Saturday, September 17, 2016

is it the 90's again yet?..........


I like what it says at the end of the unicorn inside the wand, and how that shows there's hope of something redeeming inside. anyway..

Thursday, September 15, 2016

camp it up............

what happened to dan?........well first about that TX wknd.

I need to blog it all down before I forget!
I had the best time in Austin. I don't know if it was just getting away out of town or if it was getting to visit my buddy H and him being the most stable since going to recovery that I can recall.  His husband Mc was the BEST host and had planned the entire weekend.  I think he felt like showing me some fun stuff since I have got to run around OKC with him a few times in the past when H came up to watch an OU game with a friend and then MC and I spent the whole day together running around okc. They had just been busy with tons of Pride Parade activities the weekend before so I was thankful they were up for company over the long weekend. Mc was in fact the Grand Marshall this year, very cool.
I left off after waking up in Dallas on the Friday morning of Labor Day weekend. Randy is the nicest guy you'll ever meet, witty as all get out, and super genius, a dreamer and a thinker. a super introvert guy who will listen and respond but there may be a lot he's NOT saying.  I keep conversation light and not too deep. love him much.  He was planning a weekend in September, a getaway with friends to P-town, and I wished him well and to be safe! ha
so anyway, I ran left Coppell around 9 and when to a Great Cuts place for a basic shorty short haircut. loved it! then made my way into Dallas to the North Haven nursery, actually make that, North Haven Gardens. They are a "Garden center - art gallery - cafe."  :)  boy if that ain't Dallas. ha  but it is my favorite place to shop plants each time in Dallas and the new cafe in back makes it all the better. I perused all the plants and chose a few, then went into the cafe for a sort of late breakfast. it was YUMMY.  French toast with a goat cheese spread on top and honey, also the lady chef there made me a side of scrambled eggs to go with. Oh yeah and there was this really delightful peach tea I had with it. the best.  If you's ever like a hidden away breakfasty/lunch place in D town, TRY IT!
So I loaded up my plants (Echinacea, Gaura, a big ceramic pot with a chip in it for $20 etc. and made my way south. (Important note for future trip to Dallas, I found another tropical fish store on the service road back to 75 from the nursery, can't wait!)
my next stop was Waco, yes I fell right into the tourist trap that is the twin silos of Magnolia Market. ha  literally right off the highway.  Sadly no sightings of Chip or Joanna (from the Fixer Upper tv show).  I walked all around the store, everything farmhouse-y and metal and wood and heather grey or black and white or earthy etc etc... I will admit to getting a t shirt, hat, and other small souvenirs for friends and the ladies in the office at wasn't too crowded except for a line outside of the bakery so I scratched that. I will say every single person I spoke to there working were friendly talkative and doing a great job.  Pretty much I thought to myself, whether they need the income from the whole business layout or not, it is definitely adding a lot to the economy of old downtown Waco. so win/win. plus it helps get Waco on the map for something beside the Branch Davidians Siege.
got out of town by 2 or later, made my way to Austin.
Traffic slowed down here and there, which drives me crazy like most people. I couldnt' wait to get to Austin, although both H and Mc were working anyway. by the time I got into downtown on the slow S I 35 moving traffic, I went ahead and exited early off of 15th and took that across town to Lamar, which I passed and went through castle hill back south on Lamar. H and Mc live on South Lamar near just south of barton springs right off Lamar. the BEST location to stay in Austin, other than the CRAZY traffic with so many new condos and housing going up ALL AROUND that area right off Lamar.  I had the gate code, got in and said hey to the dogs, showered up and relaxed and awaited them both coming in after work. they got in around 5 or so. we chit chatted and caught up.
Friday night we went over to this place on Lamar called Delicious, a sort of high end convenience store/ bar/pub ?  fancy German and organic chocolates and chips and candies and cooking items etc and beer on tap, anyway we had some cheese and cracker type snacks .  next walked over to the Alamo theatre for a movie and dinner. The movie Hell or Highwater was phenomenally great. you have to SEE IT!! and this is a guy who NEVER watched violent shoot 'em up flicks. in fact I was dreading going to see it, but after watching half way in I was HOOKED> Jeff Bridged plays the best Texes Ranger old timer!! and the brothers and the whole bank heist set up, it's a real love letter to Texas, that might have been part of the enjoyment being with the Austin audience viewing it.
Instead of their pull out bed from the sofa, I did the same thing with two big cushions on the floor with my bedsheets and slept well.  Their place is an old apartment building turned into Condos, and my buddy H got his place right when they converted the place, his is a one room studio that was made out of the old pool club room and laundry facility, ha! anyway, what an investment now for the area!
Saturday we slept in a bit, then got up and out to a place called Sawyer & Co, a new up and coming trendy little breakfast place.  styled as a classic 60's style diner, it was great! East of downtown and I 35 on Cesar Chavez.  I had some eggs and bacon etc , basic stuff but a nice place.  We went over to UT campus where H got a haircut while we watched and waited, then over to the Blanton Museum of Art to check out Xu Bing: Book from the Sky and Goya: Mad Reason exhibits. the galleries upstairs were all closed for some reason...  Lunch was at Mod Pizza off of E Riverside, which was some great salad and pizza, one thing really enjoyed was the caramel peach tree , was so good! we relaxed back at their place for a while, and then H went to the gym and meanwhile Mc and I drove up to N lamar to the Austin Books and Comics store, they were having a big sale etc plus have a HUGE selection. I bought a book and found my college roomate's book on display as one of the employee picks! a plus!
I also bought a "KEEP CALM DON'T REGENERATE" t shirt. Mc encouraged me as I was commenting on all the dreamy older nerdy but in shape guys all over the place, and we decided, hey maybe I have to put myself out there a littler more. ha ha. anyway I got the t-shirt, (It's a Dr. Who reference). on the way back we drove by Graffit walls on Caste Rock which is sort of a known street art stop near Lamar. ended up back at their place at some point and in the little complex pool with H in a chair and he and I having some really great down time serious talk about life, goals, friendship, etc...
there's MORE !  we got ready at some point to go out to the strip of CONGRESS street to hit the MUST SHOP STOPS of Service Menswear on one side, and Stag Provisions on the other.  They bought some amazing fig scented wooden sticks that burn and smell up the house wonderfully. I bought a shirt marked way down at Stag as a "work clothes" allowed purchase. ha next we were off to dinner at "Fresa's" on 1st St just south of Oltorf. great place! the conversation got a little tricky at one point during a "safe sex" topic, and I had to process it during the next week when I got back home. I'll discuss all this later.  We ended up making an "appearance" at the Austin Beer Garden for the Freddy for a Day fundraiser event for AIDS services of Austin and Mercury Pheonix Trust.
Sunday, we slept in a bit and then were off to brunch at SNOOZE on S Lamar, oh man oh man, the place was packed but worth the wait. I had the "Drunkin' Monkey French Toast" SO GOOD and decadent, White chocolate banana bread french toasted with rum toffee sauce and walnuts and a bruleed banana on top. oh it was so good, and I got a side of scrambled eggs of course. hee I was so FULL after that.  chilled at their place and while H went to the gym, Mc and I walked down Riverside to the "Austin Citywide Garage Sale" which was pretty much a bunch of flew market booths but more detailed to certian type of items from booth to booth. Mc and I walked all over and saw everything.  Dinner Sunday night was at Irene's downtown, roast chicken and mashed potatoes. we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home.
I was up at 6 am Monday morning, quietly folding up my bedding and putting couch back together, getting everything outside and then waking up the boys to hug them goodbye! out by 6:15. I stopped north of Ft. Worth to gas up, and then home by 12:15 that day in 6 hours. the traffic was sparse that early on a Labor Day I was able to get through all the construction in a breeze. Thank you H and Mc and Austin. back soon perhaps. :)