Thursday, April 20, 2017

Portland wear................

I wore the first outfit to Portland and had the rest packed in my carry on bag. I packed another carry on in the bag with tape and packaging etc for the trip home.  This worked well as I was able to use the larger carry on as my check in full of plants on the way home and the smaller one as my carry on with clothes and everything else on the return flight.  first photo is my new Sanuk's that go wildly well with the Norse Projects super comfy fleece ad the my standard jeans and plaid shirt.  Once I'd arrived in Portland and chilled at the airbnb a while, I showered up and changed into the second photo, It shows the marginal blue sweatshirt I got a few weeks ago from Norse Projects.  I'd made plans to meet a college friend who lives on 31st and Alberta, we had dinner and caught up for about 3 hours?  the next morning I wore the third pic, but I wore a solid long sleeve tshirt to the plant sale, and only later in the day when I left to run around Portland did I put on the striped shirt, again something new from Norse Projects and it fits perfectly for my longer narrow frame.  it was a joy to run around Portland with layers and jackets as it was still cool and spring like. had the best time!  Coming home on the plane just same stuff, jeans, the solid long sleeve shirt mentioned earlier and the slip on shoes and fleece.  clean underwear and undershirt of course. ;)

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