Saturday, August 06, 2016

August is here.......

well is orlando a shower or grower? ha ha... happy Saturday!  I think it's funny the online back and forth about Justin Bieber trying to one up Orlando with a nude photo "leak".  are you guys yay or nay on the tattoos?  I lean nay.
what a week! my last week free from any classes and before reporting back to work and as usual I didn't get all the things done I'd wanted, but still enjoyed not having to do anything either! Since I was in AR last weekend and decided to come back Monday, the week was already shortened as far as getting things done here.  I met with a college friend who teaches at my alma matar and we met at the cafe downtown and talked for a couple hours. then I ran a few more errands and grabbed a lunch before making it out of town by 1pm or so... drove straight back to okc and into Yukon to the bank where the stock club meets.  we discussed "dogs of the Dow" and other things. came home after that and just relaxed.  Tuesday just enjoyed the day off, stayed home and worked outside and in.
Wednesday I was busy most of the day with a funeral. A good friend from high school found her husband deceased last Thursday after returning from work. he'd never left that morning and had a stroke.  a very dear sweet friend, my heart goes out to her! well the private funeral was at a catholic church in Edmond for family and friends. I met my HS classmate A and her wife there, small intimate service, a Catholic Mass, which was interesting, my second. the first time I was at a Catholic mass was a friend's wedding. anyway. about 6 other people from my class were there in support. :(
A few up from Dallas, a few in town, one from CA and another from Atlanta flew in. We all went to lunch and I got the details of how he was found and how his family was reacting etc.  We discussed what other classmates were up to, and then talked about a reunion coming up this fall.THere was a public service at 2pm at a bigger church but I'd had enough and was ready to get back home by 1:20pm. stayed inside and piddled watching videos online and laundry etc.
Thursday, I started a project in the front yard, a bed that was overgrown with bermuda in a bad way.  I dug it all out completely, dug up all the bulbs in the ground, all the iris and rudbeckia, left the other perrennials in the ground and dug all the roots up around them getting the bermuda out. I met my mom and sister and her kids out for lunch, pizza!  then back home to mess in the yard some and chill inside some with videos and online research.
Friday was a great day, cloudy all morning and I got all the digging finished out front and began placing a new border. I'll finish it all up today.  I went to Lowes in the afternoon to pick up some copper plated hanger tape, round up weed killer, and new shovel. ha  next over to S and B's pool to cool of and catch up and then we took B's kid out to dinner around 7pm to S and B burger on May.  If you are in OKC give the chicken shroom sandwich a try, also the fries with penaut butter and bacon. MMMM.  I slept good last night after all that food. I'd ordered a smaller slider but got the full size sandwich instead. yum.
today I'll work outside and then get back over to S and B's pool at some point. big night tonight, after the pool we'll go out to dinner with the kid again and then we all have tickets at Penn Square Mall movie theater for the new Bourne movie!!  the theater there has reclining seats that you can purchase tickets for beforehand and just show up before it starts. nice place.  have a good weekend last as summer begins to close.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Give me Nick Jonas and I never even seen his junk!

Mike said...

Orlando's hair is way too long.
No tattoos in most cases - although I am thinking about getting one on my ankle - maybe an inch or two... LOL