Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday spring crazy.........

I watched a show on PBS Sunday night that had me thinking about it all day today.  It was pretty grim for the Bronte sisters.  I was researching their story while the movie was on, it started with the brother getting fired from a job because of an affair he was having with the owner's wife. and he came home and became an alcoholic/drug addict. although they really just showed him taking to drink in the movie.  basically the 3 Bronte sisters had the idea to write poems and the novels for money. at the end of the movie the brother died and the sisters were published and that was it. how sad though the true story that one sister died a year later and then the other after that, from tuberculosis. I read how the sisters all went to a private boarding school that was pretty cheap and might have ruined their health etc etc.. although they were great writers.  I also foun it sad that Charlotte the last one to die, eventually married although not for love, and was pregnant when she died of pneumonia. the dad outlived them all to 84.
well, anyway, I still enjoyed the movie.  I had an excellent weekend btw, just working in the yard the whole time unless i was inside on the computer or picking up around the house.  Saturday I got cleaned up after being outside all day and met Scott and B and D at Penn Square Mall for dinner, we had a very relaxed time and we all got caught up on things.  went by some stores after wards. I always like to get a chocolate at the Godiva store.
We checked out Banana Republic, and i swear whenever i'm in there with Scott nine times out of ten there is some hot guy suddenly helping us. ha.  we were talking about these jeans that were so comfortable and awesome that we tried on last time we were there, but at $118 we couldn't justify it, just crazy price!  anyway, this college age blond guy about 5'10" came over and talked to us, tight fit body, and while we discussed the jeans and another style that he was wearing, he at one points commented how they fit tight but not too tight, and lifted his shirt up to show how he'd forgotten to wear a belt but they were staying up. uh .... scott and I didn't skip a beat, but walkiong we were like ugh yeah thanks, his abs! his underwear coming up out of the waistline. whew! ha ha ha.
anyway,  lazy Sunday and great day back to work today.  I worked out at the gym after work, swam laps and then chest day, it was pretty crowded in there today. I couldnt' wait to get out and drive home and get out into my yard. i had a few plants arrive in the mail that I planted and then spread around some organic fertilizer (Milorganite) since it's supposedly going to rain 3" inches tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it. though. ha.
someone asked home many shoes I have, I have plenty, the thing about the Sanuk shoes is they are super casual to throw on when going anywhere all summer, but like I said, they last about a year or two. I like an new pair to wear around, and the old pair become my wear outside in the yard all summer until they wear out shoes.  right now I'm trying to do a spending freeze to save up for the trip to Portland in April.  However the blue sweatshirt and the blue n grey shoes I posted below are on my mind to get before the Denver trip in May. sigh. enjoy the week, all!


Dwight Williamson said...

Replanted the whole deck for my mothers birthday day present. Hibiscus, mandevilla salvia African daisies . Min pen petunias and regular. Coleus and impatiens. Am sure petunias will go with heat increasing. We have had a cotton mildew on conventional impatiens. Don't like New Guinea. Remember the days in early nineties all my impatiens were self seeding not hybrids. Haven't seen a seed pod in five years or more. Happy week. Her birthday was March 27th but did it all Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Try reading "Jane Eyre," the first and greatest Gothic novel, by Charlotte and then "Wuthering Heights" by Emily, much more original and also unclassifiable. Both are well worth the effort.