Saturday, May 06, 2017

end is near.............

good morning from Oklahoma City! beautiful 80 degrees today and tomorrow this weekend. ahhhh, Spring!  although I'll be seriously busy grading 60 or so four page papers. My goal is to get them back to students Tuesday and then WHAM BAM it's over! another semester done. :) and another summer to "enjoy".  I am going to be teaching one class M and W on campus this summer at 1030 which is not bad since I can still enjoy my mornings in the yard mostly before 10.  I also will be working 5 hours a week in advising, but it's unclear what that schedule or what days that will be....extra money though so all good. I have a lot of home improvement to spend my summer job funds on alas!
I did NOT make it to the gym this week as much I would have liked. Monday I came home to start in on some papers. and then Tuesday a professor wanted help with planning how to teach a new course. this kept me on campus til 3:30 and if I cant get to the gym and in the pool by 3:30 all is lost.... for some reason it just sets off my whole routine and I can't move forward, i can't just go and swim at 4p after the safety break is over and laps are open again. I can't just go and not swim and workout instead.  no if the ducks don't line up right, forget, I told myself, just go home and work in the yard since it's such a nice day. ha!
Wednesday I did swim laps and workout chest. THursday, same lady wanting help and I was leaving at 3:20 and again said. nah go home and play in the yard and grade some papers instead.  Since it's the end of the semester I'd rather just kick it in and get things done. I did make it Friday swimming and a few leg workours and some shoulder workouts blah.  Friday night I had to go to the required graduation ceremony.  I brought some papers with me and hid them in the sleeve of my robe, and then pulled them out and grade during the long graduation.  there was one prof behind me who'd been drinking with dinner I suppose and kept talking about the school, funding, Deans of depts, and retiring. man that crazy.  Many profs go out to eat before the event since it's easier to get downtown before all the families show up parking. but she definitely had more to drink. ha
Too busy to blog much today but I have something to say later about effects of growing up with my father and if those effects linger when it comes to making male friends in general gay or straight. also my social skills. I had a dream where this guy asked me to hang out the next day and I was freaking out in the dream like what does it mean? what does it mean?  I woke up and thought about it, so strange. I'm actually always quite confident in social situations, pretty much just depends on my mood if I'm a yes interested person or no quiet not in the mood person.  but I'll save that for later.
too much to do on this beautiful Saturday. I plan to grade 5 or 10 papers at a time and reward myself by going outside and working in the yard in between. we'll see if it works or not.
thanks for the emails btw J in MA, and all the comments MG and D in FL. and others. feedback really helps a single person living alone and trying to get ideas ideas out there and express thoughts about my world around me, and always welcome.

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