Saturday, April 23, 2016


it's pretty much over at 2:18............. ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

progress, keep it up...............

spring update

I'm pretty excited for the end of the school year to get here.  this time of year, I'm always excited for a lot of things.  looking forward to the semester ending, looking forward to the rain and my yard bursting forth into bloom and outdoor projects to be done, my trip in May, summer classes starting in June and then whatever travel that might come up the rest of summer.
I'm teaching two summer classes this year instead of one, but one of them is online, a Mythology class, which takes some time but is not as bad since it's done from home and goes pretty quickly week by week. I hope to get down to Austin this summer too. haven't been in many years. Since my bud there has a live in bf and they both have a dog, 2 dogs, and it's a one room studio condo so... yeah.  However. he lives SO CLOSE to downtown right off Lamar south of where the ALamo theater is.  the street has crazy developed since he bought the place years ago.  SOOOO much fun to take a bike with me in the back of the truck and just ride around Austin in the summer.  anyway, we'll see. but I'm planning to make a trip down, probably stop off in Dallas on the way of course.
I keep searching good flights to Europe this summer too but I don't have the funds, the 2 extra summer classes will help with some home repair but if I can at all afford a trip, Barcelona in August :)!!! not sure I can work that out.
I've been making a lot of personal decisions lately regarding pornography. I"ll have to blog more about that later.
  I've also been focusing on work and students.
 ALso I've been very regular at the gym this semester week by week.  I want to be in a good shape for my trip in May.  although, tonight I couldn't' resist making chocolate cookies after dinner. ugh.( when I don't have a little something sweet after lunch, man do I feel it after dinner, but if I have a cookie or brownie after lunch, I'm usually fine at night. seriously.)
this is also the time of year that I begin to feel nostalgic about my classes and getting to know them realize it's all over in a few weeks. ha.  hope every one is enjoying Spring.