Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

keep playing...........

sweet suite.........

i always lvoe playing this one and getting some emotions out. :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

when 2 worlds collide..........

good winter weekend...

I had a good start back to classes last week and a nice weekend.  I was glad that last week was only 3 days of classes since we were off Monday. Friday is a planning day for me just doing office hours.  Last Friday I worked in the office and left around 3 or so to go swim laps and work out at the gym.  Later after I got home, I went up to IHOP and met my vet friend A for dinner. Mmmm waffles!
we caught up as much as we can without having too much in common.  We made some plans to see a movie in a coupe weeks. neither of us have seen La La Land so that will be our goal.
Saturday morning I relaxed a bit and then got up to Johnnies restaurant for a garden club meeting. We began at 11 and went up to 12:30, getting everything sorted for this year's budget etc. Also I was asking board members for information to put in the newsletter due before our first meeting in Feb. I'll include the meeting dates, the club minutes from past meetings, and planned speakers and programs blah blah.  we had lunch and then a few more people showed up for the Steering committee meeting. whew! so about 1:15 or so that got started and then I asked to go first so I could leave early which I did just before 3pm.  The person in charge of steering committee for summer Regional convention (which we are hosting here this summer) has a different style that our club president who went right down his agenda for our meeting.  The planning committee sort of involves an update on everything being done so far, details and facts blah blah. I signed up to do tables, and the lady told me she decided that job will also include signs and prizes!! wow thanks!! UGH.  I signed up for the convention program booklet too, so that will be fun. good thing I have Microsoft Publisher at work.
The hard part is we don't have a graphic yet, and they spoke about a half hour about t shirts UGH! theyb'e been talking about the graphic and tshirts since last YEAR when we started planning this thing, that just drives me crazy because by now you should have been able to find the best deal and colors availabe in OKC for Tshirts!!! I told the lady in charge of that, nicely, to please let me know when she had a design ready, since I need that for the newsletter, the program, the signs, etc etc publicity in general. blah  It will all come together eventually and I'm not too concerned. just wish they were more efficient.  I'm all about the table decorations which will be some sort of fabulous of course ;)!  and they already loved my idea about putting a ruler printed inside the back cover of our program (totally nerdy but It's handy to measure flowers).
I left from there and went over to Scott and Brian's. just in time to go with them to Sams'. yay. they are so much fun, everytime I go with them somewhere it cracks me up because I'm NOT the married one, meaning they always dress the same ha ha! both in a pullover , jeans, etc. just always similar so cute! ha.  I got home after that to chill a bit.
Sunday was church, and then I went to the fairgrounds here in OKC for the home and garden show. Which if you asked me was a little too much home and not enough garden ;).  I went by all the nurseries who had booths and got contact numbers so I can get a graphic from them later to include in our convention booklet. had a bit of a cough yesterday and just laid around the rest of the day.
I went to bed a little early and was going to take a hot bath, but for some reason the hot water ran out faster than usual, also I had some kind of fever or something because I had the chills really bad once I got in the bathtub and then had to get out.  I went to bed after drying off, and had the chills so bad, I was under the covers with an extra blanket over my goosedown comforter. and if I moved out of my warm spot I got chills from the cold sheets. Also I wasn't sweating at all, just goosebumps on my legs. I of course felt like I was dying since I never get sick and hate it when I do. ha I did take a mucinex before bed which helped with no coughing. I felt fast asleep and felt much better waking up, although a little hot and sweaty from too many covers, go figure.
Today went well , 2 classes and some time to practice the piano, a little bit of office hours time to grade stuff. gym after work. home. now I'll begin making chicken for dinner and dinner the rest of the week.
I came across some videos this weekend of a youtube guy Charles Gross, young guy with lip injections in NYC who vlogs about his hookups. It sort of depressed me watching a few of them, but the one where he goes out in NYC, I like his chatty personality and was fun to watch, but the whole scenario, experiences of which I've had on my own in the past, just reminded how empty they are all in the long run. but that's maybe just me, go for it guys, do what you want, by all means! ;)  I also watched a bunch of movie videos about the best use of color in movies, or the best deleted scenes etc etc ha ha
Thomas,  I'm a boxer briefs guy on jeans day or jeans/pants day for the support also because it's winter, although I do wear boxes on tie and slacks day, because of easier access  and speed when going to the men's rooms, a quick unzip versus unbutton, untuck, tuck, belt etc.. although I pack briefs in my gymbag every day for the gym for the support. so all 3.
Tom, I didn't mean to parallel the dog to a handicap, I guess I was thinking disabilities in general. A student with a service dog that is not blind might raise curiosity, and indeed the student does have anxiety accommodations listed such as sit next to door, allowed to leave at any moment, etc stuff like that, so that's the reason for the dog. I'm all for it, I just wanted to lightly steer the students not to ask all about, I'll leave it up to the student's own choice. We'll see how it goes, I think she might bring the dog tomorrow, but hasn't yet.
hope all are having a good week, thanks for checking out the blog.

Sunday, January 22, 2017