Saturday, April 08, 2017

a hundred things, not really...........

good morning! getting mentally prepared for my trip to Portland next weekend. (I hadn't realized it'd be Easter weekend when I planned thet trip, alas!) I've decided to go ahead an rent a car just so I'll have the freedom and ease of getting myself around. Alamo has one for $94 which is for 2 days plus fees. as I plan to pick it up at 1pm Friday and back before 11am Sunday. :) I'm looking forward to running around Portland a bit and shop around and sight see a bit.  I'm making plans with a friend from high school. i saw her last time in Portland too.  Saturday morning will be all about getting to the plant sale Hortlandia as early as possible and lined up to get in. ha
I figure I'll have all my shopping and researching done by noon and will be able to get out to the Farmer's Market to find something to eat and just to walk around (although rain is predicted all weekend).  Places for Friday or Saturday afternoon on the list are the Pearl District, Canoe home store, Powell City Books, and the Pioneer Courthouse Square.  It sort of depends on when my friends are available to hang out. I plan to see a college friend Saturday evening. She is the same one I just saw over winter break when we went together to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, AR.
Anyway, the point is with the trip and everything, I really have to keep up with paper grading. I finished the projects turned into my online Mythology class yesterday, and this weekend I'll get through my English 2 papers that were turned in Thursday.  I want to get them back by Tuesday because I have English 1 paper being turned in Wednesday which I plan to grade as much as I can before the trip and probably on the plane there and back if I'm honest. ha
I'm sort of planning to go on the trip with no laptop next weekend. dang it I wish I'd bought an IPAD long ago and just gotten it over with already!! would be so much easier to travel with an iapd than this laptop.  I'm not bringing it because i want as much room to carry on a bag with a bag inside on my way there, and bring plants home in one bag either in my carry-on or checked in or both.
Had a great week, work work work, beautiful weather to enjoy outside each day after work. gym time, papers etc. last night met G and D, and Scott and B for dinner at Pizza 23 in OKC. and D's friend angela.  after dinner we all went to G and D's place to play Nertz, a card game. lots of fun.  It's funny how I didn't want to go at all and just wanted to come home and start grading papers, but afterI show up and participate and have fun, I'm always glad to have gone and gotten out  It did give me a reason to wear some new clothes as a practice run for my trip next weekend AND also I want to wear the same clothes to my dentist next Wednesday. ha ha! true.
today I plan to work on a project on the back porch all morning, pizza for lunch as usual , and then I'd planned to either work outside or inside grading the REST OF THE DAY, but a person from the garden club messaged to say we have a "steering committee" meeting today for the regional meeting our club is hosting this summer.  I never signed up for the committee but because I offered to do the table and also the program, I guess i'm included. it SUCKS! I emailed the lady back and said I'd be there for an hour tops.  I almost told her to make sure my part went first, but then erased it and just said I could only be there for part of it etc etc....
let's get on with it! Happy Saturday. :)

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