Thursday, February 16, 2017

favorite sweater day.......................

I only wear this sweater about twice a year, usually once in fall semester and then the spring semester.  I bought it years ago, maybe 10? on clearance online at j crew. the colors! so awesome.  I wear it with khaki or more recent years grey pants. the swatch I got for birthday in high school back when Swatch watches were the cool thing. :)  and it still runs! the shoes I got in 2009 at some non brand shoe store in Paris, I think they were supposed to be a sort of Lacoste knockoff shoe. the colors match two things in my closet perfectly, a shirt with similar striping and this sweater.  the socks were an extra punch today.  The jacket I got last year, Norse Projects Jens Light.  and the scart was 2011 at some random place in Fayetteville AR. I love that scarf and wear it a lot with my black sweater, black coat, etc.. anyway, today was pretty loud, good way to wake up college students early on a February morning. :P

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