Saturday, August 06, 2016


dog days are over............

August is here.......

well is orlando a shower or grower? ha ha... happy Saturday!  I think it's funny the online back and forth about Justin Bieber trying to one up Orlando with a nude photo "leak".  are you guys yay or nay on the tattoos?  I lean nay.
what a week! my last week free from any classes and before reporting back to work and as usual I didn't get all the things done I'd wanted, but still enjoyed not having to do anything either! Since I was in AR last weekend and decided to come back Monday, the week was already shortened as far as getting things done here.  I met with a college friend who teaches at my alma matar and we met at the cafe downtown and talked for a couple hours. then I ran a few more errands and grabbed a lunch before making it out of town by 1pm or so... drove straight back to okc and into Yukon to the bank where the stock club meets.  we discussed "dogs of the Dow" and other things. came home after that and just relaxed.  Tuesday just enjoyed the day off, stayed home and worked outside and in.
Wednesday I was busy most of the day with a funeral. A good friend from high school found her husband deceased last Thursday after returning from work. he'd never left that morning and had a stroke.  a very dear sweet friend, my heart goes out to her! well the private funeral was at a catholic church in Edmond for family and friends. I met my HS classmate A and her wife there, small intimate service, a Catholic Mass, which was interesting, my second. the first time I was at a Catholic mass was a friend's wedding. anyway. about 6 other people from my class were there in support. :(
A few up from Dallas, a few in town, one from CA and another from Atlanta flew in. We all went to lunch and I got the details of how he was found and how his family was reacting etc.  We discussed what other classmates were up to, and then talked about a reunion coming up this fall.THere was a public service at 2pm at a bigger church but I'd had enough and was ready to get back home by 1:20pm. stayed inside and piddled watching videos online and laundry etc.
Thursday, I started a project in the front yard, a bed that was overgrown with bermuda in a bad way.  I dug it all out completely, dug up all the bulbs in the ground, all the iris and rudbeckia, left the other perrennials in the ground and dug all the roots up around them getting the bermuda out. I met my mom and sister and her kids out for lunch, pizza!  then back home to mess in the yard some and chill inside some with videos and online research.
Friday was a great day, cloudy all morning and I got all the digging finished out front and began placing a new border. I'll finish it all up today.  I went to Lowes in the afternoon to pick up some copper plated hanger tape, round up weed killer, and new shovel. ha  next over to S and B's pool to cool of and catch up and then we took B's kid out to dinner around 7pm to S and B burger on May.  If you are in OKC give the chicken shroom sandwich a try, also the fries with penaut butter and bacon. MMMM.  I slept good last night after all that food. I'd ordered a smaller slider but got the full size sandwich instead. yum.
today I'll work outside and then get back over to S and B's pool at some point. big night tonight, after the pool we'll go out to dinner with the kid again and then we all have tickets at Penn Square Mall movie theater for the new Bourne movie!!  the theater there has reclining seats that you can purchase tickets for beforehand and just show up before it starts. nice place.  have a good weekend last as summer begins to close.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

i want a summer at the lake!..........

wknd away.................

I didn't mean to make it sound like I was blaming anyone for the person I am today. I kind of just meant to discuss factors in my life that had an impact on the personality I've come to have , and I like to think about why I tend to act one way or another or think one way or another.  I should be cautious in not taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions versus rationalizing it as the fault or result caused by someone else.   Thank goodness for the differences in all people whether they were a 4th kid, a second son, had a quiet mom or quiet dad, an overbearing parent or un-involved parent. Parents that learn along the way, parents that put kids first, or parents that put themselves first, parents getting it just right etc..
anyway, I like to reflect on me at 10 years ago, 20 years ago, etc and think back to why I reacted this way or that and how I can be better today. no harm. I appreciate the thoughts and encouragement shared by a few readers last post.
This weekend I'm in AR. I drove up here and back for an overnight visit last week, but this week I came up Friday  and plan to return to OKC Monday.  I'm glad for the summer rains happening so that i don't have to worry too much about my yard.  the neighbor kid is watering my planters while gone.
I'm staying with my married friends J and S where I always used to stay over, instead of with the ex T.  I used to blog from the room of one of theirs sons' rooms or twin bed etc.  now I'm downstairs in the room next to the entry way.  a sort of greeting room or study.  what way nicer this time is that we brought down from the younger kid's bunkbed a twin mattress and support mattress, so having both to sleep on has been wonderful and comfy down here.   their older son is going to college this fall at our alma mater, so I've been chatting him up all weekend about college and our past college times etc. I'm pretty excited for him, although he only gets two years on campus and in the dorms.  His mom became a realtor a year ago and has saved up from sales his first year's tuition and now they are concerned if she can keep it up to save up for the second year (24,000 a year costs).  She been doing really good business getting referral after referral but they sort of dried up this summer.  It must be quite a task worrying about college costs and what the future brings in the sense of college bills, loans, or income that gets that kid through.
I went onto PBTeen and orderd a set of sheets for the kid who I've known since the day his mom walked out of the house i was staying in here in town one summer. she was crying holding her pregnancy test strip because she was pregnant.  Husband J was out golfing and as a male college kid I didn't know what to say to a crying girl, ha, I got her bf Becky on the phone pronto.  The reason she was crying is fear of her mother.  As a type 1 diabetic she wasn't supposed to ever have a child.  She was so scared about her mom's reaction, of course happy too but worried about her mom and then the whole pregnancy, which went fine btw, other than her being in the hospital for 3 weeks before the birth.  Anyway, so I love their kids of course having none of my own and coming and staying with them here over the years, plus whenever they come to visit her folks in okc.
I plan to get the son a travel bag from Topodesigns also as a gift, but dont' have the extra $$$ just yet to put towards that, so for now it's a sheet set for college. :)
I had a great time Friday driving up at my own pace, lingering in okc a bit an stopping at a B&N bookstore and splurging on a garden magazine. stopped of in TUlsa for some fast food lunch and gassed up. onward to AR and stopped in the cafe downtown for a large ice tea, then over to T's to watch her tv and relax while she was busy baking 90 shortcakes for an event she catered this weekend. (I was watching Manor House witch I haven't seen since it was on PBS years ago, very cool to rewarch after the whole downton abbey has happened. Also it's a reality show before they became so formulaic and drame driven, more so real, while I'm at it, that's what I love about the great British Bake Off show, no drama just the facts of competitive baking! :P).
Saturday I did nothing, hung out here with J and S and their younger kid while the soon to be college boy slept in upstairs all morning. I worked online getting some grading finished up in the mythology class from online this summer. We went to lunch at my favorite lunch spot in town and talked more about college days with J and the two boys. S stayed at home cuz it takes her 2 hours to get ready to do anything. ha
last night I had dinner with best Jf and his wife and 3 kids, then the two of us went downtown for some desert and to chit chat more all about the town, work, politics, etc etc... I ran into some college buds I know in town. always fun to run into somebody when I get back to this town. ha
today is church and then a potluck and then I'm going out to see someone I don't usually visit in town, and next T and I plan to go visit Crystal Bridges or maybe Bella Vista or I dunno just drive around and getaway and do whatever. I love having some time off no worries before summer end Aug 8th teacher report back for week of training and prep. students come the 15th whew!
summer has gone by pretty quick, I plan to wrap up my summer projects next week, the roofline in the back of the house which I'll document in photos most likely and then some bermuda I need to tear out of the front bed and line it properly and add a path from the street blah blah. can't wait, I really do love a project but if I dont'; have a full day or two off to get into a zone I lose focus.
summer onward all..........