Wednesday, October 12, 2016

busy fall and all.........

hey, I've been busy as all get out, and I STILL have papers to grade, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon, this weekend! ha can't wait. YAWN... SMILE.
For years now I've always updated while at my college homecoming, and I went last week and thought I'd better update before putting it off any longer. I went to AR for the weekend and it was FUN.
I went in to the office last Friday to get some papers graded blah blah and work in the office some (there is this CRAZY report that I'm in charge of turning in this week, actually Monday but I got an extension so our "committee" can meet about it tomorrow ha)  anyway, so I got off campus by 1230 and home by one and was in the truck ready to go by 1;30 pm on my way.  I had packed everything the night before and was able to grab lunch and head out.  I arrived into town at Ssprings ( my college town) before 5 and called my friend T to say I was almost there. I stopped off at the Harps grocery store first to pick up some instant oatmeal for breakfast ( I always bring my own three cereals with me to eat for breakfast when I drove somewhere, two boxes of cereal to mix and eat in a bowl wikth milk, and the third a box of Golden Crisp that I put on my oatmeal every morning for some CRUNCH).
while at the store, I picked up some Fall asters, and some winter kale (which I always have shopped at that same store when in town for homecoming for a few years now. ha)  went over to T's place and she gave me some gifts, two pillow she'd made for me from leftover fabric back when she worked at this fancy designer fabric store in Scottsdale.  We met Jand S for pizza for dinner and talked for a while, caught up, then I went over to J and S's place to relax and chit chat and get to BED.  Now that their boy is attending our former college in town (!!!!!!!!) his room was free to sleep in and have for myself. I slept okay but had forgotten my mouth guard and it really wasn't the same without it. alas.
So I woke up and looked at my phone from like 3:30 am to 4:30 am and then back to sleep an then up at 7 and pretty glum all morning and feeling lazy. ha  I got some computer work done after breakfast and chat some with J and S, then about lunch time she started to get ready while I got nervous that it was suddenly 1 pm. ha
we went for a sandwich, met T at her place (she'd had to work all morning baking and managing the cafe in town). T and I went over to campus by 3pm and stood around at the soccer game saying hello to a few people. I saw this one guy Trevor that I haven't seen in I dunno how many years, at last 15, in fact we were laughing that the last time I saw him, I was in Central America with friends driving down a hill from the school where we taught and lived near.  While going down the hill there is this one intersection and turn that everyone coming down the mountain will come to.  I was sitting in the back of my bud's truck and looking back I saw Trevor, who I knew from college , but only from being in Choir together, not really anyone I ever spoke with much, and he was in the truck behind us sitting between the driver and passenger. he pointed and I recognized him and waved.. and at that point, my bud driving turned one way. and his truck stopped and turn the other and that was that. HA!
So anyway, I hadnt' heard of him since, so we laughed remembering how random that was and explaining what we'd been doing, he was on a mission trip for a week, I was living there teaching etc. the people around us were laughing too. Trevor looked good by the way, tall and thin and in great shape.he'd flow out fo the big choir alumni weekned since our director was retiring this year, it was  special year.  well anyway spoke to some other guys and then T and I rushed off to a craft festival downtown before it closed at 5.
walked around there some, ran into the sister of my best bud Stv my first year at college, (we were bromance city back before that was a term, we went and did everything together my first year there because we both worked at Walmart and were like middle class and plus he was a total jock type and a friend to me yadda yadda. I'll have to blog abot that sometime). anyway we spoke to her about Stv and the town and family etc.  next we went over to the English Major alumni party, which is an yearly pizza thing at the honors' center.  I had a good time talking to some of the current professors there, Then we went straight to a performance on campus. a sort of highlight of talent and almuni awards. the big ending though was over 200 people on stage, the current school choir and then alunni who joined singing the traditional A Mighty Fortress that we sing every year at graduation etc. it was SHWEET.
sidenote, I made my way on stage to talk some guys I knew, and was speaking to Trevor curious as all get out if he was single or what, nope, married for 11 years, okay got that question answered. ha
Sunday I was up and out of town early , leaving by 930 after helping T with a storm window and home by 12:30 sharp.
Iwas thnking all the way home about friendships, and how I didn't see my buddy J at all last weekend. I got so busy doing everything else , and plus I keep up with him pretty regularly texting or facetime.  I didn't have the energy to go and visit in person and see the kids and all etc.  I thought about what sort of friends we are, and how he doesn't know ALL about me and should he?  and then I thought about T and then J's wife Sh who've I've known forever and they know all about me. But it's not like we every talk about it, it's more like they just know but hopefully I'll never actually pursue gay stuff and all that, ya know, relationships. I dunno just really bugs me if I think about.  And I thought about Scott and B here in town, and how I'm pretty honest and open and the real me all the time with those guys, definenately with Scott of course. but then I thought, I pretty much never talk about my faith as freely with them as I do with my AR friends from my college. SO I dunno, it's a slow eventual blend of everything, I'm getting there. I'm fine. but boy do I love a good long drive to get in a thinking zone.  I wish my students could put their phones down long enough to focus for even 45 minutes in my classes. ha!
in other news, I had a flat tire on the highway Monday on my way to a stock club meeting. I didn't make it. I had to pull from the far let lane over to the right lane. remove tire, put on my spare etc.  and then came home and left my truck at the local goodyear and walked home.  They put on two new front tires on Tuesday.  I got a ride to work with buddy S's bf B. ha! we talked and really had a good talk I was so thankful, and then Scott picked me up and brought me home after he got off work downtown. interdependence is not a bad thing. :)  I told them I'd watch their dog next weekend if they still needed me to. we'll see how that goes. okay I'm crashing! ready for another weekend!!! Zzzz


Anonymous said...

Dan, delighted that you are living your life so fully, even if you face a big problem in your personal existence.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I wonder sometimes if you can't be a mature aware gay man and answer the gay people you meets questions if they ask them. Faith and being gay are not mutually exclusive but you are not personally responsible for salvation for your gay friends with dogs. By the same token if you have to talk about people's lives and kids shouldn't they want to know about your. "Whole" life ? As for T does she ever have plans to move on and marry, is she past child bearing years will she have regrets? Sometimes I get the This cold Peter Pan feeling for you. At some point , you won't be making your own choices life will make them for you. Death of loved ones illness all these things can come in the blink of an eye. You are living your best years now, are you making the happiest choices for Dan? You can't save the world and from the sound of it , with the restrictions set by your friends on your gay life and the need to insert faith into your gay friends life, where does your life come in? Stand up and just be the happiest most fulfilled Dan you can be, I bet the rest will fall in to place!