inside my house etc.  Saturday was busy because I went to a succulent society plant sale at 11 and then a planning committee meeting for my club which lasted to 3pm. whew again. I went by my buddy scott's on the way home and we'd planned for me to come back over by 5:30 to go to dinner.  I went home, cleaned up, changed, and by 530 we were leaving scott's with his stepson to the mall for dinner .  We walked around a bit after dinner, and I bought a shirt for $18 at banana republic that I can wear to work with a tie blah blah. also chocolate and Godiva yum.
today was church and then grocery store as usual. all weekend I was working in the yard as well and enjoying the rainy weather and taking lots of photos of things.
I want to blog more about my deal with men.  today at church I was thinking how traditional they are that men speak to men and women speak to women, not everybody of course, but that's like the running custom.  I thought how interesting it was that the church really takes a stand in ordaining women pastors which I see as pretty progressive, but then I started wondering what's my problem in that I'm always feeling confident in relating and speaking to women. I'm not going to get into now thought. I really need to hit the sack so I can wake up and swim laps at 6 am and then get ready for my day. :) cheers all.