Friday, April 28, 2017

fascinating fyre...................

if you haven't already read or heard about it,  check out this link to a story about the failed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas this weekend:

and/or check out this attendees twitter feed on being stuck on a plane forever, locked in an airport and then sent back to Miami....  or this one

OR... click on this link to a map. zoom in and click on racial diversity to see how it show on the map etc.. pretty intersting.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ending April right..............

good spring weekend! I enjoyed driving around the rental Jeep Compass all weekend. carefully of course. ha on the way to work Friday morning, there was a torrential downpour, man! I drove as carefully as one can in that on the drive down to work. Fridays I don't have any classes but a weekly committee meeting from 10 to 12.  then office hours etc. I was out of there by 2:30 and to the gym for a swim and workout.  after I got home and piddled around, I met S and hubby B at a local Mexican place for dinner. we chatted it up and I told them all about my weekend in Portland.
Saturday i was picked up at 10 am by my friend A, and she drove this time as we went up to south of Stillwater to Bustani plant farm. this was our fourth year going.  Usually I make scones for the trip but I haven't fixed my oven since November out of laziness so no scones this year. :(  it's helped me not eat all the things I bake anyway. ha but I'll get it fixed soon, A gave me the name of a local appliance repair guy.  we got back in time to eat at my usual pizza place, yum
Saturday afternoon and night I jsut played in the yard finishing up getting things in the ground from the weekend previously.
Sunday was church and then my parents drove over to my side of town for lunch, after lunch they came over to see my garden and such.  good times.  It was kind of weird after they left, i was thinking of writing a letter about something and mentioning being gay. gasp! shove that idea back down, please, dan! ;)
Sunday afternoon I ended up over at Scott and B's.  I purchased a Cardoon plant for his backyard the day before and needed to deliver it, and also he'd asked me Friday to bring over my sewing machine (yes, I have a sewing machine) so I could sew some new elastic onto the dog blanket seat cover thing he uses in his truck. was glad to do so for my best buddy S!  after getting that done and chatting a while, they took me to Sam's with them so i could get some stuff on their card. was wonderful. chilled all Sunday.  Monday after work, I returned the rental car. alas!  the price was $62 and the guy said $83?... uh non I don't think so, I asked immediately why the change in price. he mentioned the daily roadside assistance fee, I showed him the paper I took with me where I initialed and declined anything extra fee, oh he said, he wondered why that was in the system differently. yeah, I wondered too. anyway, so I paid the $62 and then a driver took me to the mechanic for my truck.
When I arrived all was ready to go. the part came from Ford, an inertia switch to the fuel pump. so i may drive to AR this weekend for a test run before my Denver trip.  this week has been awesome, and today I told my T/Th classes that they could have a "work day" on Thursday to work on their paper.  I need the time and they need the time etc...  gettin this week over gets me closer to next week, grading all the papers from all my classes then, DONE, end of semester. :) cheers