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man what a lazy break this has been.  I did pretty much nothing but watch youtube videos of Beau Knows yesterday other than clean up some here and there and meals. ha  I suppose that is what break is for though, rest up and ready my mind and body and soul for the new year ahead, the new semester, getting back to work.  Second semester is always so much fun because there is the big prize of spring and summer at the end. am looking forward to it already.
My mind has been on my work this break, how to refigure my teaching process a bit.  I want to focus on how to teach a skill, and how early can I teach the research and writing skills so that we're practicing them throughout the semester.  I'm glad to not be teaching the intercession course this week and next because I'll have a lot of time in my office next week to get the semester planned out and written down.  Having everything scheduled really makes an easier semester.  Last couple of semesters I've just put down the general reading assignments on the calendar and when the draft and final copy of essay are due.  And each semester I fail to write down all the events of classes that worked so that they're their for me the next time. This is mainly because I like to keep it fresh and new and in response to each semester's needs in the classes.  planning is always better though compared to planning classroom activities on the way to work for this or that reading assignment. anway. looking forward to meeting new students also and my first day of classes "speech" about the class and hard work etc... ha
Well, I survived another New Years Day, another year done!  I should probably go back and look at last year's thoughts and goals and consider, but it might be painful or boring.  I'll just keep moving forward.  I know I'm getting back to a more disciplined diet and work out routine.  I'm also going to look into a much stricter budget and less spending. the truck won't pay itself off early if I don't put effort into doing so.  I try to remind myself that the sooner I pay off the truck, the sooner I can put that extra couple hundred dollars towards saving for travel, so what better motivation?
Last Saturday, NYE day, my brother came over with some tools and lumber and a ladder and then went with me to Lowes for supplies.  We replace the 4 sort of triangle shaped soffit boards covering the eaves on my roof on the north and west sides.  I torn 'em down while he cut new ones, then we used his nail gun and some nails to put the new ones back on and new trim.  After he left, I went back to Lowese and tood some lumber back and bought some caulking and primer and paint. He left his ladder so I calked everything and cleaned up before dark.
New year's day I went to church, then to lunch, and eventually got back out in the yard and nice weather to prime and paint everything to finish it out.  between priming and painting, some neighbors were unloading their motorbike out of the back of a truck behind my house (I'm on a corner lot and so I pull up into a back alley driveway which is quite sloped and then turn parallel to the street to park under a car port to the back of my house.).  Anyway they got it unloaded and then were going to puch it back around the corner down the street to their place.  They were tired enough just getting it out of the truck and unloaded. so I went over and helped the guy push while his wife steered.  It's hard to explain but it's a motorcycle with a sort of bench seat for two.  they go around handing out bears to kids as mr. and mrs. Santa during the holidays. ha  after that I painted everything.
Monday morning I spent some time having a good breakfast and then packing up to get out of town. I drove up to AR Monday.  I brought a sandwich for lunch with me, so upon arriving at 1pm I went by my best buddy Jeff's house and surprised him (I knew he was off that day) and then hung out with him and his wife and kids for about 3 hours.  Later I stopped in to say to T at work. she was working late, and then went over to my buddy J&S place where I always stay. the son was home from college so I slept down the hall in the studio work room upstairs on a twin mattress from the younger son's top bunk. very cozy! and I brought my own wool blanket for extra warmth knowing it would get cold AND that the air flow in the studio room is weak. ha
We went for pizza as a family, and then back home to catch up. I drank some wine and got a little sleepy and hit the sack by 1030.
Tuesday I was up and having breakfast and chatting away with the wife S, J was sick in bed the entire day it turned out.  the college kid woke up and we all got into a conversation of what sort of grades he would need to keep his scholarships after last semesters disgraceful performance. I didn't mean to lay into him too hard but I did mention that i worked a LOT at Walmart during college and he only had part time work study (which he has no more) so we'll see what happens. by 11:30 i was over at a former roomie's house. this guy who I met my first year in college, lived with for a few years, was in his wedding etc... now he's married with kids and quite a wonderful and successful artist on the Plein Air festival scene.  I spoke to him and his wife and kids for quite a while. WONDERFUL time!!!  I'm actually hoping to put a bit of $ away to buy one of his paintings if at possible.
Tuesday afternoon T was working all day, but we had a friend coming from Little Rock (K who I visited with in Portland a while back and who still lives in Portland). K was in LR visiting her hometown and family and drove up to see us. we hung out a bit that afternoon and then went to dinner, meeting two other friends from college downtown for dinner. again a wonderful time.
Wednesday I'd not planned anything other than eventually coming home. K suggested we go see Crystal Bridges in Bentonville. I told her I'd drive since she had a rental. T had to work all day anyway. We had the best time sort of just milling around town after breakfast then making our way to B-ville. i think we got there around 12 and first thing went to the Frank Lloyd Wright house before having lunch at the restaurant there (Eleven). I have to tell you the turkey melt sandwich is SO SO SO good. Mmmmm  just get it if so inclined. there is like this mayonaise sauce plus orange marmelade plus caramelized onion plus turkey and whatever yummy cheese and fantastic healthy bread. Mmmm we walked through the exhibits and had a great time before coming back to town.  K was diagnosed with cancer two years and a month ago. cervix. she was treated and survived, however her body was weakened and she's dealt with complications and surgery on colon etc.. that was last summer when T and I went to visit her and family in LR. she still has to take it easy so we rested a bit halfway through walking through the museum at Crystal Bridges. We're in our 40's so it's pretty odd and a reality check for me as I age and see my friends age around me. what's more is she had a psychotic episode a few months ago and was treated and now on medication and apparently they said the cancer treatment and complication might have set up a bipolar thing? something or other? well she was working as the director of a counseling center in Portland and now is working less hours and getting disability.  She is also trying to embrace life and enjoy and do what she wants to do a little more, thus the trip to come and see us, dear friends, in NW AR while she was in LR. She has a lot of experience counseling people, especially homeless and transgender in Portland.  We had a pretty good chat about her and her current bf.  How he has stuck with her though everything but the latest psychotic episode and now dealing with it is taking a strain.! alas.  I spoke of my loneliness and singleness and my STUCKness in being a Christian and gay and not dating guys or girls.  She is an expert and advocate on dating, and gave me quite the speech about just getting out and meeting people. yes guys expect hookups and not dates, but don't let that keep me from meeting and dating and just meeting people whether it's something or not. She even said to put it all out there on the profile about gay attraction but wanting companionship with men or women at this point. ha I really liked her metaphor of dating like a rubiks cube, how there might be just a few things to get to know about a person but it's only 2 rotations to making it right, so the next person maybe there are just the right 3 or 4 moves to make it right etc.. She explained it quite a lot better. ha  Anyway, so I'm motivated to perhaps try something. we'll see.  When I said "i'm going to put myself out there more" she said, that means you'll never do anything! you can't just put yourself out there. you have to pursue and invite and get out and meet people. it's a one time thing, expect disappointments and keep meeting people and moving forward to the next one!" sigh
I drove back to OKC after we got back into town and T was off work.  Wednesday night I posted photos of my trip on social network and while watching tv and things online went through the various likes and comments etc.
Yesterday LAZY nothing, and then the snow today!! WOW!  I am about to make lunch and grill my turkey and cheese sandwich due to the cold weather. wish I had some tomato soup and crackers to eat it with. :) cheers all and hoe you're staying in and staying warm.