Thursday, September 21, 2017

work it...........

4th week..............

well I'm surviving cross fitting 3 times a week. I have begun a routine of M,W,and F's. it's intense and crazy.  I am not able to do everything on time like they have planned for the "metcon" level, but I'm fine because the beginning is a very good place to start. And I'm patient and know that time and effort gets results. etc. ha  I've had to get used to the way it goes, basically you have all these different workout to do in sets repeated in a certain amount of time.  It seems we do strength training for a while and then the work out, which is a LOT of cardio and stuff with weights.  leg and shoulders mostly,
I'm having to learn the rythm and movement in doing a power clean.  there is also an overhead thrust with the bar.  There is also a calorie bicycle that will burn you out like craziness! whew!!! So suddenly yesterday I'm standing there with 5 other people and I have a "training" bar with 15lbs on both sides and I'm doing 3 power cleans, then with bar on chest, squats, and then 3 thrust above head blah blah....  I really like it, I just wish I had the strength and coordination to do it right. but it'll come.  other people there always encourage and cheer each other on, so that's nice.
I also like that the 4:30 class is usually smaller group.  I like the club music they play during our exercise time, but I don't like the explicit lyric gansta rap crap that comes on.  That's the only thing that will have me leaving eventually if it ever got on my nerves enough. otherwise, I'm still all in and hope to keep going and see what happens and all that. whew!!  It's tough but I always feel great after doing it.  I do plan to be careful with my back and knees and all that, form and posture etc. the guy in charge seems to watch pretty carefully everything we do and tells us if it's wrong.
I have papers graded! woot woot. this weekend I hope to be free to play in the yard and pick up the house.   I made an appointment for the stray cat I found as a kitten last may and have been "fostering" to get neutered and vaccinated next Thursday, I think it's like $35 and $10. it's cheaper because of a nonprofit org.  I don't know other than I have to bring cash. ha.  I decided not to get the microchip though and save $25. I also have a student interested in taking the cat! even better!
I volunteered to take over a class for a prof who had to leave suddenly last week.  full time is 15 hours, which means five 3 hour classes for me.  I already have an extra 3 hour class online and two 1 hour labs classes. total 20.  so now I pick up another COMP class, 23. I must be crazy because it means I'll have 4 English 1 classes which could get sticky when papers are due and I'm trying to grade them all in a week. but I CAN DO IT and the TRUCK WILL BE PAID OFF! ;)
I've been watching some Dave Rubin videos online, a good one today with Bret Weinstein. I watched another about James Damore.  also many Brendan ONeil videos etc... all very interesting.
Reed college had a student protest against teaching a Humanities course and are demanding it no longer be required by students. so many things going on out there. wow. there is a youtue video called : Gender wars: is masculinity toxic for boys. whoah ???
hope everyone is having a great beginning of fall. I've gotten some ties in the mail and some shirts arrive tomorrow I think. ha so I'm about ready for fall. :P

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

more Brendan O................

sounds interesting, but I don't claim to understand it all. The comments on this video mostly disagree...hmmm I'm crazy busy this week with work . back soon. :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

cat can't..........

I made a firm decision/ agreement with myself last night that I definitely want to pursue getting rid of the cat I've been fostering.  I'm looking forward to it. I feel like I've done a great service feeding it and rescuing it as a lost stray baby kitten in the first place.  To be honest, I just don't like the way it poops all over my flower beds outside, and I don't want an indoor cat. and I don't like having to chase away all the neighborhood cats from my porch. feeding the raccoons etc.  I don't particularly like the idea of it killing any birds in my yard next spring/summer. or the way it jumps up after bugs in my garden which equals breaking off flowers next year. 
I have no emotional attachment to it. it's lovely and nice to pet a cat and talk to it and all that, play with it, sure. but the cat makes me feel like a food box.  I'm all for pet ownership and I'm all for all you guys with pets, absolutely.  If I had a family and we added a dog or cat, great! but single me is not up for it. I'm great with pets, they love me when I pet and play with them. I pet and massage with little pressure points and they always love my attention. true. and I'm patient and pay attention to them being ready to move on etc..
But if I'm honest, I like to stay busy and focused and un distracted around this place.  when I stop to pick up the cat or pet the cat or sit with the cat, I think I basically feel even more alone.  I dunno maybe keeping busy helps me feel less lonely or not thinking about it. ha... but loving on a cat doesn't do it for me, I want to pet and love and play with a real person. I'll probably want to fill that empty space before getting any more pets.  fish not included, I'm totally getting some fish in the next couple years.  truck paid off first and floors in this old house stabilized etc.

Fall wear......................

I'm a little obsessed with this jacket. I don't know if I've ever had a cotton knit bomber jacket before.. ha! it's from Spectre & Co. and the shoes were there too, but you never know with small companies and shoes and how comfortable they may really be, or how long they last. if anyone has purchased shoes from them, I'd be interested to hear. :)

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

good service.............


I forgot to mention to G that i got the message about the tree. am thinking and will get back to you. cheers.

Sunday post...........

hoping the best for Florida today, seems like west coast is getting the worst. hang in there DW!! boy what a week, hurricane in TX, the earthquake in Mexico, the deferred action no longer deferred, and Florida today. yikes. I thought is was Spring that came roaring like a lion, not fall.  I hope everyone had a nice 4 day week. last week, my 3rd of classes, seems to have a nice rythm going to each class already . This was my calm before the storm weekend with nothing to grade. I have a paper coming in from 2 classes tomorrow and then a paper from 3 classes on Thursday, so my goal of course is to get the Monday due papers graded and done before Thursday so I'll have only those over the weekend. we shall see. :P.
Personally I'm making some great changes this school year.  Last week was my first full week of crossfit, M,W, and F.  I was going to do thursday too but the instructor said it would be better to begin with 3 days a week. okay. I went swimming after work Thursday instead which was wonderful. and boy I've never slept better! whew.  Another change is I've been fostering a stray cat all summer. found it under a bush as a little kitten from who knows where back in late April.  I ignored it a few days hoping it would find its way back home, then I fed it some lunch meat a few days in a row, and then finally just bought some cat food.  It was too afraid to go anyhwere near me, but it became hungry enough that it would have to come near to each and then I would touch it.  little by little petting it while it ate etc etc. blah blah it came to trust me and I've had it all summer.  My vet friend came over and shoved some de-worming med down its throat and rubbed some stuff on its back from a syringe for fleas.  Last weekend she gave me a crate so I can take it to a local cheap clinic to have it neutered and shots done.  She told me to get it microchipped also but that's where I draw the line since I hope to get rid of the cat and hopefully find someone to adopt it.  Not sure how that will happen since it only trusts me to pet it and pick it up and such, but I figure if it's hungry enough it will get used to anyone else.
another good change is I logged out of my tumblr account a month ago and have no idea what my password is and haven't bothered signing back in. I made a decision this last summer to cut back on porn and adult video.  It's been pretty great. I find myself more confident, at peace, and looking at people in the eye more. imagine that! there are plenty of religious reasons, but you can also find plenty of secular reasoning on youtube about how porn over hypes man's natural sex drive. I'm not saying I don't enjoy a few google image searches now and then, but overall. less distraction and more freedom woot woot!  btw, the cat is a big distraction also is why I don't plan to keep it if possible.
Other changes?  well all summer I've tried to get rid of stuff around the house. One big victory is I threw out a bunch of magazines. Outside magazine, Traveler, many gardening magazines. tons of other ones I've kept forever, but at some point when you live in a house for 15 years, it becomes apparent that, no, you're never going to go back and read any of them or share anything with anybody or need to go back and find any reference etc! ha. in the back room I had grocery sacks full of folded grocery sacks. threw those away too. alas!  when I taught at public school, I'd always save grocery sacks and bring them to school to show kids how to cover there textbooks.  We live in such a throw away society today that I don't even know if kids still cover textbooks. ha.  I'm still working on getting things reduced though.
I've failed on one big goal for this year, it was bible verse memory. I'd planned it saying well after spring break, then well during this summer, and now summer is over. sigh. but I'll get to it. I've had some great encouragement personally from listening to a CD that my sister sent me while I was overseas in 2008. from a Men's Conference here in OKC. about 30 different workshops recorded on it that I've been listening to, now on the second round. whenever I'm in my truck.  This semester I'm trying to focus more on work and give 100%. not leaving every day at 3 to make it to the gym has been very helpful.  I sort of was coasting the last couple years doing the same ole things. This year I'm trying to shake it up and be more intentional.  Being more intentional in anything you do is a good thing!
I'll also admit I listen to Michael Buckley's videos every now and then. ha he's a life coach and will go on and on about his followers problems etc. His big mantra and inspiration for people is: Thoughts create Feelings create Actions create Results.  So it's intriguing how he tells people to change their thinking.  Especially people who feel down or angry at someone or upset with their body/self. etc.. He stop saying "I'm a victim because" and move on! anyway ..
Another new hobby which I may have already mentioned on here is watching fish tank videos. I'm a follower of King of DIY, Rachel, Dustin's Fishtank. and Lr Bretz.  They are fun to watch because they are people that love their hobby and love sharing their hobby.
I was going to go see Close Encounters of the THird King on the big screen this weekend, but yesterday night I decided I'd rather come home and relax than go out to the movies.  I do have plans this Thursday to see a documentary about the screen writer of Blade Runner. and the at museum downtown is showing next weekend Solaris, the original Russian versioIn, not the George Clooney English one.
I stayed in Friday night after going by Taco Bell after cross fit. next Lowes for about 30 stackable pavers, then came home and messed around in the yard and then chilling inside watching aforementioned videos.  Saturday was glorious and I was out early weeding some beds and digging up a new one. Had lunch with my mom and sister at the local pizza place, then walked around with them at a flew market nearby. Later I I drove over to see S and B.- then went by this cool store that they both have been on my back about going to shop at. ha. they keep telling me "you'll love it. Have you been yet?" etc... so I finally went to Blue Seven on north May and Grand!  it's a great place. lots of hipster trendy wear including a denim room and a made in OK room.  I found two Levi's long sleeve plaid shirts that I HAD to have of course, so they were right. I found somehting. alas!  the thing is Levi's is a brand that had a great slim fit and goes down my wait narrowly and the sleeve are long enough etc. perfect size Large! yay!  the best thing was there was some art on the back wall that I recognized immediately, the artist I've known since he was a baby, the nephew of a girl I "dated" during and after high school for a while. I also bought the ties below online this weekend. and I got some shoes in the mail that I blogged about. they are awesome!
Resting up indoors and cooling off just now. I was outside after lunch re setting the pavers where I made a retaining wall last night, but re did today with a level, and also with sand and pebbles underneath as a base and for drainage.  this week I'll till in amendments into the soil before getting anything planted in the new bed.  I was going to drop by an open house and see B (he's a realtor) but I was too hto and sweaty and couldn't cool down in time to dress and go over before 4. also it was kinda far. ha S went in to work today and invited me over for spaghetti with both of them later, but I have church at 6 and Betty counts on my to sit next to her. looking forward to seeing what I get back from students this week and how they've responded to my instruction. have a good week all! 

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summer done now.....

oh what a great long weekend it was! ready to get this school year on and it's already of to a great start.  I've been trying to myself a little more 100 % into my job and not restrict myself to being out by 3pm to the gym every day and staying a bit later to get stuff done, which means not bringing stuff home lingering etc. blah!  and after 4 years of same ole working out every day after work, I'm switching to something new. a crossfit gym! I began last THursday, survived that and went Friday.  then Monday I went back for the 5pm class with about 20 people and it killed me, legs! ugh, all the running with a weight and then the lunges, oh!!!  I didn't go today because I work until 4 on Tuesdays and can't get back to town by the 4:30 class.  I plan/hope to make it 4 times a week and maybe start swimming in the mornings again as well. we'll see. I am looking forward to the challenge even though I'm in the beginner level . Basically who ever is there for a session, they divide us up into 3 groups: beginning, athlete, and competitor.  So I guess at this point my goal is to reach athlete level within the next year? or 2? ha  
Also, I don't know if I mentioned it before but for a few weeks now my fridge was messed up. water draining in the bottom fridge suddenly started freezing up at the top of the fridge, and then the freezer was way too cold and then the fridge part warmer and I was frustrated thinking it was breaking down.  Now I know what it was, the ice blocked all the air flow from the freezer above.  I defrosted the whole thing Sunday when I got home from church.  the kicker was as I was emptying things and throwing stuff away and putting shelves into the sink, I ran the disposal and water came out from under the sink cupboard onto the floor? I turned it on and off again and got shocked from the switch. So yeah that fell apart and I'll be replacing it. 
anyhow, after thoroughly defrosting everything and cleaning everything and drying everything up, checking the drain hole in the back of the freezer etc. it's working again! woot woot. I took everything out of the iceboxes I had my lunch meat and eggs and milk and all that in, and started cleaning up the kitchen etc. I also want to mention that I was bingewatching amazon prime "Dirk Gently" season one.  I couldn't stop watching it after beginning epi one.  I was intrigued that it was based on a Douglas Adams novel. It has some blood and violence but not in an overly graphic gory way. It's sort of dark comedy maybe? I'd describe it as sort of like Dr. Who meets Sherlock holmes meets hitchhiker guide to galaxy? ha  anyway, I enjoyed it and everything coming together at the end of course.  I also watched season one of Cranford on Amazon Prime which I've watched before in broken clips on youtube years ago, so it was nice to just watch it all original.
Other weekend updates - I went out to IHOP with my vet friend A after crossfit Friday night, and then at 8p went downtown to see a movie at the art museum, which I thought I'd enjoy, Trip to Spain with Rob Brydon and another British actor, 3rd in a series, which I've never been inclined to watch, but since it was Spain and since I love Rob Brydon!!! in Stacy and Gareth and Doc Marten, and since I LOVE SPAIN, I thought why not?  well the reason why not is that it's a train wreck. It tries to be a documentary and a drama and it's horrible because it's so confusing! Either make it a straight up documentary or make it an acted drama movie, not both!!! and make it something! is it about their relationship? the places they stop to eat? the sight seeing ? the travel? I don't know . it ends with a scene of the guy's car running out of gas and I thought this movie ran out of gas many minutes ago! Whew!! but I did really enjoy getting out and downtown on a Friday night. I plan to go back for a movie this weekend or next. a viewing of a Wes Anderson documentary on the creator of Blade Runner movie? and then a science fiction movie in Russian , Solaris.
Saturday I worked in the yard most of the day, relaxed and cleaned up inside, lunch at the local pizza place of course. stayed to myself at home and it was a wonderful relaxing weekend doing so!  Sunday I went to church, then grocery, home project as mentioned, yard work.  Monday I lingered around the house all morning, late breakfast, yard work (which is fun for me)  then went over to S and B's poolside for about an hour before going to the 5pm workout I mentioned earlier.  I met them for Mexican food afterwards and talked non stop I felt so great from the work out even though my face was glowing red from the running and everything. so great!  I love that this is a four day week. I'm trying to resist getting some ties online tonight. hope everyone is off to a good start to FALL! :P

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