Tuesday, June 27, 2017

summer so far........

I don't know why I'm still playing catch up from my big garden conference/tour weekend. blah.. last week I tried to catch up on sleep and I didn't swim every morning or work out at all.  I thought i was doing better Tuesday, but after i arrived to work for a 10:30 meeting, i realized that I left my lunch at home on the kitchen counter. I left the meeting a bit early so that between 12:30 and 1pm I could go home and get my lunch! ha  I ate it in the car on the way back to work, 1 to 6pm in admissions ...
(That's a whole other story about on the job training and understanding all the screens that info from application must be entered etc...... but hey I'm getting paid while I'm doing what I am doing)
Tuesday night then I had to grade my summer class's papers due back Wednesday. stayed up late almost finishing.
When I got to work Wednesday, I put my pick up in park, and then realized I had not grabbed the stack of graded essays... I had arrived an hour early so that I could finish up a few of them, but instead drove back home, got the papers, went back. blah blah .  I live about 20 min drive from home give or take and depending on traffic.
Thursday I thought I'd finally get a day of not having to do anything (you know, what we teachers call summer) but I had to go back onto Campus to make some hours in admissions that I missed the week before due to planning for the garden thing.  whew! Friday I went over to my folks' place to drop off tables I'd borrowed and catch up a little with them.  Saturday chill , inside and outside, a beautiful day actually weather cooled off.  Saturday afternoon I went back over to my folks' place to see my little sister who was in town. also my brother was there working in my dad's wood shop on a table he's making for one of my other sisters. who was out there with him.  and then my other sister was there gabbing with us. good times but my little sister had to leave before anyone came in from the back shop and I didn't get the photo of the 5 of us like I'd wanted. oh well. it was just a random summer weekend that we all happened to be over there.
Sunday church of course. lunch with Betty and her daughter(who has a son my age) and then home to work on my room.(I forgot to mention that Friday night I decided to empty out my entire bedroom, dressers, walls, floors, bed taken apart etc. and vaccuum and clean everything etc before getting back together and then restocking with only things I wear or use etc!! we'll see). I went over to S and B's Sunday afterrnoon to visit and then to my niece's summer league basketball game in Edmond. then grocery store.
Monday work, brought my lunch. yay! I got a test from friend A to move furniture this morning. so I was at her work at 730 am. to move furniture. we were done by 8:45 and I was driving back home to eat breakfast . I was kind of going fast because I noticed my tire pressure light came on and I wanted to take my pick up to Goodyear tires before I had to get back to work at 10;30.  I got pulled over for going 74, the nice man gave me a warning. THANK YOU THANK YOU! and then I went to the Goodyear, walked home, ate breakfast, made lunch, changed for work. walked back to get my pickup and went to work. meeting from 10"30 to 12;30 , admissions office 1 to 6.. home and diner and water stuff and now I can't get to bed soon enough. whew. I'm not quite getting caught up like I'd like to be.  I have 2nd round of papers being turned in tomorrow. summer though.
looking forward to some time this weekend . :)

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Always good to hear your news!