Tuesday, December 20, 2016

break break break..............

good morning  I had a good time at Scott's party Saturday. We had some super cold weather move in with a little snow, so the turn out was just about right with a good number but not too full of people.  I went over there by 3 and sure enough people were showing up right at 3. ha. I met some people they knew from the neighborhood, from work, from church, quite a mix! I helped keep food put out on the tables and picking up plates and cups to throw away as people came and went.  Oh yeah also people from the Chamber of commerce as Scottie's bf is on that too.
I got home around 8:30pm and found my heat unit was no longer working, the house was about 53 degrees. Oh no! :)  The craziest thing is it was the coldest night of the year!! down to 9 degrees!  I went to bed with a space heater in my room and left the big screen tv on and the kitchen sink dripping.  I slept very cozy.  Sunday I woke up and brought the space heater out to the main room, opened windows to let sun come in from the south side of the house.  after church I ran errands at a few grocery stores in city, and I called Scott while at West Elm to see if he had any space heaters. ha
I dropped by and borrowed one, came home and cleaned up the place. this last weekend I cleared out the back room behind the kitchen where I have an upright piano and had several shelves full of stuff. i cleared out the shelves completely, moved out two of them to make more room getting to the laundry and back, and then vacuumed. had dinner with my folks at their place Sunday night then back home for one more night in my cold house.
Monday a repair guy came over, highly recommended by a guy who sits next to me in Sunday school whose daughter used to live next door to me. well anyway, the guy came over and fixed it, the pressure switch had to be replaces and he cleaned some gunk out of the hose leading to that.  thanks goodness it was not the motor or the heat unit!!  I was only out $202 and back in a heated home.
Last night I went to dinner with my vet friend A, meeting at IHOP and I had a really nice waffle which I never eat. yummmm. we plan to get together in a few weeks for a movie.
today I'm going into the office for a while then back over to my folks' place to meet 2 of my sisters for pizza lunch and just hang and chat. fun days off.

I guess Chris Pratt's not the only one that can replace Harrison Ford.. hee hee. :)  I am a little disappointed that the same ole hipster's hipster hairstyle and scruffy beard remain unchanged 29 years from now..... (insert rolling eyes here).  Enjoy the holidays all!

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