Wednesday, May 04, 2016

kp duty..................

May is here!

Monday was stock meeting day.( I worked out chest on Sunday in prep for missing my workout and swam laps only after school, then on to the meeting.)  We discussed energy corporations like Texaco Exxon doing better because they have more of their own refineries and also what effects the election has on stocks, also that for the first time the early year lows actually came back up, something like that. also a bit of discussion on options and buying a put? ha the banker who leads our meetings is a super sharp guy and really tries to explain things well. great guy.  All I know is right now I'm just learning and keeping everything in stock and just sitting in the meetings to take part in discussions. this week was great about the economy in general.  the guy that leads us really like the franklin group portfolios.
Tuesday went great, worked out legs after work, I had bought a new swimsuit for $10 at Forever21 (the mens section) at the mall Friday after dinner with S and B. swam in it on Sunday and Monday but Tuesday, couldn't find it. dad gum it! I know exactly how I lost it too. I got dad gum sidetracked talking to this muscle guy (super nice married guy at the gym, biggest one there usually) There are like 4 or 5 of us there working out every day around 4 pm and he's one of them.  Anyway so Monday as I was getting re dressed after my swim to rush off to the stock meeting, I chatted him up about the weekend and the weather and I'm sure awkward conversation, and sure enough distracted and did not make it out with my swimsuit, wasn't in the lost and found either on Tuesday when I returned. I swam in my old one that I've been wanting to replace. I'm going to go back to the mall Friday and buy two more if they have 'em on the rack might was well stock up at only $10.. ugh! worked out legs Tuesday and noticed a few guys on the floor, I think I mentioned the college kid who is a sort of Jake Ryan type, his has a knobby bulge in his flimsy shorts and acts as arrogant as usual. week was really moving along nicely.
End of another semester approaching fast! I'm grading papers all this week and weekend, the last! woo hoo.  it's been a great busy semester. I strive to improve how I'm teaching everything though and this second year with the new textbooks has helped.  Usually on Mon/Wed I always wear a shirt and tie because it's the English 1 classes, and for beginners I like to keep it very formal college setting, on Tues/Thurs I wear button up shirts or crew necks whatever is comfortable and work appropriate. anyway the reason I'm telling you all this is because this time of year I switch it up and go comfortable every day the last two weeks.  I've also shaved my beard a week ago after my short short haircut. I like going in clean cut and younger looking without the beard the last two weeks of classes (3 counting finals week). So this morning, Wed.,  I wore my white bowling style chunky Doc Marten's that I love with some black jeans and a long sleeve tshirt with a white pullover. I haven't worn the black jeans in a while and found an ink pen and 16 dollars in the front right pocket. always fun to find forgotten cash! was comfortable all day.
I got all the essays turned in from my four classes on Mon and Tues, but today we finished up some presentations and then watched a few moments from the documentary "Helvetica" ha ha, I like ending with a little lesson on fonts and design and a speech about their future world becoming more and more on screen and using typeface and visuals etc.. 
I swam laps and worked out after work today, back and shoulder day, I'm pretty much doing the same stuff every week and not making any gains just same ole shape and size.  Today I was chatting up with the other 2 regular guys I mentioned earlier. they always work out and talk. I just do my thing and don't really make conversation but today was a chill atmosphere and they were joking around so I threw in a few comments.  this other guy who is a brother of this one reallys strong guy (they are both Clark Kent strong guy next door types, both brother cheerful and kind types) anyway they were talking about being divorced and crazy women which is about the part I turned my music up and zoned out.  upon leaving the gym and gathering my bag from the locker, I noticed when opening up the locker that my sunglasses were not in the front pocket but on the top shelf. I got robbed! dang it!! at least they left the sunglasses (they are cheap mall pair ha).  I checked for my keys immediately in the front pocket, still there! whew but they took this really really cheap free UCO set of earphones that was like my spare pair that I got as a freebie from a booth at school which I could care less about. so no big deal. however they did not see or find my 2nd Ipod shuffle. thank goodness. I have an old one and a new one and keep them charged and ready to go for gym, i was wearing my old one with the iphone earphones.  Anyway, it really sucked but totally my fault since I never use a lock on the locker and actually the gym i use is a new one and very nice one, I'd never suspected thieves there, but on the other hand, I ALWAYS take off my watch and take out my wallet and leave them in the car. 
If I have a good pair of sunglasses on and forget to leave them behind, I always tuck them under my sock in my shoe.  So anyway, they really didnt' get away with much except my $16 fun money!!! BOOOO!!!! again my fault for leaving money in an unlocked locker, I know... blah. guess I'll get a combo lock this weekend. :P
one more thing. This morning I drove to work and noticed the neighbor behind me on the corner had taken out a rose bush. no big deal but I've noticed it for years when the old lady that died lived there, it always blooms out of no where and has flowers like all over the branches even though you never saw the lady. well she died about a year ago and they are just now getting it remodeled and such for resale (I HOPE, not rented!!!).  anyway, all last week and this week I've driven by in the morning and saw that lonely rose bush out by the street covered in blooms. fact the last few days, I was thinking about how I could somehow get over there and dig up a few pieces of it with roots attached to have my own.... and then today it was just gone! ha
I noticed a trash bag on the curb with cut branches in it. so at dusk I walked over and carried it back to my carport. i was thinking maybe I could find the root-ball in there since roses transplant very easily. but nah.....  however there were many of the cut off branches and I saved a few and then tied the bag back up (trash day tomorrow).  good news, I have many stems in a pot of water and root hormone in the cabinet. tomorrow I will pot some cuttings and save me a part of that rose bush yet.
Are you still here reading? someone asked about the avatar. it was a photo I took while shaving off the beard. I left a funky mustache and then put an old hat on and country looking shirt just to snap chat it to my sisters, mom, and friends. ha  I've been struggling to blog lately because it seems my life is the same every year at this point.  Although I have my big ten year anniversary coming up. blogging for ten years. whoah!!!  I never could have guessed ten years ago I'd be doing what I am now.  I know I had some  sort of hope for more of a romance in my life, but I haven't given up on that or anything either. Hopefully my last post didn't sound like I was suddenly going cold turkey on online distractions.  but all in good measure I think was the point I was trying to make.
hope all are ready for another great Spring weekend. :)


Sunday, May 01, 2016