Sunday, December 11, 2016

break begins........

good morning from Arkansas.  Just woke up and going to get up soon to have some breakfast before church. I'm going with the ex gf, T to a Methodist church she's been wanting to visit in town.  She usually goes to an Episcopalian church but there was a couple that separated a couple years ago and the church took different sides on the whole thing which created a struggle for my friend.  She sided with the wife who was hoping they'd get back together, and others sided with the husband who was dating and staying over with another member from the church who was divorced with 2 kids.  On this visit, I finally get the grapevine news that he finally filed for a divorce... oh brother, after 2 years come on stop dragging the dead horse and end it!  The town is just small enough that it's a pretty sore topic, a real conflict at liking the young couple because they are both the nicest people in the world. the wife sings with various folk bands at events here and there and works at the Christian University in town, and the husband was the bar manager at the one big fancy restaurant downtown . So they're well know in the community, and now the husband plans to open a brewery downtown? within blocks or the wife's house etc. blah blah.  There are more details and drama to the story but anyway you get the gist.
I finished the semester! what a great feeling. I got all my grades done and turned in Friday morning and then left after lunch to drive up to NW AR.  I stopped off in OKC for a little gift shopping. I brought a wrapped gift of Topodesigns Travel Bag for my friends' college kid and needed to buy something for the little brother (he's 14 and was born with AFS) so I got him a book about how thing work at the Full Circle Bookstore. next I dropped by a beard shop on Classen curve, I'd never been before and didn't realize they'd added a little men's boutique clothing section. which was all pretty much the same plaid and scarves and winery stuff, bowler hats for the bearded trendy etc.. found nothing there other than a clothing brand I hadn't heard of 7diamond or something like that which I plan to google and evaluate etc.  Next stopped in at Trader Joes and got gifts for my best buddy J and his family.
I'm styaing this weekend with the same friend couple. I used to always end up in a bunk bed or one of the kids rooms, sometime on a mattress on the floor downstairs in this new house. but now that the oldest kid is in college,I can stay in his old room which is nice. a twin bed and to myself.
Arriving Friday I went straight to a local music store that's been in business for 50 plus years and the current owner, the son in law of the original owner is closing it down at the end of the year. I wanted to come by and pay my respects and buy some things while saying hi.  I know them and the family from the church I attended while in college.  I like to stop in there and look for some interesting piano music to play whenever I'm in town.  I bought a used guitar and 4 books of piano music all on discount. that was just after 5 , and good thing they stay open til 6. :)
next went to T's place and we caught up and then went out to that nice big restaurant downtown that I mentioned earlier. a great atmosphere and she always knows a lot of people working there since she manages the cafe across the street and it's such a small town etc. some workers have been traded back and forth over the years etc..  had a great dinner and then went over to her cafe for some hot tea and so I could meet all the amazing young people she's hired to work there. a fun staff!
Saturday I sat around mostly all morning to my two married buddies here at their breakfast table all morning while entertaining the young kid here and there. was a great morning of nothing! yay. I went and got lunch around 12 and then over to best buddy J's house to see his family and bring the gifts from TraderJoes, we sat around and ate lunch, the 3 kids 5,7, and 9 played legos nicely together while we talked and then we all looked at photos of the trip to Disneyland they took last summer.
around 3 I went back by T's place, she was busy working on a dress for a party. a real project runway moment, she can sew anything and had a photo from the internet of a dress she wanted to recreate with a plaid mens shirt she's taken apart and was looking for dark fabric from all her boxes of fabric. so I left her alone to keep to her project.  back to my friends' place and then the wife SH and I left for our college alma mater for the candlelight service.
It was very fun and special, I ran into my first college roomate at the college and his husband , and so we caught up and chatted while waiting in line to get in. He and I were both in the college choir together and it was the last service for the director and organist who both retire this year after 30 and 40 years or more working there. All the traditions were the same and the music was wonderful. loved it.
THis morning I'll be getting up and packed up and out the door to church by 11 with T, and then hopefully a lunch with B and T, B is a friend from town I hung out with many summers while all my college friends were gone and i stayed in town working at Walmart all summer to keep the job. I plan to drop in and visit them before leaving town.  Christmas break has begun, how exciting.  I will go into work tomorrow to finalize something from an online course. also I need to plan some thing for the intercession class I'll be teaching in January (college in English course in 2 weeks!). the of the break is ALL MINE! :) cheers and hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the season. :)

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Dwight Williamson said...

Sounds like T could use a church where they talk about God instead of adultery and she should take the soon to be ex wife with her so they can both move on. How could anyone ever put themselves in that position. The husband should have had the balls to find another church since it's his balls that caused the whole problem. As much as I hate the election results , I will move on and continue to love America. I will also do all that I can to make sure the gains we have made are not stolen by billionaires