Saturday, October 22, 2016

fall break fast...

busy as all get out and getting a lot done this weekend.
I had a great day Thursday, slept in, piddled around the house and outside in the yard and the beautiful fall weather..drove south of OKC for a truck load of pea gravel down at Dolese by the Canadian River, came home and emptied it.... after lunch I went over to scott's and checked on the dogs before heading in to the office.  I spent a few hours there finishing off the garden club newsletter. I've been watching some youtube videos and made it a little fancier looking with pictures behind word boxes and lettering etc..
by 3:30 iw as over at my friend A's place, the girl that i used to move furniture with, it's been a while since we had any move jobs but had one Thursday. :) took a couple hours and then by 6 I was on my way back to Scott's to feed the dogs, then my house to feed me, then back over to Scott's to sleep and house sit/dog sit.  I had a good time watching his tv channels,especially getting to watch Prject RUnway on a big screen and not on the computer the day after. (I dont' have that channel at home on antennae)....
Friday I was up and feeding dogs, then home to do some yard work in the beautiful weather. I drove to south okc to visit my sister while my other sister is in town visiting, short visit and then went back to Dolese for a load of sand.  brought that home, had lunch, emptied load of sand, went over to check on dogs, then back home to clean up and get ready for club meeting.  went and picked up my octogenarian friend Betty and gave her a ride with me to and from the garden club meeting. came home and slept GOOD and SOLID last night.  a friend of Scott's , RObert was in town and staying over at his place so the dogs were in good hands.
I woke this morning and got outside early to start digging up a path on the north side of the house (thus the gravel and sand prep).  My brother came over this morning with a pole saw, we cut branches and trimmed and carried them to the street the rest of the morning, then had pizza lunch in town together, and then worked some more, he left about 230. now I'm going to go check on the dogs and then all my siblings are gathering at my oldest sister's house tonight while baby sis is in town. all five of us, some with spouses, and my folks I think too are coming. I'm about to clean up for that. what a great weekend! it's been perfect out and I've gotten a lot accomplished. not the walkway but I'll get it done this next week for sure now that I have all the ingredients. ha  Enjoy Fall y'all!

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