Monday, June 06, 2016

black cat.........

I started back to a fitness kick last week on Tuesday, yoga on T. TH mornings then swim laps. Spinning M,W,F morning and swim.  in the afternoon I was at the gym but only 3 days, I skipped Fri. I did chest Tues, legs Wed, and Back Thurs and swam laps before hand as a warm up. needless to say after spin class and swimming Friday morning last week i was sleeping like a baby all weekend ha.
this week I plan for same, today instead of an afternoon workout I just swam laps a second time. I went in to the office to things sort of prepped for class starting tomorrow, but I'll go in early still and keep getting ready ha. with class starting though, I'll be back to a regular sort of schedule that's easier for me to work with in getting to exercise. I'm sorta the kind of person who when I don't have anything that I have to do, I don't do anything. ha  I seem to thrive off of having a lot of things to do and then I'm more apt to schedule and get 'em done! alas........
I'm getting more creative with my chicken tender dinners that I cook up every Monday for the rest of the week. this week for a 2nd time, I marinated them all in a bag all day with a bunch of fennel  and its roots that I pulled out of the yard, molasses, brown sugar, olive oil, bit of water. just cooked 'em up and enjoying them now. I plan to relax and watch the road show tonight and get things picked up and stuff prepared to wear tomorrow back to class.
also today I bought a small bag of cat food, there is a black kitten that's been living under the shed in the back yard. I kept thinking it ran away and then I'd see it again run under there.  It's pretty skittish no matter how much coaxing I do.  so instead of cutting up lunch meat and taking out there, I decided to get some cat food and we'll see how it goes, so far it only lets me within about 10 feet.

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