Friday, June 24, 2016

we're in kansas..........

hello from Wichita! man what a week. I got all of my class's papers returned Tuesday, had a great class, and then swam and worked out at gym and went home to work in the yard. Wednesday yard work and then over to S buddy who was off this week. pool time!  Thursday class again and then all Thursday night I got ready for this trip.  left my house at 7 am this morning to pick up Betty and then we met the club and got on the bus to Wichita. left by 8am and stopped in Perry at Braums to pick some people up and have breakfast.  next we went up to the Bartlett aboretum of Belle Plaine just south of Wichita. and hey I got to meet a founding member of Dixie Chicks that owns it now.  Someone happened to tell me that by the way or I never would have known. ha
we drove over to Peck Kansas for lunch at Boudreaux Burger Barn, and it was sort of weird how across from the register before you walked down the hall to the bathroom there was a baby play pen with a 3 year old kid in there just laying on its back. just some kid in a little cage.
anyway, we came into Wichita and stopped off at Tree Tops nursery, then to the hotel, got all our rooms and such, met back at 6 on the bus to the Hanger One steak house. for dinner then came back to the hotel for a program, which was really awful and boring, a guy talking about all the millions donated for the Botanica gardens in Wichits blah blah.  going to sleep super comfy in my hotel bed tonight and then we tour gardens the rest of the weekend.
hope everyone is enjoying summer.


Anonymous said...

The weather forecast says it`s going to be VERY HOT (over 96 degrees) so hope you have head covering. Enjoy the gardens.

Mike said...

Dixie Chicks! Jealous!