Saturday, November 26, 2016

no shave Nov..... ?

november post.,.

Happy THanksgiving weekend!  I'm being sort of lazy and sort of productive this weekend. I'm trying not to totally check out for the rest of the semester from work mentally. ha! all the teaching has been done, now it's all about getting in papers this next week and then the final grade part the next. done Dec 9th! woot woot.
no trips to NYC this year. boo!!! I considered it over and over but decided to save the money,  not just the plane ticket but the over night stay and the shopping etc... sigh. I'm going to buy my self an ipad for Christmas instead. ;)

well I last left off writing about my trip to NC! what fun it was! I left on a Sunday and hadn't yet mentioned running around town after church, lunch at Phat Burritos in Charlotte, then shopping at a very cool record store, and then a couple cool places near central and thomas ave called the The Common Market and Boris and Natasha, which is where I bought some shoes.  flew out later that afternoon after 4pm.
I've been working steadily at home and at school blah blah. quite going to gym or swimmin about 3 weeks ago.  getting back in to a routine this fall was fine but it was also so monotonous with the same guys in there more or less every day after 4pm and me the same size and really I just felt like BORING.  but I do plan to get back to it after Thanksgiving, I'm trying to come up with a better plan than just swim before and/or after work and then work out chest/ legs/ back n shoulders/ and then arms on separate days of the week, doing exact same workouts forever, blah so boring and everything science tells us is to shake it up constantly doing new things. What I really wish I could find is an over 40 crossfit training program. that's the kind of fit I want not just work out blah plus cardio. but I'll probably go right back to doing just the same, just so you know. ha

the weekend after that was my aunts funeral and I had tons of papers to grade and it was a super busy weekend with family instead. that Friday night, i drove out west to CLinton, OK right after work to pick up my little sister who's family came down for a football game from where they live up in the OK panhandle. So the idea was for me to bring her and her daughter back to my parents' house so they didn't have to sit outside at the football game all night and could visit with my folks instead. So I did that and drove an hour out there and then back and got home to MY place by 8 or so. then that next Saturday we all met at my parents' church at 10:30 for a memorial service for my aunt, sang some hymns (annoyingly with a recorded guitar contemporary versions that went slow between verses and threw us off singing along. ha). and some words from the pastor about things he'd read in her prayer journals and things about our family caring for her etc etc. very small service, and afterwards a lunch that my folks' Sunday school class put on for us. it was very nice over all. did nothing else that day after coming home and didn't feel like doing anything  much else, even grading the stacks of papers I had.

THe papers were due back that Tuesday, BUT I had an all day conference that my boss made me go to with her and a team of others, SO that gave me until Thursday to work on them to return. Last weekend, I had dinner at Jason's Deli with Scott and B and caught up a bit, then on Saturday I did some house stuff and yard stuff, went to the grocery store for stuff and then made a yummy lasagna casserole and brownies and took them over to my friend A's house after she got home from work at 5:30pm.  Her wife had the twin baby girls a month ago so they have 3 kids now and are super busy constantly of course!  
This week of course was short short at work, Wednesdy I played around the house all day, completely moved all the furniture in the front room and vaccummed. I took all the stuff all from the shelves in there and put back minimal things and some graphic novels on one shelf.  I took down all the fish knick knacks because they are for summer, this time of year I'll have Christmas things out of course and then some ceramic things and like sticks or dried seeds or stuff like that out.(For winter)  I also emptied out my kitchen cabinets and plan to put only things I've used and touched in the last say 5 or 10 years, and keep everything out to get rid of.  (After cleaning out my aunt's place and boxing up all the stuff none of us valued for any reason, it keeps me thinking about really cutting back on all the junk and stuff in my place, I aim to have things I truly have use for, wear, or collect in particular. if that makes sense.)  we'll see how that project goes between now and spring, because there are the bathroom cabinets, the back room, and the guest room.
speaking of the guest room, I hope today to clear that out a bit so there is roomt o bring all the Christmas boxes and things down from the attic and spread out so i can see what I want to work with this year and put out or on the tree.
This year's Christmas tree color story is red and green and I plan to incorporate Orange. so I've been buying orange ribbon and things, I beleive it will work nicely the green I'm using will be country green or dark green,and the reds will be dark maroons, and also some natural neutral browns and golds. I'll post it eventually.
Okay I am getting out of bed and making a nice big breakfast now! my usual 3 scrambled eggs, bowl of instant oatmeal with golden crisp creal on top, 2 bowls of cereal, and then ready for my Saturday. enjoy the weekend all! :)