Sunday, May 14, 2017

mile high..................

Hello from Denver!  I made it through a busy week and ended another semester. woot!
i graded papers up until before class on Tuesdays last class.  I went over to see my mom after work since I'd be gone Mother's Day.  My parents and I discussed my trip and my summer plans for work, and the upcoming family trip in July.  Also why my mother is limping around, something about her spinal discs degenerating and causing pinched nerves sending pain down  her leg. She was prescribed to do physical therapy to help this and hasn't been so I felt alarmed and concerned and disappointed when I left and spoke to my sisters about how we could encourage her. My parents are considering finding a place for her to swim since she can't walk on her treadmill at home any more for exercise.
 Wed I made it through the work day, the last 2 final classes of English one, only a handful of students showed up to each since it was the last day and optional.  I continued getting grades turned in and final late papers turned in finished, then attendance transferred from my sign in sheet to the computer for each day of class etc etc.. Thursday was the same.
I was able to have all my classes' grades completed and submitted and turned in before I left at 3 Thursday to go home and start my weekend trip! HOWEVER, I secretly submitted and printed and turned in my online class grades before a Friday due date on the last quiz that half the class hadn't completed.  This is because we are required to submit and turn them in before Monday 5 pm and I won't be back by Monday. However I can go online today and update all the grades submit them again with whatever grade, and then just print them out again when I return Tuesday for them to switch out in the file they keep.
I almost forgot, Thursday morning I was in the best mood going to work for last day of classes of the semester and trip ahead of me, then as I was exiting the hiway near my job, a ended up with a nice flashing light escort as I turned of to the road and pulled over. a Hihyway patrolman!  I was cheerful and laughing when he came up to my window saying "I have an 8 am class" since it was about 5minutes before 8. (I arrive by 730 during the school year but last few weeks of classes I show up at 8 like everyone else).  he told me my tag was expired.  since July! wow I had no idea.  he asked for insurance which I couldn't find a new one to show him.  He asked me to email them and ask to send me a current policy, I told him I didn't use my phone for data or cell phone calls, just wireless on campus.  He said , well give me your insurance card, I'll go cal them. ha  anyway, he came back and gave me a warning for the insurance, and a ticket for $235 for the tag, telling me that as soon as I got the tag updated I could take it to court and waive the fine.  He also mentioned that he could impound a car later than 8 days expired. we talked about how I couldnt' believe I hadn't been pulled over before and I thanked him, again he was very kind about the whole thing and I was still in such a great mood going to work my last day.
 at lunch I called the tag agency and they said the late fine capped out at $100 and then my tag would be $89 as usual so $189.  i called my insurance and the emailed me the proof I needed etc.. So after I left work around 3:30, half an hour later than planned, I went by the tag place and got all that taken care of.  at home I walked around the yard and waited for T to arrive from Arkansas.  she got there by 5.  we packed up everything into her Suburu and we got on the road by 6.. drove a long 4.5 hour trip to my sister's house way up in the panhandle. talking the whole way and arriving quite late and I was dead beat tired.
got up early at my sister's and spoke to her and family over breakfast. they had Friday no school and plans to go to Garden City for my niece's a waterpark there.  we hit the road by 9 and drove north.through Hugeton, Syrcuse, zig zagging up to Lamar eventually for lunch, then Kit Carson and onwar up n\NW to highway 70 and into Denver by 3:30. My goal was to make it to the Botanic Garden in Denver by 3 but that didnt' happen . we got there at 4pm. (there was a weekend plant sale I jsut HAD to stop by and check out). we arrived in Morrison CO by 5 or so. unpacked and hugged everyone and came inside and satdown to a nice dinner of smoked salmon and rice and broccolli. they are a very health conscious family btw.
zonked out Friday night down in the basement. It is beautifully finished out with a big family room. a little bedroom on the right  with two bunk beds and two twin beds. and on the left a laudnry room with a shower, toilet and sink for guests.  I moved a twin bed out into the faily room downstairs for me, and T is in the bedroom. we share the Bathroom etc.  all good.
Saturday mroning we all had breakfast. one kid was taken to an all day band activity, and then the 3 adults and two other kids went to Ikea in Centennial for shopping. had lunch there.  went to Littleton next and walked around all the little cool shops downtown and had coffee and treats and eventually made it back home by 4.  there daughter had a highschool drama club banquet that my buddy S (the dad) went with her at 5pm.  the mom V and T and I took the 3rd and youngest kid with us to dinner and the mall to walk around, the girls V and T visiting non stop the entire week of course of course.
I don't know if I mentioned it but S is a former college roommate of mine, and then T and V are former college buddies and roomies  and the four of us used to pal around and all that in college. thus the fun visit and stay when we come to CO. don't even get me started on how much I love their kids and how smart and wonderful they all are... anyway.
we all sat ouside on the back porch in the wonderful cool weather last night waiting for S to get back from the banquet with the daughter, and then V got back with the band kid. and we all sat outside while they told us about everything they did etc etc. and talked more while kids were inside getting ready for bed and such. then I crash bomed into bed by 10 whew.
today. good morning! we will all be going to church then lunch. I'll call my mom today. :)
this afternoon at some point, T and I are going over to see the O's. a family I stayed with the last few times I went to visit Honduras at the school I used to teach at.  I worked with them many years ago when I was living there and taught 3 of their kids at the time.  I really love the family and supported them for a few years as missionairies before they retired last year and came back to CO to settle near their children. So I look forward to seeing them state side for the first time ever and giving lots of hugs and saying job well done! etc.  otherwise we are going to CHIL CHILL today and maybe go walk around some hillsides and trees just for some nature time. no big plans.
not sure what Monday holds, but we plan to get up EARLY TUESDAY to head back to OKC. and then my summer begins!! woo hoo. :)

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