Monday, January 09, 2017

back to work............

got back to work today and the gym. ha.  finally!  had a late start getting up this morning and getting breakfast. I was being lazy since I didn't really have to be there at any particular time, and when I was about to leave, I remembered oh yeah,  haven't made a lunch. I made my lunch and then when I put it in my bag, I thought. oh yeah my gym bag! so I got that packed up too. ha I eventually got to work by 9:30 into my office.
The first thing I HAD to do was put all the furniture, chairs, table, benches, trashcans, and hand sanitizers and fake trees back on the west side of the hallway from where it had been moved during break while they were cleaning carpets.  No one had returned anything yet and by me doing it, I got to arrange it how I like and wanted to. got things in order in my office today somewhat, throwing out papers I no longer need and getting the new semester written out on the calendar on the wall across from my desk. This is where I write out all 16 weeks of Mon/Wed classes and Tues/Thurs classes, and then I'll write down when the big papers are due so I'm not getting them turned in on the same weekend from both classes. ha
had a meeting after lunch and then returned my brother's ladder to his house on that side of town, came back to my side of the city and went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for a half hour then worked out chest stuff. whew, trying to get back to it, using weights 5 or 10 less than usual, alas. some freshmen type college kids were in there talking about smoking and girls and working out and somebody named Cody who's roomate wasn't home so they should go over there and play his Playstation since he owned it and not Cody blah blah..... also about how the hotter musclier of the guys needed to shave but his friend said probably you dont' want to shave cuz it covers up your pimples.. ha ha guys really just tell it like it is huh?  They were talking a lot of nonsense and were cracking up which reminded me of times in college when I'd hang out with buds and just chew the fat and not really hang out for any reason other than just making each other laugh. good times. They were going really slow with their halfheartedly working out.
I came home and it hit me that I forgot about stock club meeting tonight! oops. I felt pretty bad because the lady whose  husband and I meet with (just 3 of us and the guy at the bank who runs it) she had emailed me today specifically to make sure I was coming.  Alas, it wasn't anywhere near on my mind this afternoon, I felt so good about getting back to a work day routine.  also I am not investing any extra money these days so I just listen about this and that and always leave thinking, well if I had an extra thousand or two, I'd put it in whatever fund or stock we discussed... sigh.
My goal is to stop all spending of extra stuff, which means clothes mainly I'll admit. just got to stop for a while.  my goals are to pay off my truck, maybe buy a painting, and also save up for a trip this summer???  I don't really make new year's resolutions but I do reset my goals and redirect things sometimes . I do like to have something to focus on each year.  This year my two words are KINDNESS and SHUT UP.  that might sound strange but I'm hoping to make effort a bit in being more considerate and mindful of others and just not talk about me too much. we'll see how that goes. at least I have this blog to get stuff out that I'm not talking endlessly to someone else about. :P
Chris, I hear you about the tattoos. I'm not a big ole fan either but it fits a certain type for me I guess. I wonder who else beside me who wishes Michael Hoffman would quit getting more and more tattoos.  Always makes me wonder if its like feeling about the porn he does and hiding himself in tattoos or something? ha but yeah way too many  for me, there are guys who came by a tattoo more naturally and then some that sort of are just obvious some trendy thing. I dunno.
have a good week all and get out there work it. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back in your routine at the gym. I am experiencing the same thing as you are - using less weight as I get back to my routine after being off 3 weeks. Man, getting older sucks. Dont bounce back as easy. And agree on the tats on Michael Hoffman (who I didnt know before reading about him on your blog but definitely enjoyed looking at some of his vids on bananablog). The guy looked so much better when he just had a few. I dont get these good looking guys with this random crap of tats on their body. Keep up your blog. thoroughly enjoy JACK

d said...

once you get a tattoo, you'll want another one. Random tattoos are not cool, but well thought out ones are cool.

yes, I have a tattoo (and yes, it was for the wrong reason) but yes, I do want another one.

Happy New Year!