Thursday, April 20, 2017

this crazy week............

well I knew it would start crazy because after the trip suddenly it was Monday again. whoosh!  everything went smoothly enough this week. classes Monday and chest day at gym after work, then when I got home couldn't wait to start putting my plants into the ground in various places... Tuesday also good, but I made the decision to NOT go to the gym and stay at work to get papers graded, the ones I hadn't finished on the plane. that way when I got home I could play in the yard more. ha
Wednesday, also good, handing papers back, went to gym after work, swam laps, worked legs, drove home and then..............
while in the left lane halfway through town on the highway, my truck suddenly just quit. the engine just shut off.  I coasted along back over to the right lane and with the truck in neutral tried to start up again. it tried kicking over but would not start back up. ughhh. ha I called the tire place near me where I always get an oil change. they gave me a number of a tow truck and they were there within ten minutes. $70 for that. left my truck there and walked home (it's blocks away).  This morning my parents came to pick me up and take me to work. ha! i was lazy getting going this morning, and then my parents were a bit early so only one bowl of cereal, not two. :(
the tire place called later to say it was a bad inertia sensor near the fuel pump?? and the only one they could find was in TN to replace it. that means MONDAY.  my buddy Scott was waiting to hear if he'd be picking me up from work or not, so I called and let him know. I planned to get a rental car from Enterprise. I'd scheduled a 3:30pm pickup from work, however they never came, I called the actual local place who informed me that my location at work was outside there pick up zone, the lady on the phone center did not mention that at all. I wasn't happy, but I found a friend who was on his way home and in the same direction. The Enterprise guy was going to find me a closer place to pick me, but I explained I needed to come there since I lived north which would be easier for the drop car off etc.. well anyway, I have a rental until Monday, so yeah, I'm ready for the weekend, but won't be driving much anywhere. ha. I did not get the extra insurance so i plan to keep driving down to here and there only. dinner plans with S and his hubby B tomorrow night, and my vet friend will be driving her and I to Stillwater Saturday to a nursery we go to every year, this year she'll stock up, I wont' get as much since my big Portland weekend HORTLANDIA experience. ha ha.
bring on the weekend!
I'm also considering a trip to DC next all maybe? the guy I met a year ago, our second "date" here in OKC lives there and he didn't come home for Easter this year so maybe if I'm in DC we can meet up again.  Also Mike wants me to visit CA and/or Mexico so that also on the list. :P   work work work play play.ha

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