Sunday, August 14, 2016

summer ends

well I was just watching the brazilian men gymnasts winning a silver and bronze on the floor tonight and they were really crying so happy to medal. whooosh!  I've been watching a lot of Olympics this last week. more or less Phelps swimming and all the swimming, some track some volleyball, I don't remember what else. but lots of fun.  too bad some USA swimmers got robbed at 3 am coming back from a French party. when i was in Central America a few years ago, I hired a private unmarked taxi service to get around because I heard taxi's were getting robbed especially with a gringo inside. When I read about the robbery, it turns out there have been a lot of other instances going on, this was just the only high profile one.
I'm starting back to classes this week. I'm mostly ready. I am assigned as a "mentor" to one of the new hires. SO last week any free time I had to get stuff done in my office, I was helping him out.  Also we've been asked not to print as much since the budget crunch in OK, so I'm putting a lot of my quizzes online now, and all my handouts online etc... blah.  this week I'll get classes started and going just fine and use my afternoons to get everything in order and I'm good to go.
I'm happy to be back on a routine actually. If I can just keep up with my morning swims and then swim after work and get back into my workouts.  lots of events this fall to keep me motivated. Austin road trip, high school reunion, college homecoming, fall break, etc etc..with a week or two between each one so .. I'll be back to blog soon. 
I had a lot of thoughts going on this morning about something personal. I'm also trying to set some good goals this fall for getting a bit more focused on what;s important to me most, lose some distractions etc.

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I worry about you being too introspective. The Georgia O'Keefe pic is very flattering. Hope your year is a blast! Be proud of all you do. You are one of the happiest most productive morally sane guys who like guys I have been exposed to. Be proud Dan your life is interesting . At first it was because you were height weight proportional . Now it is because of your independence and gravitas.