Friday, December 16, 2016

Tulsa Thursday.......

what a great week!  I did go into the office Monday and finish up some final grades, and then also Tuesday to turn in a form I'd forgotten about.  next to to the dental hygienist.  I had a pretty good report which was a good thing because I skipped out my 6 month cleaning last summer and waited til December instead. oh well.  This has been a pretty lazy week. Wednesday I got stuff done around the house and went for a pizza lunch here in town. Thursday was really busy though.  I'd agreed to make scones for a lady at work who's division was having a morning potluck thing.  I got up at 630am and baked 2 batches of 10 scones. I was done by 9 and driving them over to the college, and then straight back through OKC and on my way to Tulsa. I'd agreed to meet my friend T there before lunch.
On my way my light came on for getting close to empty. I thought I could make it all the way but nope. I passed one exit and then started getting worried and slowed down to 65 or 70 behind a semi as we went up and down the hills.  finally just in time I made the Sapulpa exit and got off and gassed back up to FULL. back on hiway to 80 and after a short while in Tulsa. :)
I went to Utica square and waited for T to arrive.  we met up at the Banana Republic where I found a great blue shirt on sale and another black and grey one, they were out of my size for that one and so I paid and they are having one shipped to me. awesome!

T bought some things too and then we left to find a place for lunch.  We drove down "Cherry St" or 15th, and decided upon an Italian place called Mary's.  had some really good Lasagna! Next we drove down Peoria to the Trader Joe's and T bought many things, some for the cafe she works at and some for her or for gifts.  She doesn't have one in AR where she lives, although the is a Whole Foods in Fayetteville but not the same thing of course. We went back to Utica and went in to a few more stores and places there.  Next over to Philbrook Museum.  They were having a winter festival of sorts there after 5pm.  we walked all around taking photos and checking out the place and the live music, also the lights in the gardens out back, and the screen printing inside, had some pizza etc.. all good. We both got out of Tulsa by 7pm going our separate ways. good times!

Today I woke at 7am, laid in bed looking through facebook posts and reading article links and videos for about an hour, then I sent a few photos of me in my reading glasses and head on my pillow to my family and friends saying good morning. finally got up and had some breakfast and watched some tv and youtube great relaxing day. after lunch I was outside in the beautiful sunny weather working in the yard cutting branches and plants and limbs and carrying pots to the back porch etc.. work! then dinner with buddy and Scott and BF and their place, carry out pizza. their place is all decked out for a holiday party tomorrow.  they invited about 75 people and I'm looking forward to geeting some social time in.
Here is a nice article about Dickens's A Christmas Carol  that I found interesting. I particularly like the quote "In Scrooge's personal shift, isolation and selfishness are made subordinate to community, kindness and generosity." out What a great idea, to turn away from the world view of isolation and selfishness toward that COMMUNITY, kindness, and generosity.  But if the world keeps us isolated individuals, the easier we are manipulated and swayed, the easier targets of consumer marketing.  I encourage others constantly to speak and communicate and get to know, understand, work well with others... alas!
I'm about to crash so I can get in bed with a book I'm reading currently, cheers all. Enjoy the holidays :)

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Yeah at the local they call that community, in a sane government they call that foreign policy!