Friday, August 19, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

first week back..........

I live on a corner lot with a carport in the back of the house that I can back out into the alleyway and then on to the side street.  I usually turn left so that I can drive by the side of my house and check out the garden and plants and then turn the corner left again to look at the front of my house as I head down the street to work.  If I'm running behind for whatever reason I just turn right and right again and head on a more direct route.
Monday morning included a strange sight while driving down the street, about 6 houses down on the right I notice two women in green nurse scrubs and a body covered on a gurney being rolled down the sidewalk to a car with it's back open.  I sort of slowed down, more as a cautious slow down than a slow down and stare sort. quite mysterious.   Went on to work and got a good start back to classes. I enjoy the first few days of classes standing in the hall and helping students wondering around with maps trying to find their classes.
I went to the gym and swam/worked out Monday after work. it will be good to get back into a steady schedule. Tuesday I skipped it and got some work done in the office and then ran an errand on the way home by the feed store.  There is a local feed store that will sell me five gallon buckets of rabbit manure if I bring up the buckets and write my phone on them.  they had called Monday saying it was ready, but I was pretty disappointed when I picked up my buckets seeming to be just over half full and containing a majority of hay.  The rabbit manure is a great organic fertilizer for my gardens and that feed store is my only source.  I may have griped before about the really awful customer service there since a brother and sister have taken it over years ago from the deceases parents.  I try to remain friendly and positive anytime I'm there and avoid any passive aggressive remark. But I'm going to HAVE to find a new source for my gardens at this rate. blah
the Olympics are awesome, I'm watching about every night, except all the swimming was more entertaining last week than the track stuff this week.  There was some strange news today about Lochte being asked to stay in the country because they couldn't corroborate his story of being robbed, but he had already left the country.  I guess they'll have to figure it out.  I was watching his interview on the beach about it and it seemed really weird how he said he put his hands up saying "I didn't do anything." and later I was wondering if he was being brave or arrogant by doing and saying that, and then I decided he seems pretty slow and maybe it took him a while to realize they weren't really policeman after all, just robbers.apparently getting a gun to his forehead was more convincing, alas.
I'm trying to set some goals this semeester to be less distracted. probably I will disengage from social media a bit more and I also hope to read more this fall and save more money (no shopping online).
fall is just around the corner so at least I can look forward to putting things together in my closet again. ha ;)

fairytale dreams.............

Sunday, August 14, 2016

summer ends

well I was just watching the brazilian men gymnasts winning a silver and bronze on the floor tonight and they were really crying so happy to medal. whooosh!  I've been watching a lot of Olympics this last week. more or less Phelps swimming and all the swimming, some track some volleyball, I don't remember what else. but lots of fun.  too bad some USA swimmers got robbed at 3 am coming back from a French party. when i was in Central America a few years ago, I hired a private unmarked taxi service to get around because I heard taxi's were getting robbed especially with a gringo inside. When I read about the robbery, it turns out there have been a lot of other instances going on, this was just the only high profile one.
I'm starting back to classes this week. I'm mostly ready. I am assigned as a "mentor" to one of the new hires. SO last week any free time I had to get stuff done in my office, I was helping him out.  Also we've been asked not to print as much since the budget crunch in OK, so I'm putting a lot of my quizzes online now, and all my handouts online etc... blah.  this week I'll get classes started and going just fine and use my afternoons to get everything in order and I'm good to go.
I'm happy to be back on a routine actually. If I can just keep up with my morning swims and then swim after work and get back into my workouts.  lots of events this fall to keep me motivated. Austin road trip, high school reunion, college homecoming, fall break, etc etc..with a week or two between each one so .. I'll be back to blog soon. 
I had a lot of thoughts going on this morning about something personal. I'm also trying to set some good goals this fall for getting a bit more focused on what;s important to me most, lose some distractions etc.

summer summer summer time....