Friday, September 02, 2016

hit the road, jack...........

Hello from Coppell, Texas!  let the weekend begin, I guess....   
I got through my work week pretty smoothly,  teaching classes, dealing with students not showing up,  getting out last minute instructions for papers due next week, and returning to an hour a day of piano practice.  yes!  I'm on my way to Austin Tx for the weekend and had planned to leave right after work Thursday to drive straight down and stay over night near Dallas, before continuing through to Austin Friday morning.  So this meant Wednesday when I got home from work/gym, I was excitedly getting laundry done and packing all my things to be ready to go in the morning.
I had a LONG Thursday at work teaching my two 8am and 930am classes, then subbed for a coworker in his 11am class, then a quick lunch  in my office where I printed a few maps for a shortcut from Denton to Coppell so I could take an alt route other than crazy under construction I35. and then taught my 1:30 class and 3pm class.  4pm... day over! weekend begins.  well I did a lot of last minute things like getting my office-hours-cancelled notice on my door for Friday, and then a bit of chat with people at work, finally getting out of there by 4;40pm.
I took a little alt route from the school going south on I44 down through Newcastle and catching hiway 9 south of Norman.  lots of rain in between OK and TX.  arrived here at my bud Randy's last night and we caught up and talked about everything, I stopped in Coppell at the Sprouts store and got some icecream for the kids and a bottle of Moscato wine for the adults. ha.  he's doing a lot of writing and reporting these days part times and still remains with many dreams and goals for his children.  I slept on the floor in the den right off their kitchen, I brought my own sheets and spread out on the two large sofa cushions that I put on the floor between the sofa and tv.  it was very comfy and I slept soundly enough.
My plans this morning are to wait and show up at 9am when the haircut place in town opens up. get a haircut,  drive into Dallas and check out North Haven nursery and then drive down to Austin. My goal is to stop over in Waco and drive by the Magnolia Market from the Fixer Uppers tv show and then head on in to big A. maybe stop by Ikea while heading in to town. depends on whether my friend Heath is of work or not this afternoon.
stay safe all and enjoy the weekend.cheers

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dan. I just love it when you describe your travels. Have a great weekend!