Wednesday, December 28, 2016

end of December.....

I guess I'm trying to get motivated again to work out at the gym.  Hey, I mean if PiI've also decided to Pietro Bocelli can split his time equally between working out and teaching at college, so can I! ha
I've been listening to Sarah Glidden interviews on youtube all morning while bringing all the Christmas boxes out of the back room and repacking them and putting all the Christmas tree stuff away that I took down last night. I finished reading my new book "Rolling Blackouts" by GLidden last week and enjoyed the read all about her travels through Turkey, Iraq, and Syria with journalists.  interesting tales.  I also watched a heartbreaking documentary last night about the failures of humanity with the immigrant situation into Europe.  So I have a lot in my mind this morning.
Christmas is going away for another year, away away, back to the attic and a closet in the front room for any boxes with candles or special things in them.  One good thing is I've already combined two boxes by better packing them.   I have a stack of Christmas cards from the past that I want to sort out with the stack from this year's.  my goal is to have things picked up enough to vaccuum in here today!
I've already taken apart two chairs to store up in the attic.  I decided time for less furniture!  Since my sister had the siblings over this year and I did not, not really any group of people were ever over here, and thus I don't really need all that much seating in this main room. Less is more, less is more, less is more!
I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas time this year! I had a nice weekend in AR a few weeks ago, and then enjoyed doing nothing. ha, and had a great dinner and hang time with siblings last week Thurs. I made all my sisters, and sis in law, and mom a holiday wreath and they loved 'em.  I'll try and get a photo posted  Christmas Eve eve, Friday I went to dinner with Scott and bf B to a Mexican place in town, Chelino's. it was yummy and we hung out and chatted for quite a while, They had asked me about dinner on New Year's Eve and I said maybe I'd go but then later I mesaged scottie that nah, I was OUT!  I might be out of town actually, but I don't want to go either way. I decided long ago that I'd rather be alone if I'm single on New Years or Valentines. blah!!  ha, don't get me wrong I love my buds and seeing them, but I dunno, a few other couples get invited, then I'm the single one, and even if there are other single people, I'm just not up for it.  I can't fake interest in conversation with people I don't see but once or twice a year. I'd rather just hang with Scott and B and our buds in general.  For me being alone for New years gives me time to focus on goals and directions and evaluate the year passed. yay!  My friend T in AR invited me up for New Years Eve took and my feelings were the exact same, no thanks! ha
I'm going ot lunch with my older siblings today, ( I'm number 4, the 5th lives in the panhandle). we're meeting at my usual Saturday pizza lunch place.  it's great having another week off work.  My brother has offered to help with some roof line repair, so I'm hoping he'll come by and give me some prep advice.  Not sure if I mentioned it, but my intercession class was cancelled since not enough students enrolled. I'm glad!! With Jan 2nd a holiday, that would have been a semester's worth in 9 days!! whoosh.  Now I'll have time to actually prepare during the prep week back jan 9th, I guess classes begin the 17th?  looking forward to a fresh start and new semester.
enjoy the limbo week between holidays! cheers

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Yay know, you might suggest Scot play match maker sometime just to see what he would pick. Tell him all your requirements and that it has to be someone you have never met who doesn't know your immediate family. You might at least find a BFF single. I am amazed it is as easy for you to be good friends with a couple, I have tried it with married couples and even though nobody says it,there is always some amount of tension. We always favor one or the other because they are the only reason we are friends with both! Do it for a laugh! I think it works with out of town friends because of limited contact. Good choice for T's sake!