Friday, July 14, 2017

summer getaway...........

Hello from Pagosa Springs! beautiful town and beautiful time of year to be here!
I had quite a week getting ready for this trip. Monday work, then Tuesday meeting and work in Admissions. I left a couple hours early at 4:30pm so I could get home and prepare some things. I had moved some pots all together on the north side of the house and then walked over to the neighbors caddy corner to me and gave them an envelope with 20 inside and a list saying there are 15 pots on the north side. 4 in front by the porch, 2 by the carport to water daily with the hose near them. The kid and the dad walked back over with me so I could point everything out. this is the 4th year I've had the kid or whoever do this for me. ha! next I walked next door with a tupperware thing full of 13 lunch bags with 1/2 cup of cat food in them and asked them if they'd feed the cat that's been hanging around.  a bag each day at dusk and dawn beginning Wednesday night. got all my clothes packed after that and everything ready, had sprinklers running outside on the yard to get a good watering before I left.
It was nice to be up Wednesday morning and getting final things prepared, loaded into my truck etc and ready to get to work. I had class Wednesday morning. They were turning in a 3rd essay and I'd planned to tell them they could have until Monday to turn it in.  About half were pleased and the other half made a few changes after we did a final partner review and then went ahead and turned them in anyway (I offered 5 points for anyone who had it ready by the end of class to turn in as a reward to those who'd worked hard getting it done by original due date.)
we got out of class early at 1pm  and I was all ready to get in the truck and head out like I planned but I had forgotten to print a few maps off the computer of Santa Fe and where I was going etc. so I did that and got headed out by 1:15pm. woot woot. drove drove drove all day to Amarillo, stopped at exit 67 to fill back up on gas and go by taco bell. then back on the road and on my way to Santa Fe!  I listened to a few CD's I'd packed along the way: A couple John Crawford sermons that my sister sent me back when i was overseas in Kabbul in 2009, OK Computer by Radiohead, a They Might Be Giants cd,  soundtrack to Wicked, and soundtrack to A Room with a View, a few mix CDs of alt bands that a friend in California sends out every year at Christmas, Stornoway, Kings of Convenience, and then some radio here and there.
I got into town by 830pm or so and made it to the International Hostel at 1412 Cerillos where I'd booked a room for the night. went to get milk for breakfast and texted my family who arrived about 5 hours before me at different hotels (my folks went up TUesday night and my sisters and husbands went up Wed morning.).
Thursday morning I had my own breakfast of oatmeal and cereal at the hostel and then after my bro in laws and dad left to gold, my mom and sisters came and picked me up to run around the plaza all morning which we did. after we had lunch at the Shed, it was time to go and pick up the guys and take me back to my pickup.
they left for Pagosa Sprngs but I went to the Botanical Garden on Museum hill first and then I went to this really knock out garden nursery on Agua Frias called Agua Fria Nursery. Really a stand out pace with a huge selection and variety of so many plants!! yes, I got a few things to take home with me.
made my way out of town north on 84 which is one of the most scenic drives I've ever experienced. so gorgeous, the land the sky the clouds, sun, rains far off, etc etc. sigh  got into town and went to a grocery store first, then back to 84 here to this cabin we're all staying in this weekend. This morning we all had breakfast together and I made scones fro everyone.  we all went to lunch in town together and then I walked around some shops with my sisters while everyone else came back to relax. the mountain altitude has us all feeling pretty lazy which is fine. ha my little sister arrived with her husband before dinner and we all had a good dinner and played cards and talked it up til about 930 and then everyone wanted to crash! (we're all on OK time after all. ha)>
enjoy a good weekend and looking forward to some good hikes and sight seeing tomorrow. :)

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