Sunday, July 09, 2017

summer is on!..........

I woke up Friday morning feeling too hot while laying in bed.  the ac was running so I got up and put foot above the vent on the floor across from the foot of my bed. I felt air flowing but not cold air. I walked outside of my bedroom into the hallway to check the thermostat. it said 77 although it was set to 75.. also some louder noise than usual was coming from outside where the unit sits on the south side of the house.  I went ahead and turned the whole system off and as I walked back into my bedroom I pulled on the ceiling fan cord to put it a notch faster to medium setting. went back to sleep...sigh.
I got up a few hours later and thought, well maybe that freeze over thing happened and if it was turned off for a few hours maybe it un froze? what do I know?... so I turned the AC back on and no cold air, although I did hear a sort of hissing noise from the unit outside. which later I found out was the compressor releasing heat since the fan motor was no longer working... Yes! I got it fixed same day; I called the same guys that were here in November and they came over by 10 am, found the problem, the fan motor needed to be replaced, and they fixed it. $446 dollars. whew! Ugh.. but I had money in savings, so after writing the check, I came inside and transferred the cost from there into my checking and done!
Last week was overall great! taught Monday and then went over to friends Geoff and David's house with buddy S and his hubby B and their kid D.  we met a new married couple younger guy and girl that Geoff worked with and then David friend Angela was there from Tulsa. They'd invited us over for dinner and then to play cards. Nerts!  we ate and played til about ten. lots of fun. Tuesday was a good lazy day 4th. I made it over to my sister's place by 12:30 for a lunch cookout with her family and my folks and my brother's family and my other older sister's family.  by 3 or so I drove over to S and B's place and hung out a bit in their pool and then we went out to dinner at a Mexican place, I think... hmm. well anyway, back to work Wed, and then Thursday and Friday OFF! woot woot.
I got a lot of stuff done around the house and outside the house. Friday night I had dinner with my vet. Dr. friend A at IHOP and we caught up on our summers. She is going to swing by on Tuesday to give me some flea medication for this cat that started living outside near my shed that I've been feeding etc.  she also said she was at Crossfit last week and plans to go back. I'm considering going with her and maybe giving it a try this fall. She said it was super tough and about killed her. ha and she was the older one there. but alas, I want to try something different. just going to the gym and working out all the time is getting monotonous these last 4 years.
Saturday morning I made scones t take to my neighbors caddy corner across the street and then the ones next door.  the ones next door I'm asking to feed the cat while out of town next weekend. and the other neighbors, I need their kid to water some pots outside while i'm gone. ha  went over to my other sister's place Saturday afternoon to swim in her pool a bit and see the new table my brother and dad brought over for her. we all hung out , her family, my brother wife and kid and g kid and my folks. then around 5pm I left to go over to S and B's for a cookout on their back porch, yummy chicken and pasta.
today i'm rating 100 student writing artifacts, part of a measurement the college does on if they are getting college level writing skills or not, I guess. so far they are mostly okay. it pays good so I don't mind going through them today while I stay inside and keep cool.  I watched season one of Pulling on Youtube yesterday. it's a bawdy British comedy, has anyone seen it?  I may watch 2nd season tonight after church, and if I have all the papers done. I'm excited fo r this week because I'm leaving for Santa Fe after class Wednesday at 1pm.  It should be an 8 hour drive which means I'll hopefully get there by 8pm Santa Fe time.  My folks are going up to Santa Fe Tuesday night, and my two older sisters and their husbands are coming up Wednesday night also.  We all planned to hang out in Santa Fe for the morning before driving up to Pagosa Springs by 4pm to check into a cabin we've rented for the weekend. my little sister and husband will join us there Fri/Sat/ and Sun night. although I'm leaving early Sunday morning instead of Monday so I can drive ALL DAY SUNDAY ugh I'm already dreading it, for class on Monday morning. blah blah.
But I am looking forward to packing things for the trip, and the cooler nights and weather there, and the time off in general, and all the life questions thinking I can do while driving up. that reminds me I need to get some CD's ready.  Only a few weeks left of teaching and then end of July is the end of my summer class. then about 2 weeks of NOTHING, yay! before next fall semester work week begins 3rd week of August alas.  hope every one is enjoying summer :)
D, that tie title was from an Almodover movie, ha!


Anonymous said...

Dan, I have just loved your posts for years (including those from your time in Afghanistan which are fascinating) and this post is one of the best. What pleasure you give us. R

Anonymous said...

Dan, great post as always. My mother and I just took a road trip (7 hours each) in a new car. I downloaded a couple of audiobooks and the time flew by (I love Jane Austen so we listened and giggled our way to Pride and Prejudice. I also got a audiobook of Agatha Christie short stories). That was the best road trip I've ever had. Can't wait to hear about Santa Fe! Mark