Sunday, May 28, 2017

sunny days..........

more social times...............

what a great week, the couple of weeks before June are kind of like my true summer days since summer classes begin next week June 6th I think...  I've been doing a lot of playing outside this week. I swam twice daily in the morning and afternoon, worked out Monday and then Back/shoulders Wednesday and then flaked out Thurs because I spent all afternoon in my office working on Microsoft publisher since I'm in charge of the Program for the garden club summer meeting. whew some work! i stayed til 6pm so no gym, and then Friday, I swam in the morning but got carried away on projects all day and skipped.
I ran a bunch of errands Friday.  First stop was Ace Hardware for screws and mole poison bait and air filters. Then I stopped by my widow friend's house to visit. her daughter and son in law have been out of town all week so I wanted to check it and give her a visit.  Next to Home Depot where I bought some round up and looked at their ladders and bought some poly blend sanded grout.  After that over to Harbour Freight hardware store to use some flyer coupons on some mole chasers and a tool bag and cheapo solar path lights.  days earlier, I was doing a bunch of mosaic tiling on these plaques my dad helped me with to hang on the eaves of my house in front and north side. I'll try to post a photo. so all afternoon I put in the grout to my projects and worked outside.
Saturday I was up and taking care of business and having breakfast and got out the door by 9:30 to go downtown to the Paseo Arts Festival.  There is one booth there that sells metalwork and you have to get an early pic on the good stuff.  I got this windmill sort of yard feature, and a metal globe shaped figure that hangs, and a metal elephant shaped birdhouse.  I also got an airplane that the propeller spins in the wind for my dad for father's day.  Next went to Lowes on the way home to buy a ladder (the day before I had a wooden chair with two cinder blocks on it and a milk crate stacked to give me some height, but hardly the safest option, thus the ladder! ha)  and penetrating grout sealer. also some more screws to hang the plaques on the eaves.  I was home by 11am so good going!  I got to work and screwing in the eye screws into the plaques and then up on the ladder to reach the house and also got up on the roof to just reach down below. got everything hung up and installed. yay! :)
I was soaking willow branches all last week and let them mellow Friday overnight so yesterday afternoon I was attempting to do a bit of basket weaving.  I tried to start a basket, but failed, no matter how many youtue videos I've been watching. ha! so instead I just tried to make a fish shaped figure, and it sort of worked but I wish I could have made it bigger, also it looks more whale looking than a fish. but I'm happy with it just for something extra for the yard.
last night I went to dinner with buddy S and his husband B and their 9th grade son from B's previous marriage. the kid will stay with them this summer. also  married couple Dv and G met us at Vito's for dinner. I had some Flip/Flop moscato wine with my meal which was nice, I don't ever usually order a drink.  we ate a bunch of their bread, then finally our caesar salads and then meal, I got the Carbonara chicken. lots of food I was stuffed afterwards we all went to S and B's place to play cards, Nertz til about 10.
Last night I woke up at 2 am to an alarming sound of something falling over in the attic? I thought it must be squirrels? couldn't figure it out and became annoyed and got up and with a bamboo stick from the front room I beat on the ceiling a few times.  It stopped for a while and I fell back alseep eventually. however this morning I saw the cause was my the flag I put out (on the roof just outside my bedroom) had fallen into the garden . and the mount was all twisted up so I was probably blowing in the in the wind last night and hit the house a few times before coming out.  I crawled up on the roof first thing with screwdriver and wood screws and reattached it all and the flag going again much more securely this time. ha
I've been to church this morning and then the grocery store.  I'll have to call my bank Tuesday because my card didn't work last night at WalMart when I stopped of to get milk before coming home, and then it didn't work again at the grocery store. I had to use another mad money credit card account I've had since college.  but what's funny is this woman behind me wearing a hijab, attempted to step up and say "I've got it!" and pay for me with her card. how nice!! I was a little emabarassed and said oh thank you so much, i have another credit card, it's fine! ha ha... still was nice of her though. 
probably all my online shopping may have set off something at my bank this weekend? I dunno. has free shipping on any purchase so i went on there and bought several pairs of socks, and a few tshirts . and then I went back on and ordered a few for my buds in Austin. I'll find out Tuesday what the deal is.   I'm home and the rest o the day is mine! lunch next and then clean inside today and mow outside. Have a great memorial weekend all! :)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

beach, please........

social times............

Ive had this pain in my lower back ever since I got back from CO, I couldn't figure out if it was inside or my back. I think I've decided it's my back. basically it's fine unless I bend over to put pants on or breathe in too quickly, like when I sniff my nose.  I don't recall lifting anything heavy and thought it might be from the long drive, so now I'm just waiting for it to go away. sort of awkward laying in bed on my also blah blah. I hate not being 100% ready to get to doing stuff though.  otherwise I've been enjoying the beginning of summer. was pretty dad gum busy last week after I got back.
I had a meeting Thursday at 1:30 pm , I'm getting paid to read hudreds of papers and rate them as passing or not, basically it's a review of samples from all over campus of students' writing to see if they are meeting a college level requirement etc. after that I went to swim laps and then home! yay home!  Friday I played in the yard all day until after lunch, I went south of OKC to help a lady move furniture back into her house form the garage.  A coworker and I had taken stuff out of a back room, about a month ago, so she could have it tiled. her husband is in a wheelchair with health issues etc..
I swam laps Friday morning, but not after moving furniture.  I came home instead to finish up stuff in the yard and then get ready for garden club meeting.  I was in charge of bringing some door prizes. We had a nice meeting mainly talking all about the regional meeting in June, plan plan plan. I'm in charge of table decorations and the program for the weekend. I'm going to work this week to work on that program since I have microsoft publisher on my computer there and not at home. Also I want to get that nipped in the bud so I can focus on everything else and my yard/house for the garden tour.
Saturday, S and his hubby B picked me up and took me with them to a sort of "potluck" dinner they'd been invited to.  I met the guy, K at their Christmas party.  HE was their with a younger guy, his roomate, Z. they were both there when we arrived and so was another married couple Br and Mi, who had moved up from Dallas to OKC recently and said they are enjoying meeting people. They were very nice and I chattted them up during dinner about their trip to NYC in a few weeks and plans etc.
THere was alos another guy our age there, and then 2 other younger guys who knew Z. I guess 9 in all, and we had carbs carbs carbs, ha  lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, wine, salad, deserts etc..
It was fun getting out and meeting new people, my bud S really didn't know anyone there too well either. Apparently K is a friend of his husband from AR and they reconnected in OKC somehow. At one point it was after 8pm and S and I were pretty much ready to go home, but B was chatting up our host K, being the kind natured person he is, so we stayed a little later going out to the backyard in K's new place and then back inside, sitting down, and then deserts served all around. whew. we were gone by 8 though and they brought me back home.
Today has been wonderful, nice long moring. I had planned to go to my folks' church instead of my local one because it was senior Sunday and I wasn't feeling it nor like it when they combine services and overall it just wasn't my usual routine setup, so I decided to go to my old church. except I got the time confused and when I got ready to leave, I realized they'd start half an hour ago etc etc. so I stayed home. I'll go tonight at 6 for the evening service as usual and sit with Better of course. :)
all right. moving forward into the week, must get a lot of stuff done, namely picking up my house and then getting the back yard presentable, lots of things on the porch and I need to mow.
hope everyone is having a great Spring Sunday lazy :)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

pet me.........

What some ppl do to strange dogs when on vaca

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Friday, May 19, 2017

bed time........... zzzz

beautiful cloudy spring day here..

I have a black Bauhaus t shirt. I keep thinking wouldn't it be great for halloween 2018 to shave my beard, shave my head, put on some black eyeliner and show up for work in my t-shirt? ;) oh, what a history...........

Thursday, May 18, 2017

ten things to do in Denver etc.............

I had a great time getting away from okc last weekend.  On Sunday we were up early for a slow morning and breakfast and chill with the kids... eventually we made it to an 11 am service at church.  our host V was part of a mother video during the service.  Afterwards we went home and got the kids lunch while the rest of relaxed and then we all went out for lunch to Chipotle and then to Jarrod's, a garden nursery.  I bought a few more plants and the ladies shopped around while V's hubby went to goodwill and then came back to pick us up.  Back at the house, more time with kids in the basement playing and then at 3:15 the O's came by to pick me up.  They are a married couple that retired last summer from teaching in Central America and now live in Littleton.  They took me to Nelly's , a frozen yogurt place and we met their oldest son there with wife and 3 kids, and another son and a daughter. the youngest 2 kids I taught at the school while teaching at the same school during my 3 years there.  What a great joy to talk to everyone and see them all etc etc.
The rest of the night we chilled and sat around after dinner talking. Monday we drove up to Boulder and got there by 10 am.  it was pretty damn awesome. real nice walk up and down street with tons of places to shop, sort of like manhattan for all the best outdoors companies. lots of hot beardy outdoorsy guys walking all around as well. got me curious what the town is like when college is in, must go back someday! We drove highway 6 which turned into north 93. great views of the foothills all the way... we went into a store called Peppercorn and my friend T found everything she'd ever wanted as a baker, great supplies!! and we bought some other stuff etc etc.  also went to Topo Designs store on pearl street to check my sizes in case I ever shop online, although I'll probably just stick to travel gear...  walked around, had lunch at Colore Pizza.
Tuesday up by 8am packed and ready. I think we left around 9 am, but on the way out of town , just north of downtown, we searched for a breakfast place and found a really nice one, Four Friends Breakfast.  Eggs, pancake, and some "barbecue" potatoes. mmmmm nothing much to say otherwise about the trip.. it was LONG... all the way to Salina KS and then down to OKC.  we drove through a horrid thunderstorm and got off the hiway to park under the overpass with other cars during a torrential downpour.  stopped for lunch somewhere. stopped in wichita for dinner. arrived home at 11am. whew!  I slept SO GOOD in my own bed. yesterday (wed) I had to go into work from 11 am to 4pm for my new summer job in admissions (once a week, 5 hours).  today I was in the yard planting things I bought in CO.
gym time twice today, swam laps this morning and also this afternoon. i was going to work out after my swim this afternoon but came home instead since the storms were approaching OKC.  This morning though. there was this younger guy in compression shorts type swim wear, nice looking tall guy. he chatted me up about my swim afterwards in the locker room.  I did say much back to him. and I thought about while walking out to the parking lot, I really must learn to ask questions back to people. for example when he asked me "how was your swim?" I just said, great, really wakes me up for the day and that was it. smile and grunt to whatever he said back...  for some reason I tend to do the "man up" thing and say less with few words with strangers.  so dumb. I need to be social or at least ask something back when people start a conversation with me. I'm horrible at that when it's off the cuff.  hopefully I'll run into him again after swimming laps. My goal , now that summer has begun for me, is to start swimming every morning and afternoon like I did last smmer.
It really took me all night to blog tonight, I was watching Doc Marten on tv meanwhile which disctracted me. now it's late and I'm going to hit the hay.  hope everyone is ready for a good summer. cheers for checking out the blog. :)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

mile high..................

Hello from Denver!  I made it through a busy week and ended another semester. woot!
i graded papers up until before class on Tuesdays last class.  I went over to see my mom after work since I'd be gone Mother's Day.  My parents and I discussed my trip and my summer plans for work, and the upcoming family trip in July.  Also why my mother is limping around, something about her spinal discs degenerating and causing pinched nerves sending pain down  her leg. She was prescribed to do physical therapy to help this and hasn't been so I felt alarmed and concerned and disappointed when I left and spoke to my sisters about how we could encourage her. My parents are considering finding a place for her to swim since she can't walk on her treadmill at home any more for exercise.
 Wed I made it through the work day, the last 2 final classes of English one, only a handful of students showed up to each since it was the last day and optional.  I continued getting grades turned in and final late papers turned in finished, then attendance transferred from my sign in sheet to the computer for each day of class etc etc.. Thursday was the same.
I was able to have all my classes' grades completed and submitted and turned in before I left at 3 Thursday to go home and start my weekend trip! HOWEVER, I secretly submitted and printed and turned in my online class grades before a Friday due date on the last quiz that half the class hadn't completed.  This is because we are required to submit and turn them in before Monday 5 pm and I won't be back by Monday. However I can go online today and update all the grades submit them again with whatever grade, and then just print them out again when I return Tuesday for them to switch out in the file they keep.
I almost forgot, Thursday morning I was in the best mood going to work for last day of classes of the semester and trip ahead of me, then as I was exiting the hiway near my job, a ended up with a nice flashing light escort as I turned of to the road and pulled over. a Hihyway patrolman!  I was cheerful and laughing when he came up to my window saying "I have an 8 am class" since it was about 5minutes before 8. (I arrive by 730 during the school year but last few weeks of classes I show up at 8 like everyone else).  he told me my tag was expired.  since July! wow I had no idea.  he asked for insurance which I couldn't find a new one to show him.  He asked me to email them and ask to send me a current policy, I told him I didn't use my phone for data or cell phone calls, just wireless on campus.  He said , well give me your insurance card, I'll go cal them. ha  anyway, he came back and gave me a warning for the insurance, and a ticket for $235 for the tag, telling me that as soon as I got the tag updated I could take it to court and waive the fine.  He also mentioned that he could impound a car later than 8 days expired. we talked about how I couldnt' believe I hadn't been pulled over before and I thanked him, again he was very kind about the whole thing and I was still in such a great mood going to work my last day.
 at lunch I called the tag agency and they said the late fine capped out at $100 and then my tag would be $89 as usual so $189.  i called my insurance and the emailed me the proof I needed etc.. So after I left work around 3:30, half an hour later than planned, I went by the tag place and got all that taken care of.  at home I walked around the yard and waited for T to arrive from Arkansas.  she got there by 5.  we packed up everything into her Suburu and we got on the road by 6.. drove a long 4.5 hour trip to my sister's house way up in the panhandle. talking the whole way and arriving quite late and I was dead beat tired.
got up early at my sister's and spoke to her and family over breakfast. they had Friday no school and plans to go to Garden City for my niece's a waterpark there.  we hit the road by 9 and drove north.through Hugeton, Syrcuse, zig zagging up to Lamar eventually for lunch, then Kit Carson and onwar up n\NW to highway 70 and into Denver by 3:30. My goal was to make it to the Botanic Garden in Denver by 3 but that didnt' happen . we got there at 4pm. (there was a weekend plant sale I jsut HAD to stop by and check out). we arrived in Morrison CO by 5 or so. unpacked and hugged everyone and came inside and satdown to a nice dinner of smoked salmon and rice and broccolli. they are a very health conscious family btw.
zonked out Friday night down in the basement. It is beautifully finished out with a big family room. a little bedroom on the right  with two bunk beds and two twin beds. and on the left a laudnry room with a shower, toilet and sink for guests.  I moved a twin bed out into the faily room downstairs for me, and T is in the bedroom. we share the Bathroom etc.  all good.
Saturday mroning we all had breakfast. one kid was taken to an all day band activity, and then the 3 adults and two other kids went to Ikea in Centennial for shopping. had lunch there.  went to Littleton next and walked around all the little cool shops downtown and had coffee and treats and eventually made it back home by 4.  there daughter had a highschool drama club banquet that my buddy S (the dad) went with her at 5pm.  the mom V and T and I took the 3rd and youngest kid with us to dinner and the mall to walk around, the girls V and T visiting non stop the entire week of course of course.
I don't know if I mentioned it but S is a former college roommate of mine, and then T and V are former college buddies and roomies  and the four of us used to pal around and all that in college. thus the fun visit and stay when we come to CO. don't even get me started on how much I love their kids and how smart and wonderful they all are... anyway.
we all sat ouside on the back porch in the wonderful cool weather last night waiting for S to get back from the banquet with the daughter, and then V got back with the band kid. and we all sat outside while they told us about everything they did etc etc. and talked more while kids were inside getting ready for bed and such. then I crash bomed into bed by 10 whew.
today. good morning! we will all be going to church then lunch. I'll call my mom today. :)
this afternoon at some point, T and I are going over to see the O's. a family I stayed with the last few times I went to visit Honduras at the school I used to teach at.  I worked with them many years ago when I was living there and taught 3 of their kids at the time.  I really love the family and supported them for a few years as missionairies before they retired last year and came back to CO to settle near their children. So I look forward to seeing them state side for the first time ever and giving lots of hugs and saying job well done! etc.  otherwise we are going to CHIL CHILL today and maybe go walk around some hillsides and trees just for some nature time. no big plans.
not sure what Monday holds, but we plan to get up EARLY TUESDAY to head back to OKC. and then my summer begins!! woo hoo. :)

Saturday, May 06, 2017


shirtless Saturdays...........

new day..........

end is near.............

good morning from Oklahoma City! beautiful 80 degrees today and tomorrow this weekend. ahhhh, Spring!  although I'll be seriously busy grading 60 or so four page papers. My goal is to get them back to students Tuesday and then WHAM BAM it's over! another semester done. :) and another summer to "enjoy".  I am going to be teaching one class M and W on campus this summer at 1030 which is not bad since I can still enjoy my mornings in the yard mostly before 10.  I also will be working 5 hours a week in advising, but it's unclear what that schedule or what days that will be....extra money though so all good. I have a lot of home improvement to spend my summer job funds on alas!
I did NOT make it to the gym this week as much I would have liked. Monday I came home to start in on some papers. and then Tuesday a professor wanted help with planning how to teach a new course. this kept me on campus til 3:30 and if I cant get to the gym and in the pool by 3:30 all is lost.... for some reason it just sets off my whole routine and I can't move forward, i can't just go and swim at 4p after the safety break is over and laps are open again. I can't just go and not swim and workout instead.  no if the ducks don't line up right, forget, I told myself, just go home and work in the yard since it's such a nice day. ha!
Wednesday I did swim laps and workout chest. THursday, same lady wanting help and I was leaving at 3:20 and again said. nah go home and play in the yard and grade some papers instead.  Since it's the end of the semester I'd rather just kick it in and get things done. I did make it Friday swimming and a few leg workours and some shoulder workouts blah.  Friday night I had to go to the required graduation ceremony.  I brought some papers with me and hid them in the sleeve of my robe, and then pulled them out and grade during the long graduation.  there was one prof behind me who'd been drinking with dinner I suppose and kept talking about the school, funding, Deans of depts, and retiring. man that crazy.  Many profs go out to eat before the event since it's easier to get downtown before all the families show up parking. but she definitely had more to drink. ha
Too busy to blog much today but I have something to say later about effects of growing up with my father and if those effects linger when it comes to making male friends in general gay or straight. also my social skills. I had a dream where this guy asked me to hang out the next day and I was freaking out in the dream like what does it mean? what does it mean?  I woke up and thought about it, so strange. I'm actually always quite confident in social situations, pretty much just depends on my mood if I'm a yes interested person or no quiet not in the mood person.  but I'll save that for later.
too much to do on this beautiful Saturday. I plan to grade 5 or 10 papers at a time and reward myself by going outside and working in the yard in between. we'll see if it works or not.
thanks for the emails btw J in MA, and all the comments MG and D in FL. and others. feedback really helps a single person living alone and trying to get ideas ideas out there and express thoughts about my world around me, and always welcome.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017

it's always summer somewhere...

bad camera work or just horrible editing??? ha ;)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday selfies..............

Goodbye April...............

I had a good week. it was pretty much just watching students working on the last paper and emailing the ones with questions etc.. Thursday I swam laps and worked back and shoulders and then home. Friday meeting at 10am , then office hours. I left to get to the pool by 3pm for laps and then drove over to my parents' place west of the city. My sister and b in law were in town for a doctor's appnt and so we all got together for dinner. on the way over to my folks from the gym , I passed a nursery, and this time of year, I'm always going to stop into that nursery.  it's on the south side of town and I only am ever on that road when I'm going west on the same road over, to my family's side of town.
Anyway, the nice tall guy with a tshirt and pants on and nice wad of dip in is mouth was very helpful. cute guy who I thought stood a little too close when he came out to ask if I had any questions. I don't mean that he purposefully did that, but at some point he was walking up to me to ask about help and I had stopped and turned around and neither of us really shifted from our position. It was just a mental check because I've always noticed people are always comfortable getting near me or touching me.  It's some sort of vibe I must give off.  I'm not a person who gets too close to people. I'm completely aware of personal space and all that. but personally I'm not bothered by it. I don't know if it's because I grew up with 4 other siblings or my 3 years in Central America, but that's how it is.  That guy coming right up behind me and getting close while asking if I needed help is just a mini example. maybe it's that I didn't take the cue and move forward.
For example, on the way to Portland, I sat on the plane to Atlanta in a middle seat. ugh! I never would have chosen that, but remember I had to change my flights the night before without a choice (I always choose window!). anyway, the woman on my right side was a shorter full bodied (overweight) person and she was not giving up that arm rest! ha ... I wasn't either though and so I sort of kept my elbow at the back while she got the rest. there we are arms touching the whole way, neither cared. (I always assume overweight people are used it, but I could be wrong).
That new dentist I went to last month, I remember him asking me if I was from Californ ia. He said i seemed so laid back and calm.  And I kind of remember throughout the process he rested his arm on my chest at times that I'd never experienced before with other dentists. my point is that he felt comfortable doing so. I think I've blogged before about students in the past who want to touch my beard and have or way back when I taught middle school and the few times some kid would just touch my hairy wrist or pull on it just to feel. ha ha. curious sort.   I'm glad I give off the vibe though, and I don't regard it as a sexual one, but more of a social human contact. oh how important physical contact is to the human machine, people!
As a teacher I keep a close regard on such, but, and yes I'll admit I'm definitely a physical touch person, hugs, hand shakes, etc with fmaily/friends.  I'm all for it. but with students I keep it to a pat on the back or shoulder. but rarely, it might be on a particular good mood day and I'm passing back a major paper. etc.  I thnk Elementary teachers, especially women have it the easiest, getting to hug their kids all the time. But probably I just think of all that since I never my own kids. so let's change the topic.
I was watching PBS Newshour last week and they did a cover story on Atwood's feminist The Handmaid's Tale, a new series online or HBO or something..  and directly followed it with a story about prom dresses.  I was trying to decide if that was ironic or right on point. Something about the imagined ultra oppression of women which I guess is what the show I'll never watch is about stuck up against girls getting all prettied up in a prom dress?  Then I decided that I probably don't understand feminism at all.  I read one of those dumb articles online about 10 unfair things girls at a gym have to deal with, and I said to myself, damn really all men should be neutered at age ten until men are able to reprogram their biology to notice/interact with women! I suppose just the idea of the few douchebag guys who treat women horribly/oppressively being used to define all men bothered me.  Yes it's horrible for women to have to deal with all the harrassment possible at a gym, but I don't see it at my gym.  Yes definitely there are straight guys talking to the women there for only one reason, but there are also guys (most) that just talk to other people working out at the gym. Most guys seem to have the normal social awareness of people around them. like when you point to a bench to say "done?" and receive a polite "yes" or "no" etc.. Or a sort of mimed "Are you using this?"  And I don't even get a chance with some females, they are not going to look at anyone, sit down get up and walk off, completely ignore.  It's too bad they feel they have to act that way, but it may be based on a bad gym experience.  The article did say women prefer to work out at majority gay guy gyms, maybe I should wear a nice bright pink shirt?
Well anyway I've noticed the same with other race guys at the gym too, that sort of invisibility feature that other races have around another. I haven't noticed this at my gym now.... sometimes the college guys with a bud pay no regard to anyone, but I'll chuck that up to millenials not having social interaction skills in general. ha ha  yes, i'm a social person huh.
back to feminism, this month's issue of Outside magazine has 6 women on the cover with a subheading "The Future of Adventure Is Female"... ??? can't I just read an outside adventure magazine without the women issues thrown at me?  I'm all for equality, will they do a cover if men were to become "the future of adventure?"  this doesn't really relate, but my church Sunday school did a feature last week about supporting a women prison's ministry and also a single mothers ministry. I asked my parents after church whether any churches had a single fathers ministry?  I mean wouldn't the goal be for both parents to stay involved and why not offer love and support to the fathers. what are they all horrible male jerks and abandoners???  ;). anyway just thoughts.
this weekend was lazy with all the rain. today I'm getting all the final project papers done in my online class. And I'm getting my kitchen cleaned up and the house clean.  a repairman is coming tomorrow at 2pm to look at my oven which hasn't worked since November. Also I want all the house work and laundry done so I can focus on the final papers I get turned in Monday from 2 classes, and then Thursday 3 classes turn in theirs and I'll have all next weekend to get those done.  Summer is COMING!
PS I ordered that green rain jacket I wanted online this morning, went down to half off!! woot woot
PSS. here a good article about a speaker dis-invited to speak at University of Arkansas.

Friday, April 28, 2017

fascinating fyre...................

if you haven't already read or heard about it,  check out this link to a story about the failed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas this weekend:

and/or check out this attendees twitter feed on being stuck on a plane forever, locked in an airport and then sent back to Miami....  or this one

OR... click on this link to a map. zoom in and click on racial diversity to see how it show on the map etc.. pretty intersting.