Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

hello from OKC....

hello , I thought I'd finish the spring break report.  well, 
SUnday night i went to the gym with H and swam quite a few laps. I had a bit of private alone time in the shower after my swim.  getting towelled off afterwards in the locker room had me feeling a bit conspicuous after all the excitement. and the nude muscle black guy at his locker on the other side of lockers checking me out through the mirror didn't help much. ha! I was checking him out while walking from the showers across to my row of lockers and wondered if he was cruising a bit.  I remained un modest while towelling off, but then was dressed and out to the floor to wait for H to finsih his workout. ha. good times.we met M at their place and went to Alamo Movies and had dinner and watched Skull Island, the King Kong movie...
Monday I had some time to myself to run around Austin a bit while my buddies went to work.  I went back to Barton Springs Nursery and then to Sledd nursery which was just all right but super nice guys that work there. and then over to Congress street to check out Service Menswear and Stag Menswear and then drove down to Great Outdoors Nursery, next to my favorite lil pizza place on Congress st, Home Slice Pizza. ha it was after 230 so I couldn't get the lunch special but I ordered a slice anyway, and the guy making pizza was sort of a bitch about it, repeatedly saying it'd be about 20 minutes cuz they didn't have any slices left etc etc.. and I said that's fine, ordered a salad, and sat down and played on my phone and waited and had my salad. ha  I commented how I loved the music to the 2 guys working behind the counter and remained cheerful (I was) and the guy was super nice by the time I got my pizza and left the place. :)
went back to the guys' place and met up with everyone by 5 and then we were OFF to east side Austin to Launderette. a classy little new restaurant for dinner. it was interesting and great and yummy and H's husband paid for our meal so, win! ha ;).   One really awesome factor was the manager walking around in these tight brown pants and what a sexy solid latin stud he was, whew!
Tuesday, the guys were off to work and I think I got packed up and ready to leave by 10... on my way out of Austin, I decided since I had the whole day free and nothing really planned no matter when I got home, I'd stop by IKEA in Round Rock and stock up on napkins and get back on the road, now flash forward an hour later and my cart is full with all sorts of treasures. :P
Next stop Waco and the Magnolia silos, I wanted to get my sister a hat for her birthday because she loves the Fixer Upper show and wanted a hat when she saw me wearing mine.  man it was PACKED! I'm telling you, tourist TRAP!!! ha  I even had to wait in line to get in the store this time. whoah!
finally made it back on the road and had lunch at some fast food place, I don't even remember, then drove up through Ft Worth and then to OKC by 8 or 9 ish? 
Wednesday i unpacked and cleaned up the house and did laundry.  Thursday was all about getting to the dentist by 12 noon for a crown fitting.  I had a sub dentist since it was spring break.  he was HOT. I kept staring up at his smooth tan neck now and then during the process.  I've thoroughly "creeped" or "stalked" him online since and found a few photos and found he has travelled a lot, does yoga, works out, etc etc. well on a dentist paycheck, why not? sigh, but I'm going to try and work travel into the conversation when I go back for the real crown in a few weeks. Zane Weaver if you want to check him out. ;)  when I began to pay, my temp crown cracked and then came off, so the assistant had to make another, then another, then another because they were coming out to thin, finally she made the impression a little bigger and they got one that worked, another difficulty was getting my mouthguard to fit with it, which I will be really adamant about with the real crown since the temp it really bugging me a bit by morning with my mouthguard (I sleep with a mouthguard to ehlp not grind my teeth).
Friday I was preoccupied with a garden club meeting that night.  I went to meet the speaker for lunch after the chairperson picked her up from airport, then that night , the meeting and I picked up Betty and took her home afterwards etc... Saturday I began actually grading one class of papers, and then another on Sunday, and then a few more the next night etc.. I did get back to morning swims and gym after work this week, so that is in check. about to ZZZZzzzz now , hope you all are enjoying Spring. :)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

grade or whatever to this....................


I can't decide between COREY  or RYAN

EDIT: i fixed the 2nd link

hmmm.  one is cheaper, and the other is an educator like me.  I'm going to Protland in April for Hortlandia, a big plant sale.  I think I already blogged about the $400 credit I had with Delta from cancelling my trip last year , and I had to use it before last Friday so I booked a trip to PORTLAND! ha.  I;m looking forward to it, as I am looking forward to everything this spring that gets me closer to summer. whew!  So what do you think, guys?  Corey or Ryan, both are just directly south of the expo center and on the north side of town so closer to airport.  I'm flying in on a Friday and leaving Sunday so it's a quick weekend trip.  I'm going to decide late on whether to rent a car or just use the rail system in Portland, but I thought I should book a room ASAP. :P  hope all are enjoying Sunday. I am grading papers all day that I put off during Spring break. ha