Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Portland day 3 (last Sunday)....

I was up SO late Saturday night, well maybe 11:30pm and I really had to make myself stop talking to my host Saturday night. because like I said I will talk non stop when I'm that tired and up later. whoah.
Sunday morning I woke up by 8am  and caught up online emails, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast and then to start packing up all my plants. I had some small boxes that fit into my luggage side by side. I took most of them out of their pots, shook dirt off, and wrapped in a wet paper towell, then saran wrap. puzzle pieced them all together and got most everything packed. I left a few behind that I had picked up at a grocery store the day before.  I didn't want my luggage (my favorite Monocle/Porter weekender) to get messed up being checked in, so I had a sort of Mexican style zip up plastic woven market bag over it. worked great!  by the time I finished 930 or 10 or so, I got all my things ready down stairs and ready to load up. then I went and sat back down in the kitchen at my laptop and also to write a few post cards.  My airbnb host was in the kitchen also making some deviled eggs for his family thing.  I asked him why he wasn't wearing an Easter suit and tie. ha ( you know how hot muscle guys look suited up?) anyway, he had on a nice pair of nicely fitted dress shorts and a polo. damn his ass in those! I mean the view while I was facing the kitchen on the opposite side of the table chatting with him, the view from behind or side view, both sides. This guy can't stay single for long, come on all you outdoorsy triathalon fit gay guys in OR, find this guy! 
while talking about stuff, I mentioned again my friend W from the night before and it turns out they work at the exact same school. no way! ha so we were saying what a small world etc.  I appreciated the conversation. his eyes and smile so nice. I know he was being kind and hospitable as an airbnb host but still it was good conversation.  he was unsure of what spice to use on the deviled eggs since he was out of Paprika, ha so he went with something allspice instead.  Guys with a calm serious nature drive me crazy sometimes (in a good way). My personality is such that I just want to talk all the more and draw them out. sigh... I know he's not all work and super dedicated training, because I noticed a lot of beer glasses in the cupboard and a lot of frozen ones in the freezer. good to know he can work hard and play hard too. I'll definitely recommend his place as a good stay for airbnb. I had planned to leave a little book behind just for kicks since I'd bought a few at the store the day before. but I couldn't figure out how to leave it in the room for him to find and then since i had it downstairs and he was upstairs at some point, I just left it on his fridge to find.  I figured he keeps things in such order he was sure to notice and find it. 
I let by 11 to return my rental car and get to the airport for my 130 flight.  It was a simple last trip. just head east on Columbia Blvd and turn northon 82nd to the airport, but along the way I thought, hey I need to gas up this care, then I thought oh, I'll just turn south instead on 82nd into the city and find a quick gas stop. wrong! ha ha.. 82nd south turned into some major highway and when I exited it turned into another highway, and suddenly I was slightly panicked ha and freaking out and lost. ha ha I saw a 122nd st exit and got off. thank goodness for Mt. Hood so I knew what direction the airport was in.  I drove into a gas station, yes! gassed up and asked a guy there who said, just keep driving on this road and the next few lights it hits airport way. whew! returned my car, to airport, on the plane and off to Salt lake.
I sat by a window graded papers and re watched "Fantastic Beasts....." again , dozed a little. sat by some lady who read a book.  I was surprised to see Salt Lake City, my first time, and the size of the lake(s). wow!  on the way home from Salt Lake to OKC, I sat next to this tall lanky built guy, an oil worker out in Sayer OK from Boise ID. he had been there ten days visiting family, friends, and his teenage kids.  He has some nice big hands, a harley cap on, some random tshirt and jeans. bearded scruffy and actually nice looking in a way, he played a bunch of those candy whatever games and such on his phone most f the time, later we talked quite a bit and he mentioned he didn't like flying at all.  I asked him about Boise and he really went on about how many people keep moving there to live and how awesome it was with so much outdoor stuff to do all around and the rivers, and as he explained all the geography of the city and all the rivers and the state of ID he used his hands to draw a map on the back of the seat in front of him pointing where things were and went.  I figure as an oil guy he knew a lot about geography and such?  He showed me a pic of a deck he built around his place in Sayer on his phone. as soon as the plane landed he was gone! had anoterh 2 hour drive. ugh. 
I came home and unpacked everything and CRASHED into bed. 
whooshs, what a sweet wild wonderful weekend. I loved every bit of it.  I hope to get back and drive around and hopefully if it's another off and on rainy day, see lots of everything, and hoepfully get outside the city to the trees and hillsides and nature all around. I even googled community colleges in Portland the next morning.ha. til next time! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dan, for two wonderful follow-up posts. I really enjoyed them.

Mark Gaulding said...

Dan, fun trip. Thank you. But I'm fascinated that you packed the plants you bought in Portland and put them in a suitcase. How did they survive?