Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2nd day in Portland

well the time zone change had me waking up pretty early Saturday morning.  I wasn't too sure about the host of my place because while on my computer Friday I just sort of noticed some girl walk by with a back pack to the back room. I couldn't decide if it was a friend or gf of my host or whether he'd come in the night before etc?  I was up by 730 , after blogging and checking some special things online which always helps me fall back asleep ;). got up and dressed and downstairs to eat a couple of bowls of cereal as I researched exactly the roads to take and places for breakfast and decided on a cafe on Denver st in the little downtown area of the neighborhood, next showered and dressed and was out of the house. I had chosen that area of Kenton since it was just south of the EXPO center.
stopped at the diner and couldn't decide between the scrambled eggs with ham, feta cheese, and mushrooms or the pancake with poppy seeds and almonds. so I just ordered both. ha. what a big ole breakfast yum! I was full and didn't finish the pancake or the fried potatoes that came with the eggs.
I got up to the EXPO center by 9 and was about 9th in line and every minute about ten more people got behind us. all of us in line began to chat about what plants we were looking for and what we were growing, and then when they found out I was from OKC, we discussed weather this year and what would grow etc.
ten oclock!! doors open and we were in,  I can't say it was any help getting in line other than having a clear path towards the tables for a quick scan of plants, but it filled up FAST and we were all walking up and down aisles dodging everyone etc... they have a holding area so as you fill up a tray with plants, you drop it off and then fill up another. ha I got 3 trays filled which condensed to 2 really when I was finished by 12 noon.  scanning and making sure I'd seen everything, man it was so worth it. got some nice plants! a lot of things you just don't see online for example sangisorba 'Squirrrrel' or ligularia 'Garden Confetttti' . I was thrilled to get my 4 starter plants of Michhhauxia Tchihhhatechewii, a biennial that won't bloom til next year, its second.
took all my plants back to the airbnb and to the back porch, relaxed and caught up online some. My host had messaged to check in with me and say that he was out at a river w friends the night before and coming home that afternoon... I changed into something nicer to run around town in and to wear out later and googled some lunch places, i was looking for pizza.  I left and started driving west towards some main road and drove by this beautiful park! whoah, it was a square section of town all super tall trees, dense and so dark within, there was a park inside and trails. man i loved it! I got so hungry i ended up just stopping at an Arby's. all the kids there were super friendly and talkative. I splurged on a chicken bacon cheese sandwich and curly fries with mayonaise and ketchup and a coke! ha things i never eat or drink. fun :)
made my way over to another nursery, Marbott's, that I wanted to check out north of town, and I'm glad I did because I found a variegated bears breeches plant that I'd never seen before.stunning stuff, trust me. ;)
eventually I made my way back down south MLK with the goal of finding the broadway bridge, took me a while of circling around and this street and that and then, the bridge! I was crossing the bridge. what a beautiful experience every time going across and back that river into downtown. I had 3 goals, the Powells book store, the pioneer square, and Canoe home store.  I ended up at Powell's books first and had a great time checking everything there and the books and gifts, found the graphic novels sections and found  a lot of Glen Baxter books.  He is a surrealist comic that cracks me up with his bizarre random sense of humor. I got a book I hadn't seen before and another to leave at the airbnb for kicks.  also a very cool t shirt and some postcards to mail to friends. next I walked around the area a little bit, went into the Patagonia store jsut because it seems that's what everyone wears in Austin. ha ha. (I'll stick with Norse Projects or Topo Designs for outdoor gear though :P). walked around a while more, then drove over towards Canoe which unfortunately closed at 6 right before i got there. ha.  I walked around that area a bit too just because so much to see and people watching and the weather was awesome. I was sort of waiting to hear from my friend W about if we were having dinner or just drinks and she hadn't contacted me.  (she'd been working on a project all day for grad school).
I drove back down near the pioneer square but traffic was so crazy and no parking anywhere, and eventually I drove by the square and it seemed blocked off for construction anyway so I just kept driving West on burnside as far as it would take me. W messaged she was on way home to change and would contact me before leaving to the place for drinks.  I knew W lived up the hill but didnt' remember where.  I ended up way above the city in some neighborhood, beautiful houses, and stopped to take some photo of downtown below. continued back down the other side of the hill and end up going back towards burnside. I was getting hungry and thought the Zupan store looked like a good stop for food.  went in and shopped around, then bought some buffet food and sat down to relax and check my phone.  Zupan is sort of like a fancy whole foods?
I hadn't heard yet from W so started going towards 23rd st. she mentioned it was on 23rd and Lomac which there was no Lomac on the map so I just drove around.  eventually she gave me the actual st Raleigh, I drove over and met her. bingo! went to a bar near there and had a beer and we caught up on everything with her kid, who she's dating, church views, my single life, my happiness, how I could pray for her, encouraged her with school and parenting. (she's taking counseling classes which is teaching her all about herself growing up, amazing). and she encouraged me to try dating/meeting someone etc etc. :)
I left by 10 I think and I was feeling BEAT from being up early and from the time zone change etc. got home and my host R was home. I heard him down in the kitchen and as I needed to put some apples from Zupan in the fridge, went down to meet. damn! nice looking guy. his eyes so nice with a scruffy beard.  He pretty much looks like the kind of guy that is in super shape and might have a man bun, but he's cool enough not to have that. short hair, just right.  basically a guy in flimsy shorts and a t shirt - we introduced and made small talk about my day. I babbled on I'm sure like I do when it's that late. I mentioned how impressed I was by his schedule on the fridge of his week filled with work and training swimming endurance, running etc.  turns out he was training for another triathalon, it was paying off.  kept staring at him and chatting him up ha. but my energy level was gone and I was ready to crash. he mentioned a few times about his "former partner" which I figured could mean a guy or girl, but after he'd said it the second time I figured it out, and then eventually in our conversation he said something like " it's either cuz I'm gay or because....." something and that's when I was like, yes. dude can't be single for long though, his pecs, legs, ass. I mean his calves? whole package. basically he was a college soccer guy that kept up with training and has a really fit body. I couldnt' figure out what was up after meeting the gay couple on the plane, what was up with all these nice butch sporty gay guys in Portland and how do I get one? ha !! turns out he is a PE teacher at an elem school and loves everything outdoors, hiking camping rafting training etc.
I'd peaked into the garage Saturday wondering if anyone really lived there since the house was so minimalist clean. heck yeah the dude had a couple bikes hanging, snow board, outdoor gear, backpacks, a kayack, an iron, ski boots, and several pairs of shoes (size 11.5 I just happened to notice) on rack (he takes them off in the house, I tried my best to do the same but when I went in and out was a difficulty)
He mentioned he liked travelling and so I asked him where and he said Italy, Spain? maybe, and Guatamala, so I mentioned I'd been to G also, we talked about his language classes there and how he'd play soccer with the guys there etc. tons of fun, I tried some of my Spanish, but I was trying to hold back not talking too much and eventually said good night so I could CRASH!!!

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Thanks for a great story! And W. gave you great advice!