Wednesday, April 05, 2017

no deal.................

well somebody make a cash offer, so no going on my dream barnyard and house rental. ha ha.
I was glad to hear it actually because it was a pretty clear sign that i'd asked for whether to throw myself into it of not, believe me, once I start something I'm always all in! ha
I'll try and post some photos of the old place and the big old barn. the one good thing is I decided this morning exactly why I was fine with the deal, which tells me if something came up again, something that good, I'd be fine with going through with the investment.  Also this all came up suddenly and ends suddenly so I can continue focusing on  my job, my yard and looking forward to summer. whew!
I appreciate the encouragement though.  this week has shown me that I am very able to pursue such a deal, that I'm okay doing it, and that I'm very open to that sort of project/venture.

I just got home from work and stopped on the way home to see Betty.  She had surgery on her knee last week and it's still healing, they removed some sort of cyst on her knew which the doctor said came out clean and wasn't attached to the bone at all. she can already walk but she's not supposed to. her daughter has been staying with her about 10 days now taking care of her and they go at it now and then ha!  Betty is 89 so even though what they removed was somewhat cancerous, she'll go back for a scan in 6 months to see from there what needs to be done.  I plan to visit her again this Saturday.
I think I heard her daughter mention something about a nursing home situation but it's hard to know, they talk at the same times now and then, or her daughter tries to rush in a few comments in a low tone since Betty is hard of hearing. my goodness.

I didn't' do any gym today, I just stayed at work for an extra hour and half to grade and "catch up" on an online class that I want to be completed before tomorrow night when I'll have my COMP II papers back which I want to get a start on before the weekend. we'll see if any of that comes to pass though. ha  this time of year I tend to get a lot of school work done because I don't want it to keep me from working in the yard after work or weekends. I have to keep myself in the game and checked in at work because if I'm not careful I'll check out before the students do looking ahead to summer. ha

finishing up my taxes tonight and paying my state fee, and then I can wait to get the federal part back. sigh.. ugh! about $100 to Turbotax for the service but sure makes it all easier with the stock dividend stuff to file.  I can only imagine the nightmare of having rental property in another state and the nightmare that might be to file OK and AR taxes etc. ha  let's get to the weekend, everyone! :)

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Anonymous said...

Follow up on my last comment. The cash offer settles the matter, which is a relief. But what you need to do RIGHT NOW is to work out the finances of any rental house purchase - rents on one side and outgoings, less mortgage payment, on the other - to see how much monthly mortgage payment you can carry without straining your finances. That will tell you the amount you can safely borrow and so, with the down payment, the price you can afford. By the way, outgoings include insurance which I left out of my last.