Thursday, August 25, 2016

check it up....

the tattoos though...........myeah

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

not fall yet....

work is kicking my rear. something about adjusting to my lazy summer rhythm to work work work again I guess. ha  today I went to the gym at 330 and swam and worked out back/shoulders then went back to work at 5 until 7:15 and still didn't get all finished that I could have.  ah well it will come together soon. I just know it.
I am doing lousy at getting to bed early enough to get up and swim in the mornings. terrible job seriously but I'll get into a routine here soon.  Have I mentioned I'm trying to take a spoonful of Moringa powder every morning?  some missionary friends visiting from Senegal gave me some of the stuff. It's a wonder nutrient from the moringa trees, it's pretty much ground up dried leaves. UGHHH.. ha ha.  supposedly very nutritious and benficial, and a great benefit to feeding third world populations etc. anyway, so I'm taking it as a little supplement in the mornings by mixing with water and then mixing in some oatmeal and then swallowing it down. if I were a smoothie drinking person, I'd do a smoothie, but I'm not.  Also I've gotten terribly bored of broccoli every night so I need to figure that out. thrilling stuff eh?
all my classes this year are off to a kicking start. I'm mentally preppinf my self for a trip labor day weekend to AUSTIN!  can't wait to get away and I haven't visited my bud there for many years.  I suppose it's been long enough since the last time I was there and swore never to visit again.. hmmm ;)
I am looking forward to it though, and plan to drive down and stay with Randy in Dallas right after school next Thurs. then down to Austin on Friday. I suppose I'll drive straight through back home SUnday.  of course I'm already wondering what clothes I want to bring and what I want to wear down there.  I'm always over packed and dressed anyway, it's like casual city down there, Dallas is the more dressy town, but Austin it's more freethinking dont' try too hard.  in fact now that I think about it it's like try so hard as to look that you haven't tried so hard.. ha ha..what does that mean anyway.
My friend Betty fell last Friday and was fine just busted her lip and bruised up her shoulder, very sore and taking aspirin. she called me and I went over Saturday afternoon to visit. she talked my head off and took me all over the house pointing out all sort of things on shelves and walls. she has a lantern collection, angels, and all sorts of teapots. she was widowed 4 years ago, so I like let her talk about her husband too. we sat and looked all through the 50 wedding anniversary photo album of their party in TX.  She repeats a lot of stuff and has shown me things in the house that she's shown me before but I just like to listen and prompt conversation. seems nice to do. . I get a kick out of being friends with an old timer. she'll tell me things aobut her kids, growing up, her marriage, and a lot about being old.
She told me how much she wanted this framed cut paper of her that she made and gave to her daughter, and how her daughter has it put away in a kitchen cupboard.
She's trying to figure out a way to get back on her wall at home until she dies, just to enjoy it since her doesn't even care for it. ha   Of course her kids are wonderful, her daughter comes by about every other day keeping meals ready for her and groceries and all that and her son comes by twice a week to check in also.
I have to say that I feel a bit sorry for Ryan Lochte.  I know I know he's a terrible liar, but I see him more as the product of a society that propped him up there, what with him trying to cash in on a reality show, I fugure he assumed just say whatever into the camera and did the same while in Rio. now he's lost Speedo and Ralph Lauren contracts. too bad. lessons learned hopefully.  I also feel sorry that he jsut wasnt' smart enough to shut up in the first place about it.  It seems like it wasn't really his idea to put it out there, he had mentioned it to his mom, she broke the news in an interview, and then of coirse everyone came to him for comments. BLAH
And all this coverage of dumb rich Americans acting idiotic in a foriegn country was going on at the same time NBC was promoting there new tv show about dumb rich American men acting idiotic in foreign countries.  I won't be watching because idiocy and lack of regard for other cultures in foreign countries is not entertaining for me. I hope the show fails severely and the producers pay. I can't imagine what small percentage of tv watchers even know who will Shatner or Henry Winkler are anyway???
In other news, we've been asked to make less copies this year and it threw me into a limbo of what to, make copies or put quizzes online or... and instead I haven't been doing either and find myself rushed to get copies of stuff for classes.  I decided today just turn in the copies on time to have printed for my classes, and worry about cutting back as I get time to prepare to do so.  I never thought it'd be that ghetto at a college where we'd have to watch copies made. UGHHH OKLAHOMA and Edcuation funding. At least it hasn't come to the point of me briniging my own paper to school. That's what i did at my last job at OKC public schools.
okay guys that's all I got tonight, I'm going to bed and not getting up to swim and get this week done and a bit closer to the WEEKEND> cheers., :)

glinda says couldn't be happier..........

Sunday, August 21, 2016