Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jupiter days..........

Good Saturday Morning! I'm about to get up and do something but thought I'd blog a little first.  I've sat here most of yesterday watching youtube videos and reading articles about everything and "window shopping" some of my usual brands online. It's hard to get the gumption to do much of anything when I have a 4 day weekend like this one, especially on the first day when I know I have 3 more days to get stuff done. ha. I did get some laundry done yesterday, and I went to the gym, and I went out into the yard for a little while and piddles around.  There was supposed to be a major ice storm and freeze which meant many schools and places were shut down Friday, although here in OKC it didn't really ever amount to much of anything. cold still though. Granted, there were dangerous roadways here and there but mainly highways to the west of OKC. I'm glad the gym stayed open.  Last night I spent some time watching the latest episode of Project Runway Junior on Amazon. Between my past of teaching public school kids and not having any kids, I get a real kick out of seeing all the contestants reveal their personalities in the episodes. such kids! always fun design processes. I also watched all the Shane Shackleton videos with him acting as Fui Fui Moi Moi fellow rugby player.  I find myself somewhat fascinated in the non PC humor watched in a lot of those Aussie videos. They are definitely an outspoken direct sort.
I've decided I'll be using my local gym a bit more this semester. It is a bit less crowded and has most of the same equipment as the one near my work. I went to both last week, and the reason I like the one near my workplace is the pool. so I'll still be going there a few times a week for swimming laps. However the plus to using my local gym is that I can leave after work and come home beating all rush hour traffic, then go to gym and come home easily etc etc. While at the gym near my workplace, I swam laps and got it a back shoulder workout and noticed a lot of the same regulars there that I've seen over the past few years.  I hate that I lost all my steam last October, all my workouts are with 5 or ten less lbs. ahh well. while there last week I noticed about 5 or 6 big giant guys on the floor. just big boned big bodied guys probably within ten years younger than me, just BIG. the good thing is they are all pretty low key guys doing their own thing, not the big ole guys showing off being loud and throwing weights around or dropping 'em loudly. hate that.  It's quite the reminder of genetic differences ha!  I do like that place for the people. the gym near my home doens't have much personality in the guys there, a few regulars I "know"from over the years but usually random, but it's actually usually a lot more sparsely poplusted too so keeps me focused. ha. back up that hill!
I went to a funeral Thursday here in OKC. my buddy H from Austin, his mom passed away.  I attended at a very nice methodist church with H doing all the speaking about memories and his family and mom and then presenting a slide show. I got to give him a hug afterwards and his hubby. Intead of returning to work, I came home instead and then went to the gym. I brought all my books home for the long weekend to prepare lessons and page numbers and finalize the syllabus etc. all that good stuff. ha
I deactivated facebook last week and it's been AWESOME.  I'm too ADD to keep from being distracted and killing time on that thing. so the break is GOOD! one of my new year golas that I hope I can keep lasting for a while. I never set out to deactivate forever but just take a break, and I'm getting a LOT more done around here without it.  not really  missing anything. I'm still on insta and snapchat, So that gives me a little place of expression and keeping up with people.My mom, brother, and sisters are on snapchat so we have fun updating about meals and clothes and random stuff in our day.  Mike from random thoughts is connected, and two other friend the former teacher friend that I saw in NC recently and then another teacher friend who lives in SC. oops make that four. also a former college friend added me a year ago.
Is anyone else like me, single living alone and keeping all the lights off in the house to save money? when it's cold weather like this I have to remind myself to turn a few lights on in the house just to keep my spirits up a little. ha when the the sun disappears like today.  I have a few lamps on in the room now that a part of me is thinking they should be turned off. ha! I'm loooking forward to getting some warm pizza today at my usual place. will start looking for something to bring with me to read when I'm done blogging here.
I received this encouragement from the friend I spoke with in AR a few weeks ago, "Dating is collecting information until you realize you don't like them" interesting idea.
I'm about to go to Lowes for a toilet fill valve replacement kit, mine broke and to be honest hasn't work right for quite some time so I'm glad the handle finally broke off from the pull inside which makes me replace the part that wasn't refilling the tank for about 6 months now. I'm so lazy I just never replaced it. :(.  That's one good thing about the long winter break and this long week is I'm getting a lot of around the house projects done. If I'm really good I might even get the Christmas stuff back up in the attic today, but don't count on it. ha. cheers and keep warm and safe, all.

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