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Hello from Portland.  What a great time of year to be here as its the bursting forth of spring, the trees are all just turning green and the spring flowering trees are in full force. flowering fruit trees and magnolias and some sort of rose tree I've seen all over town. I forget how much I love the way Portland is like driving through a never ending neighborhood of houses. such a great old city.
 first of all, a pretty nice busy week, working and getting things done around the house.  had all my papers graded ready to hand back to students Tuesday, made time for gym after work Monday and Tuesday. relaxed in the yard both days after getting home of course. Wednesday I left work early for a dentist appointment to gave the perm. crown affixed.  I want you to know I'm not a crazy person, but after morning classes, I ate my lunch as usual in my office and then locked the door and completely stripped down and changed clothes. ha instead of the shirt and tie that I wear on Mondays and Wednesdays to work, I wanted to show up at the dentist in a more casual look this time, so I changed into jeans and a long sleeve crewneck shirt and converse shoes.  This meant putting boxer briefs on because although i prefer boxers for easy access with slacks at work, I prefer the support of briefs with jeans. anyway, the same amazing hottie dentist greeted me and another female dentist assisted. we chatted a bit as they removed the temp and put in the real one. I mentioned my trip to Portland and at some point explained the reason was that I had to use Delta credit and travel somewhere since cancelling my trip a year ago to DR. then he mentioned going, then I asked about if he spoke Spanish, he does and is going to Columbia this summer, then we talked all about places to travel in central america and he found it interesting I'd lived there and taught there etc etc.. anyway, so he's straight but very cool and the new crown fit comfortably and all was well. 
I got home early enough to grade some papers and setting out things for my trip.  Thursday went well at work and as I was missing a regular Friday meeting I had to get my part of stuff to do ready and email to everyone since I'd be gone.  (I also brought up a concern of the unit assessments we are designing being too complex and how quotation from the lit ended up in each assessments as default, We were including them as matching questions (title to quote) but then decided they should be short answer, and then it became too complex etc! I spoke to my boss about this and she agreed, so I'm interested to see what she brought up at the meeting and the outcome).
A co worker stopped in before I could run out after class Thursday at 3pm. so no gym Thursday boo hoo. but I was really glad to help her, an older lady who had questions about the other course I was designing with a committe the year before and her first time to teach it that way etc etc. so I left the office eventually and drove west of town to visit my folks.  They'd been gone for a week or more and returned the day before. I wanted to here about their trip.
My parents had been taking care of my aunt for many years as caregivers, and this was the first long away vacation they'd had since she passed away last year.  they drove to Augusta GA for the Masters. well my mom's cousin lives there, an artist with a home by the lake. He ha two passes to the Masters Golf event and so my parents went some days and then he and my dad went some days.  they loved it and went on and on about it, no cell phones allowed, the hats they brought back. my dad brought out a short sleeve golf shirt my mom made him by with the Masters logo on it, he was showing it to me and pointed out the price tag of $80 haha. he was just like WHAT?!?  ha ha, and my mom was saying he had to have that shirt for when he golfs etc and a souvenir and she didnt' care the price! they are so practical, ya know.  they also kept all their plastic cups with the masters on them etc. they were glad to be home and I was happy to see them having missed them.
okay now for my travel saga... Thursday night as I was leisurely doing this and that and getting packing begun, I got a robot call from Delta that my 830 am flight to Saltlake Friday had been delayed to 2:30pm.  with no word about getting to Portland and that they were working on rebooking me. So if I missed the flight to Portland then what?  I sat around for about an hour, thinking well damn I'll have all morning off to finish packing and will just arrive late night Friday I guess. so much for Friday plans.  then I started investigating online for other flights from Salt Lake, there were plenty but I hadn't been booked on any of those connecting instead I logged into Delta and it gave me the option of searching other flights.  I ended up rebooking myself to an EARLIER fligh at 5:50am. UGHHHH... ha ha, exactly what I purposely HADN"T chosen orginally. anyway, so I had to take a 550am flight to Atlanta (opposite direction) and then fly to Portland from there.  good news is I  arrived same time 12:15 to Portland. bad news is I had to get packing and ready to get out of the house EARLY. ha I stayed up past 10:30pm getting every last detail packed away (cuz my brain is dead in the morning I'd rather be ready to grab and go that early!). in bed alseep by 11am and up and awake at 3:30am.. breakfast, gathering stuff and to the airport.  slept mostly first flight. and sat next to a gay couple on the flight to Portland.
a cute darkhaired beardy and hairy guy in the middle, his hunkier blond shaved head bf in the aisle seat, and me by the window. they were a hottie couple but maybe that's just any couple under 30 these days. ha  I graded papers during the flight after watching the movie "Fantastic Beasts....." whish was awesome btw.  I chatted them a little bit before landing. they were both from that area (Medford and somewhere else) and lived in FL and were coming to visit their families for a couple weeks instead of going to Mexico like they would usually, diving and such.  I was sort of impressed at how outdoorsy they were talking about snowboarding or skiing while home in OR and diving in Mexico. really nice guys and they held hands during take off or just now and then the aisle guy put his hand on his or his knee.
I got my rental car, and found my AIRBNB place in Kenton, just south of the EXPO hall where I'm going to shop plants in the morning.  I showered and changed. checked things online and began driving around and searching Portland. I found two fish/aquarium stores online to sort of guide my adventure and I sketched out a few cross streets and plans on a piece of paper. I went to one, and then south on MLK all the way down to Freemont, trying to find the other near 43rd and Sandy Blvd. I got a little lost but drove through some amazing neighborhoods of old houses and great landscaping and flowers. the tulips are bursting all over here and it rained off and on. Eventually, as planned, I made it to my friend K's place at 4:30 near 31st and Alberta.  since I got there early I walked up and down Alberta street checking out the places and people and shops.
we went to eat at a new place called Wilder Bar Cafe which had the best food! the lettuce side salad was piled HIGH on the plate and the chicken sandwich with fruit mustard was YUMMM, I had ordered the roasted hazelnuts as a started and they were underwhelming. K said it was a new thing serving hazelnuts at places. ha ha. anyway we caught up thoroughly. she's been dealing with depression and therapy after surviving cancer a few years ago and losing her job due to taking off work so much after her psychotic episodes due to some bipolar issues set off by the chemo. that's the nutshell version. she's doing better now, her live in bf very supportive, and she's up for a new job fulltime at another clinic (she's a counselor, I think I mentioned before she used to work with a lot of the transgender community in Portland. she was the director of a clinic before having to leave recently so she's getting back into actual counseling now which is helping her too).
well after dinner I was BEAT!! I came back to my place after stopping off for some cereal and milk for breakfast (and some bananas) and man, my shoulders from carrying bags around the airport, and since the time zone was later, I was in a hot bathtub after taking an aleve by 8 pm and I think in bed and falling asleep by 830. ha.. zonked!  woke up at 330am and thought I'd blog all this, and then maybe I can get back to sleep a bit before getting up.
My plan s to get up by 7 am and get some breakfast and then get out. The plant sale is at 10am but I plan to get there before 9 to get in line, (supposedly there is a line to get in to get a better selection etc. I dunno. but I'll find out.) so I'm looking forward to a wonderful morning. I plan to be done by lunch time and then will meet up with a high school buddy W this afternoon and play it be ear.
have a great Easter weekend ALL! 

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